34th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
July 2 - 6, 2007

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 31F (2007)

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The 34th European Physical Society Conference on

Plasma Physics

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was held in the

Angelicum University,Warsaw Poland.

The conference was organised on behalf of the European Physical Society
by the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, Warsaw, Poland

Preface of the Editors

The 34th European Physical Society (EPS) Conference on Plasma Physics was held in Warsaw, at the Warsaw Congress Centre (WCC) in the Palace of Science and Culture from 2nd to 6th of July, 2007.

The scientific programme of the conference and the selection of papers were the responsibility of the international Programme Committee appointed by the board of the EPS Plasma Physics Division. This committee selected 11 invited plenary talks and 63 invited parallel talks. Furthermore, there were 73 oral and 551 poster presentations. The 34th EPS Conference brought together 655 plasma physicists from 37 countries.

This year's Hannes Alfvén prize was awarded to Prof. Fritz Wagner (Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, EURATOM Association, Greifswald, Gemany), who gave a talk entitled Quarter Century of H-mode Studies.

The Plasma Physics Division of the EPS sponsored the EPS PPD PhD Research Award that recognizes exceptional quality of work carried out by young physicists as part of their PhD research in any area of plasma physics.

The prize was awarded to four students: N. Mahdizadeh (University of Stuttgart, Germany, "Investigation of three-dimensional turbulent structures in the torsatron TJ-K"); Y.Glinec (Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France, "Propagation of an ultra-intense laser pulse in an under-dense plasma: Production of quasi monoenergetic electron beams and development of applications"); O. Arp (Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany, "Coulomb balls - structure and confinement of spherical dust crystals in a plasma"); A.G.R Thomas (Imperial College, London, UK, “Studies of laser propagation and mono-energetic electron beam injection in laser wakefield accelerators").

For the third time, Professor Sanae-I Itoh, in agreement with the conference organizers, has offered the Itoh Project Prize in Plasma Turbulence to students presenting a poster at the conference. The prize was awarded to Peter Manz, PhD student from University of Stuttgart, Germany ("Experimental estimation of nonlinear energy transfer in two-dimensional plasma turbulence"). He was given the chance to visit Kyushu University, Japan for one week, including flights and living expenses. 

There were two additionally sessions: Women in Physics and ITER Session chaired by Dr. Günter Janeschitz (co-coordinator of the ITER Design Review Process).

The invited papers have been refereed by members of the Programme Committee and invited experienced scientists. The proceedings will be published in December 2007 in a special issue of the journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. A copy will be sent to each participant who requested one during the registration and paid a correct fee. All participants who haven’t requested their copies are encourage to contact us and order one (valid till last copies are available).

The ELISE conference submission program was developed at the Centre des Recherches en Physique des Plasmas (CRPP) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) by Ch. Nieswand and B.P. Duval.

For this conference it was operated by B.P. Duval for both the abstract submission process and the oral and poster contribution submissions. Further information on the operation of ELISE for this conference is available in [About the CDRom],

Final editing and CD-ROM production was carried out by the Local Organising Committee using the submissions processed by ELISE.

Paweł Gąsior and Jerzy Wołowski

International Programme Committee:

Magnetic Confinement Fusion

Sibylle Guenter, Germany (Chair of PC)
Jo Lister, Switzerland (Chair of EPS PP Division)
Rob Akers, UK
Duarte Borba, Portugal
Gerardo Giruzzi, France
Carlos Hidalgo, Spain (2008 PC chair)
Taina Kurki-Suonio, Finland
Sergei Lebedev, Russia
Gabriella Saibene, EFDA/EU
Gregorio Vlad, Italy

Beam Plasmas and Inertial Fusion (BPIF)

Marco Borghesi, Italy
Mike Dunne, UK
Sergei Guskov, Russia
Stefan Karsch, Germany
Maurizio Lontano, Italy
Zygmunt Składanowski, Poland (Chair of LOC)
Vladimir Tikhonchuk, France

Basic Plasma Physics and Astrophysics

Sandra Chapman, UK
Hans Pecseli, Norway
Rudolf Treumann, Germany

Dusty and Low Temperature Plasmas

Laifa Boufendi, France
Christophe Hollenstein, Switzerland
Achim von Keudell, Germany

Local Organising Committee:

The Local Organizing Committee of the 34th EPS CPP has been established at:

The Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion,
Association EURATOM / IPPLM,
23 Hery St.,
01-497 Warsaw,

Zygmunt SKŁADANOWSKI, Chairman of the LOC, Director of the IPPLM
Sylwia WROTEK, Scientific Secretary
Agata CZARNECKA, Poster presentation, parallel meetings
Joanna DZIAK-BEME, WCC, social events
Paweł GĄSIOR, Web manager, programme, publications
Monika KUBKOWSKA, Daily timetable, invited sessions, concert
Ryszard PANFIL , WCC, Technical issues, social events
Piotr SZLAGOWSKI , Business issues, logistics, public relations
Jerzy WOŁOWSKI , Scientific issues, programme, publications
Basil DUVAL, (CRPP Lausanne, Switzerland) ELISE

The Local Organizing Committee acknowledges financial support from several sources, including:

Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, Warsaw, Poland
Ministry of Science and High Education, Poland
Commune of Warsaw, Warsaw Congress Center in Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland
IOP Publishing