32ndEPS Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
8th Int. Wk. on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets, 27 June - 1 July 2005

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 29C (2005)

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Session O1 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O1.001P.A.Politzer The Role of the m/n 3/2 Tearing Mode in the Hybrid Scenario in DIII-D
O1.002B.Kuteev Study of MHD event initiated by pellet injection into T-10 plasma
O1.004P.Buratti MHD Studies in JET Hybrid Plasmas with Electron Heating
O1.005J.Giorla Progress on Indirect-Drive Target Design for the Laser MégaJoule Facility
O1.006W.Rozmus Propagation of high order harmonics in dense relativistic plasmas
O1.008H.Kuroda Brilliant Highly Directive Higher Harmonics and Soft X-Ray Lasers

Session O2 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O2.001D.L.Brower Observation of Fast-Electron-Driven Alfvenic Modes in the HSX Stellarator
O2.002P.MAGET First observation of electron fishbones associated to the double-kink mode in Tore Supra
O2.003M.Schneider Self-Consistent Simulations of the Interaction between Fusion Born Alpha Particles and Lower Hybrid Waves in a Tokamak
O2.004V.Yavorskij Relaxation of Fusion Alpha Distributions in Tritium NBI Experiments
O2.005C.Konz Modelling of Power Fluxes during Thermal Quenches
O2.006K.Ida Transient transport analysis of improved confinement plasmas in LHD
O2.007M.E.Puiatti Analysis of metallic impurity density profiles in low collisionality JET H-mode plasmas
O2.008V.Parail Effect of Ripple-Induced Ion Thermal Transport on H-mode Performance
O2.009A.V.Ivlev Kinetics of particle ensembles with variable charges
O2.010S.V.Vladimirov Theory of dust and dust-void structures
O2.011A.Gavrikov Viscosity Properties of Dusty Plasma Liquid
O2.012S.A.Maiorov Modelling of grain kinetics in dusty plasmas
O2.017P.L.Sulem Landau fluid model for weakly nonlinear dispersive magnetohydrodynamics
O2.018C.Tsironis Nonlinear and self-consistent treatment of ECRH
O2.020R.G.L.Vann Frequency splitting in JET theory and observation
O2.021T.Vinci Radiative Shocks New Experiments for Laboratory Astrophysics
O2.022J.Limpouch Laser Interactions with Foam-Foil Layered Targets
O2.023R.Ramis Implosion Symmetry of Laser-Irradiated Cylindrical Targets
O2.024J.M.Perlado High density plasmas formation in Inertial Confinement Fusion and Astrophysics
O2.025F.Pegoraro Nonlinear interaction of an ultraintense electromagnetic wave and the self-created electron-positron plasma
O2.026A.A.Andreev Generation and amplification of ultra-short light pulses in the strongly coupled regime of SBS in plasma

Session O3 (Oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O3.003P.Antici Application of laser-accelerated high-energy protons for isochoric heating of matter
O3.004L.Romagnani Charge dynamics and proton acceleration in ultrashort laser-solid interactions
O3.005J.J.Santos Characterisation of Multi-Temperature Fast Electron Beams on UHI Laser-Solid Interactions by Target Rear Side Self-Emission Diagnostics
O3.006J.A.King Experiment vs. Theory on Electric Inhibition of Fast Electron Penetration of Targets

Session O4 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O4.001A.Kirk A comparison of the spatial structure of ELMs at the mid-plane in ASDEX Upgrade and MAST
O4.002P.B.Snyder Nonlinear Dynamics and Energy Loss Mechanisms of ELMs
O4.003P.T.Lang ELM mitigation by externally induced ELMs - Physics and Prospects
O4.004O.E.Garcia Plasma electrostatic turbulence in TCV tokamak edge direct comparison of experiment with 2D simulation
O4.005J.Bucalossi Particle control in high power high density long pulses on Tore Supra
O4.006E.J.Strait Sustained High Beta Plasmas With Negative Central Shear in DIII-D
O4.010A.A.Samarian Dust interactions in a flowing plasma
O4.012V.V.Yaroshenko Coupled dust-lattice modes in dust-plasma crystals
O4.013S.Ratynskaia Nonlocality and memory effects in grain dynamics on a 2D dust plasma quasi-crystal
O4.014I.Shakhova Heat Transfer in Dusty Plasma
O4.017T.A.Carter Suppression of turbulent particle flux by biased rotation in a laboratory plasma
O4.018D.del-Castillo-Negrete Fractional diffusion models of transport in magnetically confined plasmas
O4.019B.Dudson Statistical analysis of plasma edge fluctuations in MAST and comparison with BOUT simulation results
O4.020F.Spineanu Statistical properties of a turbulent plasma of vortices interacting with random waves
O4.021S.Weber Plasma cavitation and standing solitons due to stimulated Brillouin pulsations
O4.022A.Das Sausage and Kink EMHD Instabilities and Fast Electron Transport
O4.023F.Califano Three dimensional relativistic fluid Weibel instability
O4.024N.F.Loureiro Nonlinear Tearing Mode Reconnection
O4.025R.P.J.Town LSP Calculations of Cone-Wire Experiments
O4.027A.P.L.Robinson Kinetic Simulation of Fast Electron Transport with Ionization Effects and Ion Acceleration
O4.028M.Sherlock Absorption of Ultra-Short Laser Pulses and Particle Transport in Dense Targets
O4.030S.I.Krasheninnikov Intense electron beam propagation through insulators ionization front corrugation and ionization instabilities
O4.032F.Pegoraro Expansion of a finite-size plasma in vacuum
O4.033D.Patin Stochastic heating in ultra high intensity laser-plasma interaction theory and pic code simulations
O4.035A.Bret Characterization of the initial filamentation of a relativistic electron beam passing through a plasma

Session O5 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O5.002N.Lemoine Lévy distributions in plasma diffusion through a magnetic field.
O5.003O.Grulke Radial propagation of turbulent fluctuation structures in the SOL of Alcator C-Mod
O5.004V.Naulin Turbulent Transport of Plasma Edge Impurities

Session D1 (Post Deadline Monday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D1.001T.Desai Recent results on Laser ablation and crater formation in laser- plasma interaction
D1.002N.Yamaguchi Space-resolving spectroscopy of X-ray amplifying laser-produced plasma
D1.005M.Vergote On the Reynolds stress and zonal flows in the edge of tokamaks
D1.006P.Sandquist Fast Electron Bremsstrahlung in Low-Density Grassy Sawtoothing Plasmas on JET

Session D4 (Post Deadline Thursday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D4.001J. Kuba Effects of Prepulse and Incidence Angle on High-Energy K-alpha Production
D4.005M.Masek Electron gas at Raman scattering of laser beam
D4.006P.Smeulders Central MHD Modes during High-Power Lower Hybrid and Electron Cyclotron Heating in the FTU Tokamak
D4.007E.Z.Gusakov First observation of ETG mode component of tokamak plasma turbulence by correlative UHR backscattering diagnostics
D4.008T.Kurki-Suonio Confinement of Fusion Alphas in ITB Plasmas
D4.009K.H.Finken Characterization of the TEXTOR limiter H-mode and the impact of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on ELM-like relaxation events

Session D5 (Post Deadline Friday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D5.001J.M.Fontdecaba First Measurements of High-Energy Charge-Exchange Neutrals Using Compact Neutral Particle Analyser in TJ-II Stellarator
D5.004Z.W.Dong 2D MHD description for a helical magnetic flux compression generator
D5.005G.Y.Antar The Poloidal Distribution of Avaloids and ELMs perturbations in the SOL of MAST
D5.006Z.Y.Chen Characteristics of the FEB emission oscillations in the HT-7 Tokamak
D5.007B. J. Ding Sawtooth observations in ramp up experiments assisted by lower hybrid current drive in HT-7
D5.010N.J.Fisch Alpha Channeling in Mirror Machines
D5.011X.Loozen Modelling of transport and profile modifications in tokamaks with ergodic divertors

Session P1 (Poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P1.002B.N.Bazylev Erosion of dome armour after multiple disruptions and ELMs in ITER
P1.003I.S.Landman Contamination and radiation losses in post-ELM tokamak plasma
P1.004T.Lunt Experimental Investigation on the Plasma-Wall Transition
P1.005T.Lunt Ion temperature measurements by means of a combined force - Mach - Langmuir probe
P1.006A.Herrmann Filamentary heat deposition to the first wall in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.007B.Kurzan Fine Structure of Type-I Edge Localized Modes in the Steep Gradient Region in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.008D.P.Coster Edge simulations of an ASDEX Upgrade Ohmic shot
P1.009H.W.Mueller Plasma flow in the scrape-off layer of ASDEX Upgrade
P1.010R.Dux Tungsten Erosion at the Auxiliary Limiters in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.011V.Rohde Carbon migration at the divertor of ASDEX Upgrade
P1.012Y.Feng Impurity retention under enhanced recycling conditions in W7-AS
P1.013A.Kirschner Modelling of tritium retention and target lifetime of the ITER divertor
P1.014A.Kreter Investigation of carbon transport by 13CH4 injection through graphite and tungsten test limiters in TEXTOR
P1.015V.Philipps Carbon deposition and fuel accumulation in a castellated limiter exposed under erosion-dominated conditions in the SOL of TEXTOR
P1.016C.Busch Impact of the DED on ion transport and poloidal rotation in TEXTOR
P1.017D.Borodin Modelling of the hydrocarbon transport and light emission during methane injection in TEXTOR boundary plasma using the ERO code
P1.018G.Sergienko High temperature erosion of tungsten exposed to the TEXTOR edge plasma
P1.019G.Sergienko Tungsten melting under high power load in the TEXTOR edge plasma
P1.020G.Telesca Screening and radiation efficiency of carbon with Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on TEXTOR
P1.021M.W.Jakubowski On the influence of the magnetic resonances on the heat flux structure of the dynamic ergodic divertor
P1.022O.Schmitz Impact of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor DED on the Plasma Edge at TEXTOR - Detection and structure of the laminar zone
P1.023S.S.Abdullaev Structure of stochastic field lines near the separatrix in poloidal divertor tokamaks
P1.024V.Philipps Removal of carbon layers by oxygen treatment of TEXTOR
P1.025A.S.Kukushkin Improved Modelling of Neutrals and Consequences for the Divertor Performance in ITER
P1.027O.V.Ogorodnikova Parametric investigation of temperature evolution in actively cooled plasma-facing components during high heat fluxes
P1.028M.K.Salem The Influence of Resonance Helical Field on the Zeff in IR-T1 Tokamak
P1.029M.Kuldkepp Oxygen impurity profile studies in the EXTRAP T2R reversed field pinch
P1.030J.JuulRasmussen Turbulent Transport and Mixing of Impurities in the Plasma Edge
P1.031O.E.Garcia Clustering and pinch of impurities in plasma edge turbulence
P1.032F.G.Rimini High Power ICRH scenarios in Tore-Supra a potential route towards improved core confinement at high density
P1.033D.Elbčze Scaling of confinement in the ITPA L-mode database with dimensionless variables
P1.034F.Imbeaux Giant Oscillations of Electron Temperature during zero loop voltage discharges on Tore Supra
P1.035J-F. Artaud Predictive integrated modelling for ITER scenarios
P1.036P.Devynck The origin of the long time correlations of the density fluctuations in the Scrape off Layer of the Tore Supra Tokamak
P1.037V.S.Udintsev Electron Temperature Fluctuation Studies in Different Confinement Regimes by Means of Correlation ECE on Tore Supra
P1.038G. Fuhr-Chaudier Zero Dimensional Model for Transport Barrier Oscillations in Tokamak Edge Plasmas
P1.039A.Sen Study of nonlinear phenomena in a tokamak plasma using a novel Hilbert transform technique
P1.041M.Aizawa Transport Properties of Low Aspect Ratio L 1 Helical Systems
P1.042H.Takenaga Transient electron heat transport and reduced density fluctuation after pellet injection in JT-60U reversed shear plasmas
P1.043M.Kikuchi Measurement of local electrical conductivity and thermodynamical coefficients in JT-60U
P1.044Y.Idomura Comparisons of gyrokinetic PIC and CIP codes
P1.045N.Ohno Intermittent Fluctuation Property of JT-60U Edge Plasmas
P1.046H.Koguchi First results of the Gas Puffing Imaging Diagnostics in a reversed-field pinch plasma in a reversed-field pinch plasma First results of the Gas Puffing Imaging Diagnostics in a reversed-field pinch plasma First results of the Gas Puffing Imaging Diagnostics in a reversed-field pinch plasma
P1.047J.Miyazawa Weak Temperature Dependence of the Thermal Diffusivity in High-Collisionality Regimes in LHD
P1.049A.Scarabosio Momentum transport and plasma rotation spin up in TCV
P1.050Ch.Schlatter Reconstruction of hydrogenic ion temperature profiles on TCV
P1.051E.Fable Density behavior during electron internal transport barriers in TCV fully non inductive discharges
P1.052Y.Camenen Electron heat transport dependence on plasma shape and collisionality in EC heated L-mode TCV plasmas
P1.053R.O.Dendy Analysis of Dissipation in MHD Turbulence Simulations in Two and Three Dimensions
P1.054O.Kwon Numerical Plasma Edge MHD Stability Analysis Revisited
P1.055S.S.Kim Effects of Radio Frequency Waves on Dissipative Low Frequency Instabilities in Mirror Plasmas
P1.056R.Jiménez-Gómez Studies of MHD instabilities in TJ-II plasmas
P1.057T.S.Pedersen First results from the Columbia Non-neutral Torus
P1.058X.Sarasola Field Line Mapping Results in the CNT Stellarator
P1.059J.F.Lyon Recent Developments in Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator Physics
P1.060B.Stratton Be Foil Filter Knee Imaging NSTX Plasma with Fast Soft X-Ray Camera
P1.061E.D. Fredrickson Scaling of kinetic instability induced fast ion losses in NSTX
P1.062M.C.Zarnstorff The Saturation of Beta in W7-AS
P1.063N.N.Gorelenkov Resonant kinetic ballooning modes in burning plasma
P1.064R.Raman Transient CHI for for solenoid-free plasma startup in NSTX
P1.065Q.Yang Investigations of disruption on the HL-2A tokamak
P1.066H.Jhang A Toroidal Shell Model for Active Stabilization of Resistive Wall Modes and Its Application to KSTAR Plasmas
P1.067Y.M.Jeon Design of Optimal Plasma Position and Shape Controller for KSTAR
P1.069J.R.Ferron Control of DIII-D Advanced Tokamak Discharges
P1.070T.A.Casper Operational Enhancements in DIII-D Quiescent H-Mode Plasmas
P1.071R.Raman Fuelling Requirements for Advanced Tokamak operation
P1.072B.E.Chapman Initial exploration of the density limit in the MST RFP
P1.073R.Cavazzana Optical Investigation of Edge Turbulence on RFX-mod
P1.074E.Gazza Fast optical spectrometer for the charge exchange diagnostic on RFX-mod
P1.075C.Mazzotta Study of Plasma density profiles evolution using the new scanning interferometer for FTU
P1.076G.DeTemmerman Mirror test for ITER Optical characterisation of metal mirrors in divertor tokamaks
P1.077E.Gauthier Design of a wide-angle infrared thermography and visible view diagnostic for JET
P1.078L.Bertalot Neutron energy measurements of trace tritium plasmas with NE213 compact spectrometer at JET
P1.082V.Stancalie New method to calculate the Gaunt factor for the refinement of Zeff evaluation in fusion plasmas
P1.083J.Mlynar 2-D spatial distribution of D-D and D-T neutron emission JET ELMy H-mode plasmas with Tritium puff
P1.084M.E.Notkin Absorption experiments on the CASTOR tokamak
P1.086P.A.Bagryansky Dispersion Interferometer based on CO2 - laser
P1.087E.Z.Gusakov Investigation of the upper hybrid resonance cross-polarization scattering effect at the FT-2 tokamak
P1.088A.Popov Spatial Resolution of Poloidal Correlation Reflectometry
P1.089I.I.Orlovskiy Hilbert Spectrum Analysis of Mirnov Signals
P1.090K.Yu.Vukolov Mitigation of hydrocarbon film deposition on in-vessel mirrors
P1.091Yu.V.Gott Vacuum Photodiode Detector for X-ray Tomography on the ITER
P1.092D.P.Kostomarov Calculation of Plasma Boundary Using Video Images
P1.093V.Yu.Sergeev Fast electron studies in T-10 plasmas by means of carbon pellet injection
P1.094G.VanWassenhove First experiments with the new load resilient ICRH antenna on TEXTOR
P1.095S.Nowak Electron Cyclotron Current Drive experiments in the FTU tokamak
P1.096E.Barbato Interpretation of LHCD efficiency scaling with the electron temperature
P1.097E.Giovannozzi Plasmoid drift during vertical pellet injection in FTU discharges
P1.098G.Granucci Quantification of suprathermal current drive on FTU
P1.099A.V.Voronin Injection of intense plasma jet in the spherical tokamak Globus-M
P1.100I. Jenkins Off-Axis NBI fast ion dynamics in Trace Tritium Experiment
P1.102V.A.Kornev First experiments on NBI in the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P1.103V.B.Minaev Study of the Beam - Plasma Interaction in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P1.107T.Bolzonella Overview of global MHD behaviour in the RFX-mod Reversed Field Pinch
P1.108G.Cenacchi The Scientific Program of the Ignitor Experiment
P1.109W.Kernbichler Simple criteria for optimization of trapped particle confinement in stellarators
P1.110W.Kernbichler Neoclassical transport for LHD in the 1/nu regime analyzed by the NEO code
P1.111W.Kernbichler Calculation of neoclassical transport in stellarators with finite collisionality using integration along magnetic field lines
P1.112V.Yavorskij Fast ion confinement in tokamak current hole regimes
P1.113A.Nicolai Modelling of Rotating Plasma States under the Influence of Helical Perturbations
P1.114Y.Kikuchi Modelling of the penetration process of externally applied magnetic perturbation of the DED on TEXTOR
P1.115R.Preuss Stellarator Scaling considering Uncertainties in Machine Variables
P1.116D.Sharma Role of stochasticity in the W7-X edge transport
P1.117R.Coelho Effect of Alfvén resonances on the penetration of error fields on a rotating viscous plasma
P1.119Y.Q.Liu A Uniform Framework to Study Resistive Wall Modes
P1.120A.K.Wang Study on toroidal ion temperature gradient modes from reduced Braginskii equatuins
P1.121J.Urban Methodology of electron Bernstein wave emission simulations
P1.122S.Sinman A Novel ST Configurative Events with Controllable and Reproducible Alternative Self-organization Process
P1.123B.Labit Drift waves in the TORPEX toroidal plasma device
P1.124M.Podestŕ Experimental studies of plasma production and transport mechanisms in the toroidal device TORPEX
P1.125S.Takamura Formation of Very Deep Potential Well with Electrode Biasing in a Toroidal Device
P1.126A.Stark Ion velocity distribution functions around the x-line region of a collisionless reconnection experiment
P1.127F.M.Aghamir Eigen Modes of a Dielectric Loaded Coaxial Plasma Waveguide
P1.128A.R.Babazadeh Study of Gas Admixture Influences On The Pinch Dynamics In A 90 kJ Filippov Type Plasma Focus
P1.130E.A.Evangelidis Angular momentum coupling in tokamaks
P1.132C.Ionita Qualitative similarities between edge localised modes ELMs in fusion plasmas and complex space charge configurations CSCCs in low-temperature plasmas
P1.133Z.P.Xu Diagnosis of Wire-Array Implosions Using X-ray Frame Camera
P1.134S.Dan'ko Study on the Elaboration of High-Current Drivers Aimed at the Inertial Fusion Energy
P1.135J.M.Perlado Inertial Fusion Reactor Physics effect of Activation and Radiation Damage of Materials and Tritium emissions
P1.136Ph.Nicolaď A practical nonlocal model for electron transport in magnetized laser-plasmas
P1.141T.Pisarczyk Optical investigation of flyer disk acceleration and collision with massive target on the PALS laser facility
P1.142S.Borodziuk Numerical modelling of strong shock waves and craters for the experiments using single and double solid targets irradiated by high power iodine laser
P1.145M.Tobin Absolute X-ray Yields from Laser-Irradiated Ge-Doped Aerogel Targets
P1.147J.Wolowski Interaction of high-energy laser pulses with plasmas of different density gradients
P1.151M.D.Barriga-Carrasco Vicinage and nuclear plasma effects on H2 energy loss
P1.152R.Fedosejevs Heating of Tantalum Plasma for Studies on the Activation of the 6.238 keV Nuclear Level of Ta-181
P1.155F.Girard Experimental multi-keV x-ray conversion efficiencies fom laser exploded germanium foil.
P1.156J.Howe Periodic features modifying the He B line profile from an aluminium plasma

Session P2 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P2.001M.Tsalas Plasma drift velocity measurements near the ASDEX Upgrade lower x-point
P2.002A.Alfier Influence of ELMs on Edge Temperature and Density Profiles in TCV
P2.003L.Carraro Impurity behaviour and radiation pattern in the RFX- mod reversed field pinch
P2.004R.Pitts Material Migration Studies at JET Using Tracer Techniques
P2.005M.Becoulet Comparative Modeling of Type I ELM control by stochastic fields in DIII-D JET and ITER.
P2.006EmiliaR.Solano ELM Calorimetry in JET
P2.007A.Loarte Influence of toroidal field direction and plasma rotation on pedestal and ELM characteristics in JET ELMy H-modes
P2.008V.Parail Tritium pathways in JET trace tritium transport experiments
P2.010S.Brezinsek In situ Measurement of Chemical Erosion Yields for the Production of C2Hy in the JET Outer Divertor
P2.011A.Pospieszczyk Molecular H/D/T sources in JET
P2.012A.J.Meakins Applying Advanced Statistical Techniques to Tokamak L-H Threshold Data
P2.013W.Fundamenski ELM-limiter interaction in outer gap scan experiments on JET
P2.014G.Y.Antar Gas Jets and Their Interaction With Magnetically Confined Plasmas
P2.016L.N.Khimchenko Fractal growth of dust and globular films in T-10 tokamak.
P2.017V.Rozhansky Impact of Magnetic Configuration on Edge Radial Electric Field MAST-ASDEX Upgrade Simulation with B2SOLPS5.0
P2.018L.G.Eliseev Investigation of the plasma potential behaviour at the edge of the T-10 tokamak by HIBP
P2.019A.Kendl Influence of flux surface shape on DALF and ITG edge turbulence
P2.020M.F.Heyn On the Interaction of a Rotating Magnetic Field with the Plasma in the Kinetic Approximation
P2.022T.P.Kiviniemi Full f particle simulation of internal transport barrier formation
P2.023S.V.Henriksson Characteristics of fluctuations in ELMFIRE simulations
P2.025O.Marchuk Impurity transport studies in TORE SUPRA with He-like spectroscopy
P2.026C.F.Maggi Edge and core confinement in improved H-modes in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.027G.D.Conway Observations on core turbulence and radial electric field transitions in ASDEX Upgrade using Doppler reflectometry
P2.028G.Tardini Ion ITB dynamics in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.030H.Thomsen Pattern recognition techniques in plasma turbulence imaging
P2.032D.Reiser Turbulent transport in the plasma edge in the presence of static stochastic magnetic fields
P2.033S.Jachmich Effects of edge ergodization induced by DED on turbulence and particle transport in TEXTOR
P2.034K.Rypdal Profile robustness and routes to turbulence in the helimak configuration
P2.035T.T.Ribeiro Gyrofluid turbulence computations in the edge and SOL regions of tokamak plasmas using realistic magnetic field geometry
P2.036H.Figueiredo Study of edge flows during emissive electrode biased discharges on ISTTOK
P2.037C.Silva Transport and fluctuations during electrode biasing on TJ-II
P2.038P.Strand Effects of impurities on drift wave based particle transport and comparison with neoclassical impurity particle transport
P2.039M.AnsarMahmood Unstable Ion-Temperature-Gradient Modes in ITER Geometry
P2.040V.P.Pavlenko Large scale flows and coherent structure phenomena in flute mode turbulence
P2.041I.G.J.Classen 2D temperature profiles of DED structures using ECE-Imaging in TEXTOR
P2.042M.DeBock Plasma rotation during operation of the dynamic ergodic divertor in TEXTOR
P2.044W.Zwingmann Equilibrium reconstruction of tokamak discharges with toroidal variation
P2.045M.C.Firpo Non-ideal MHD effects on the nonlinear growth of m 1 internal modes
P2.046A.Sen Neoclassical tearing modes in the presence of sheared flows
P2.047A.Sengupta Statistical Analysis of the equilibrium configurations of W7-X stellarator using Function Parametrization
P2.048K.Hayase First Result from a New RFP Device with a Very Small Aspect Ratio
P2.049M.Takechi MHD instabilities observed in extremely reversed shear discharges on JT-60U
P2.050T.Ozeki Modeling of MHD Stability Consistent to the Transport
P2.051Y.Nakamura Simulation Modeling of Fully Non-Inductive Buildup Scenario Simulation Modeling of Fully Non-Inductive Buildup Scenario in High Bootstrap Current Tokamaks without Center Solenoids
P2.053Y.Narushima Experimental study of current driven MHD mode in LHD
P2.054Y.Hirano Reproducible Appearance of Quasi Single Helicity State in a Reversed Field Pinch with an Appropriate Control of the Reversed Toroidal Field
P2.055L.Frassinetti Role of m 0 magnetic perturbations in the crash phase of the pulsed poloidal current drive regime in the TPE-RX device
P2.056S.Shiina Relaxed State of Reversed Field Pinch Equilibrium with Low Aspect Ratio
P2.057K.Saito MHD Stability Analysis and Edge Control of the ATRAS-RFP Plasma
P2.058M.Nagata Plasma flow injection into a torus chamber as a new approach to flowing two-fluid plasma generation
P2.059O.Sauter Partial Stabilisation of NTMs with ECCD for standard scenarios in ITER
P2.060C.G.Gimblett A model for the evolution of current-driven ELMs
P2.061D.F.Howell Locked mode thresholds on the MAST spherical tokamak
P2.062I.T.Chapman Stabilisation of Sawteeth in MAST by Toroidal Rotation
P2.063G.W.Pacher Simulation of ITER Improved H-mode Operation with the Integrated Core Pedestal SOL Model Using MMM95 and GLF23 Core Transport Models
P2.064F.Saint-Laurent Disruption Mitigation Experiment on Tore Supra
P2.065R.Guirlet Intrinsic Oxygen and Iron Sources in Tore Supra Long Discharges
P2.066H.Utoh Biasing Experiments by a Ti Electrode in the Tohoku University Heliac
P2.067M.Sugihara Extrapolation of Plasma Current Quench Time during Disruptions from Existing Machines to ITER
P2.068Y.Kawano Characteristics of Runaway Plasmas in JT-60U
P2.069Y.Miura Burn control study using burning plasma simulation experiments in JT-60U
P2.070T.Akiyama Edge Transport Barrier Formation and Power Threshold Properties in CHS
P2.072V.E.Lukash Combined DINA-CH and CRONOS Simulations of ITER
P2.073V.N.Dokuka Free Boundary Simulations of ITER Discharges
P2.074V.Weinzettl Fast bolometry on the CASTOR tokamak
P2.075V.Piffl Temporally and spatially resolved measurements of VUV lines intensity profile in the tokamak CASTOR
P2.076I.Duran Magnetic field measurements using the galvanomagnetic devices on Tore Supra and CASTOR tokamaks
P2.077G.Anda Li-beam developments
P2.078S.Kálvin Investigation of pellet plasma interaction on ASDEX Upgrade
P2.079K.-S.Chung Effect of ion-neutral collision on the deduction of flow velocity
P2.080J.G.Bak Integrator for the KSTAR magnetic diagnostics
P2.081S.G.Lee Fabrication details for the KSTAR magnetic diagnostics
P2.082M.Kocan A new probe for ion temperature measurements in the tokamak scrape-off layer
P2.083T.Estrada Fluctuation measurements by reflectometry in the stellarator TJ-II
P2.084A.Hidalgo Self-consistent modelling of supersonic He beam attenuation in the TJ-II Edge Plasmas
P2.085B.Zurro Feasibility study for a blow-off technique to real-time monitor dust particles in fusion plasmas
P2.086D.Rapisarda An investigation of the relationship between toroidal rotation and bootstrap current in the TJ-II stellarator
P2.087E.Blanco Study of Doppler reflectometry viability in TJ-II stellarator using a two-dimensional full-wave code
P2.088J.Herranz Influence of the stray light upon TJ-II Thomson scattering profiles measured in different magnetic configurations
P2.089J.M.Carmona A code to simulate neutral beams across TJ-II for the exploitation of a charge-exchange recombination spectroscopy diagnostic
P2.090J.Vega Application of intelligent classification techniques to the TJ-II Thomson Scattering diagnostic
P2.091M.Sánchez Relevant improvements in the two color interferometer diagnostic in TJ-II Stellarator.
P2.093J.A.King Characterization of Ti Ka radiation resulting from interaction of a highly intense laser pulse with a thin titanium foil
P2.094S. Zhongbing Observations of the cold pulse propagation during multi-pulse molecular beam injection on HL-2A
P2.095V.Petrzilka Electron Acceleration Near ICRF Antennas
P2.096V.Petrzilka Fast Particle Energy Measurements in the Scrape-off Layer During Lower Hybrid Current Drive Experiments on Tore Supra
P2.097E.Belonohy High Field Side Penetration Depth Scaling at ASDEX Upgrade
P2.098K. Gál Simulation of Pellet Induced Perturbations in Fusion Plasmas for Fueling and ELM Triggering Scenarios
P2.099A.Cappa Experimental dependence of plasma breakdown on wave polarization in the TJ-II stellarator
P2.101V.S.Chan Simulation of Fast Alfven Wave Interactions With Neutral-Beam and Minority Ions in Tokamaks
P2.102L.R.Baylor Pellet Injection from Different Locations on DIII-D and Extrapolation to ITER
P2.104JohnA.Goetz Auxiliary Heating and Current Drive Systems for the Madison Symmetric Torus Reversed Field Pinch
P2.106J.Dies Safety analysis of abnormal fueling in ITER using SAFALY
P2.107G.Vlad Source Regulation of Fast Energetic Particle Driven Alfven Modes
P2.108F.Sattin A coupled PIC-Poisson-solver code for the extraction of charged particles from a negative ion source
P2.109G. De Tommasi Identification of a dynamic model of plasma current density profile
P2.110X.Bonnin B2-Eirene SOLPS Modelling of JET SOL plasma flow
P2.111S.Sipilä Guiding-centre simulations of ion orbit loss heat loads on JET divertor targets
P2.112A.Huber Modelling JET divertor physics with the EDGE2D Code
P2.113D.Pilipenko Transport balance of RF-heated impurity ions
P2.114K.M.Rantamäki Effect of density fluctuations on lower hybrid ray tracing and q-profile evolution in transport simulations
P2.115A.N.Saveliev Approximate relativistic dispersion relation for electron Bernstein waves in inhomogeneous plasma
P2.116V.A.Rantsev-Kartinov Radial Electric Field in Toroidal Systems and a Thermoelectric Field of Plasma
P2.117A.B.Kukushkin Self-Consistent Simulation of Electron Cyclotron Radiation Transport and Superthermal Electron Kinetics in Hot Tokamak Plasmas
P2.119V.E.Zhogolev Simulation of Heavy Impurities Transport and Radiation for ITER Scenarios
P2.120A.A.Subbotin Alpha-particle Confinement and Conservation of Second Adiabatic Invariant
P2.121Yu.V.Gott The Charged Particle Distribution Function in a Tokamak Dependent on a Velocity Gradient
P2.125V.V.Lutsenko Analysis and interpretation of observations of Alfvénic activity in Wendelstein 7-AS
P2.128A.V.Zobnin A Boundary Structure of Dusty Cloud
P2.129L.R.Johnson Experiments with Microrods in an RF Plasma Sheath
P2.130R.Kompaneets Dust-lattice waves Role of charge variations and anisotropy of dust-dust interaction
P2.131S.A.Maiorov The reactive ion-drag force in dusty plasmad
P2.132T.Antonova The structure of a plasma cluster as seen by an injected particle
P2.136O.S.Vaulina Study of Relation between Transport Coefficients in Dusty Plasma Systems
P2.138S.A.Maiorov Interaction between grains in plasma
P2.141F.Califano Propagation of finite amplitude disturbances in an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma
P2.143M.Cercek Sheath formation in a two-electron temperature plasma
P2.145S.Cho Effects of thermal electron motion on characteristics of discharges sustained by the Trivelpiece-Gould mode
P2.146L.Chacón A fully implicit 3D extended magnetohydrodynamics algorithm
P2.147N. Jelic Particle in cell simullation of a Tonks-Langmuir model
P2.148Y.Kominis Particle interactions with solitary waves in magnetized plasmas
P2.149L.Vlahos The absorption of gravitational waves in strongly magnetized plasmas
P2.150G.Bonhomme Selecting characterizing and acting on drift waves and flute modes turbulence in a low-beta magnetized plasma column
P2.151S.Teodoru Is the plasma at a plane probe unstable in the presence of fast electrons producing secondary electrons
P2.153O.Maj Beam Tracing solution of the weakly nonlinear Burgers' equation
P2.154L.Conde A ionization instability in weakly ionized unmagnetized plasmas with negatively charged dust grains
P2.155V.A.Rantsev-Kartinov Revelation of the Sun Self-Similarity Skeletal Structures
P2.158D. Dorranian Electromagnetic Radiation from Magnetized Wake of Laser Irradiated Gas Jet
P2.161E.d'Humičres Optimization of proton beams created by laser-plasma interaction for various applications
P2.162A.Lifschitz Laser wakefield acceleration of electron bunches in the mildly nonlinear regime
P2.163E.Brambrink Detailed studies of the transverse beam characteristics of laser produced ion beams
P2.167V.V.Kulagin Controllable generation of a single attosecond relativistic electron bunch by a superintense laser pulse with a sharp rising edge
P2.168H.Suk Generation of relativistic high-energy electrons by laser wakefield acceleration at KERI
P2.170E. d'Humičres New setups to improve proton acceleration with high intensity lasers
P2.176O.Klimo Numerical Study of K-alpha Emission from Foil Targets Irradiated by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
P2.178M.Grech Laser beam smoothing in plasma at powers below the filamentation threshold

Session P4 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P4.001J.S. Hu Erosion/deposition of doped graphite tiles with SiC coating under a long term plasma operation in HT-7
P4.002Y.Yang Deuterium inventory evaluation of long discharges in HT-7 superconducting tokamak
P4.003J.Simek Multi-dimensional particle codes for modelling in low-temperature and high-temperature plasmas in the presence of magnetic field
P4.004F.Zacek Radial and toroidal electric field measurements in front of the CASTOR tokamak LH launcher
P4.005V.Fuchs Langmuir probe characteristics in the presence of supra-thermal electrons generated by a lower hybrid grill
P4.006V.Weinzettl Biasing experiments with solid and porous electrodes
P4.007S.W.Yoon Theory-based Modelling of the Effect of Neutral Flux on Pedestal Density Width
P4.008F.L.Tabares Injection of hydrogen and ethylene at the plasma edge of TJ-II A comparative study.
P4.009J.A.Ferreira Particle balance in TJ-II plasmas under boronized wall conditions
P4.010D.Nishijima Angular distribution of eroded beryllium atoms from a beryllium target exposed to a deuterium plasma in PISCES-B
P4.012T.H.Osborne Edge Stability Analysis and Pedestal and ELM Characteristics in I-Coil ELM Suppressed Discharges on DIII-D
P4.013T.W.Petrie Compatibility of the Radiating Divertor With High Performance Plasmas in DIII-D
P4.015M.Groth Comprehensive Measurements and Modeling of SOL and Core Plasma Fueling and Carbon Sources in DIII-D
P4.016V.A.Soukhanovskii Particle and power exhaust in NBI-heated plasmas in NSTX
P4.018H.Takahashi Observation of Abrupt- and Fast-rising SOL Current During Trigger Phase of ELMs in DIII-D Tokamak
P4.019S.I.Krasheninnikov The 3D modelling of dust particle transport in tokamak plasmas with the newly developed code DUSTT
P4.020S.I.Krasheninnikov Anomalous radial convection and flows in tokamak scrape off layer plasma
P4.021E.M.Hollmann Measurement of Molecular Deuterium Fluxes in the DIII-D Edge
P4.022D.N.Ruzic ELM Simulating Plasma Gun Development and Experiments
P4.024Y.H.Xu Turbulence intermittency and burst properties in the boundary of TEXTOR tokamak
P4.027R.Lorenzini Density profiles and particle confinement in the modified RFX Reversed Field Pinch
P4.028E.Martines High frequency magnetic field fluctuations measured on the RFX-mod experiment with internal coils
P4.029F.Sattin Scaling of energy confinement time in RFX with magnetic fluctuations comparison of experimental data with turbulent transport models.
P4.030G.Serianni Electrostatic turbulence in the edge region of RFX-mod
P4.031M.Spolaore Relaxation phenomena during edge plasma biasing in the CASTOR tokamak
P4.032R.Lorenzini Dependence of electron density profile on m 0 modes in the RFX experiment
P4.033D. Marocco Transport analysis of FTU plasmas with multiple pellet injection using neutron-derived Ti profiles and high-resolution ne profiles
P4.034M.DeBenedetti Microstability analysis of e-ITBs in high density FTU plasmas
P4.035M.DeBenedetti Turbulence measurements and improved confinement regimes on FTU
P4.036P.Belo Numerical simulation of impurity screening in the SOL of JET plasma by localised Deuterium gas puffing
P4.037H.Leggate The Significance of the dimensionless collisionality and the Greenwald fraction in the scaling of confinement.
P4.038B.Gonçalves Turbulence experiments in reversed and standard-B field configurations in the JET tokamak
P4.039G.M.D.Hogeweij Analysis of Electron Internal Transport Barriers in JET low and reversed shear discharges
P4.040V.Parail Analysis of ELM heat pulse propagation in the JET scrape-off layer with an integrated fluid-kinetic approach
P4.041C.Angioni Gyrokinetic calculations of particle and impurity transport in AUG and JET
P4.042R.V.Budny GYRO Simulations of Core Momentum Transport in DIII-D and JET Plamsas
P4.043G.P.Maddison Edge fluctuations in the absence of large ELMs on JET
P4.044T.Tala Effect of Poloidal Rotation on the Predictions for the Dynamics of the ITBs and Transport in JET Plasmas
P4.045M.Vlad Trajectory structures in turbulent plasmas
P4.046S.I.Lashkul Suppression of the particle fluctuation-induced fluxes and spectral analyses of the plasma oscillations with ITB and ETB formation at FT-2 experiment
P4.048N.Timchenko ECR heating and impurity radiative cooling of Tokamak Plasmas
P4.049V.IPoznyak Modulating phenomena in T-10 tokamak plasma under EC heating
P4.050V.P.Budaev Waiting-Time Multifractal Statistics of Edge Plasma Turbulence in the T-10 Tokamak and NAGDIS-II Linear Device
P4.051Rozhansky Revealing of Geodesic Acoustic Mode Oscillations in TUMAN-3M Tokamak via Doppler Reflectometry
P4.052A.V.Melnikov Study of the core plasma potential and turbulence evolution during ECRH in the T-10 tokamak
P4.053O.Yu.Antufyev Electromagnetic Field Effect on Impurity Transport in Helical Plasma
P4.054O.A.Shyshkin Comparative Numerical Analysis of the Tungsten Transport in Drift Optimized Stellarator Ergodic and Nonergodic Plasma Configurations
P4.055T.Kurki-Suonio Fast Ion Distribution in the Presence of Magnetic Ripple and Radial
P4.056A.Weller MHD Effects related to High-Beta Operation in WENDELSTEIN W7-AS
P4.057C.Nuehrenberg MHD-stability studies for a high-beta PIES W7-X equilibrium
P4.058K.H.Finken Development of energetic runaway electrons with operation of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor
P4.059O.Zimmermann Coupling of Alfv´en-like Modes and large 2/1 Tearing Modes at TEXTOR
P4.060Y.Liang Influence of anisotropic pressure on the locking of 2/1 tearing modes in TEXTOR
P4.061H.R.Koslowski Rotation dependence of tearing mode excitation by external perturbation fields on TEXTOR
P4.062V.Igochine Main Branches of the Error Field Amplification Resonance and their Properties
P4.063P.Khorshid Study of Poloidal Rotation Velocity in the Tokamak Plasmas
P4.064A.Hojabri Effect of rotating magnetic helical field on the impurity radiation and the magnetic island in Iran Tokamak 1 IR-T1
P4.065M.Ghoranneviss Investigation of Tokamak Plasmas as Non-Rigid Body Plasma
P4.066D.Yadikin Intelligent shell feedback control of resistive wall modes in EXTRAP T2R
P4.067M.Cecconello Rotation evolution of tearing modes during feedback stabilization of resistive wall modes in a reversed field pinch
P4.068C.Wahlberg Effect of toroidal flow and flow shear on the quasi-interchange instability in tokamaks with weak magnetic shear
P4.069O.Agren Theory of the straight field line mirror
P4.070J.W.S.Blokland MHD equilibrium reconstruction for TEXTOR from static to stationary equilibria
P4.071E.Westerhof Suppression of Tearing Modes by Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive
P4.072A.C.C.Sips Extending the operational range of improved H-modes at ASDEX Upgrade
P4.073A.Manini Optimisation of Sawtooth Control using ECCD in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.074G.Pautasso Plasma shut-down with fast impurity puff on ASDEX Upgrade
P4.075S.Guenter Current profile modification by off-axis NBI on ASDEX Upgrade
P4.076W.Suttrop Predictive simulation of tokamak discharge behaviour based on simple scalings
P4.079S.Menmuir Ion and mode rotation in the EXTRAP T2R device during discharges with and without the application of feedback control
P4.080F.Meo Progress of the CTS Diagnostics on TEXTOR and ASDEX Upgrade
P4.081S.K.Nielsen Fast ion behaviour measured from CTS
P4.082B.Schunke Modelling of plasma conditions for the mirror exposure study in Tore Supra
P4.083R.Reichle Concept for spectrally resolved ITER divertor thermography with fibres
P4.084Y.Peysson Fast Electron Bremsstrahlung in Arbitrary Tokamak Configuration
P4.085S. Heuraux Amplitude variation and frequency shift of a reflectometer signal propagating in a time varying plasma
P4.087M.Koubiti Electron density determination from Stark broadening of high-n He I lines
P4.088A.Tonegawa Detached plasma control by H-/D- negative ion in divertor simulator
P4.089M.Sasao Development of Ceramic Scintillators for Lost Alpha Measurement on ITER
P4.090M.Sato Relativistic downshift frequency effects on ECE measurements of electron temperature and density in torus plasmas
P4.091K.Itami Study of an Erosion Monitor for the ITER Divertor Target Plates
P4.092S.Konoshima Radiated Power Profile Observed by a Tangentially Viewing IR Imaging Bolometer in JT-60U Tokamak
P4.093M.Okamoto Dynamic Behavior of the Disruptive Plasma in the Small Tokamak HYBTOK-II
P4.094T.Oishi BES on Compact Helical System for Density Fluctuations with Edge Transport Barrier Formation
P4.095H.Nishimura Study of pitch-angle-scattering spectrum of high-energy ions in the Large Helical Device
P4.096K.Okada A TOF neutron spectrometer for measurement of the fule ratio on ITER
P4.097A.N.Karpushov Determination of the Radial Profile of Hydrogen Isotope Composition in TCV plasma
P4.098A.Bortolon Toroidal Rotation Observation in Ohmic TCV Discharges
P4.099G.DeTemmerman Direct comparative test of single crystal and polycrystalline diagnostic mirrors exposed in TEXTOR in erosion conditions
P4.100M.Wisse Transport studies in MAST with enhanced Doppler spectrometry
P4.101A.Géraud Combined high RF power and pellet fuelling experiments in Tore Supra
P4.102S.Shimamura Compact Torus Plasma Injector in High Repetition Rate
P4.103T.Asai Initial results of helicity and flow injection on TPE-RX reversed-field pinch
P4.104K.Nagasaki Measurement of Absorption and Scattering of High Power EC Waves in Heliotron J
P4.105Y.Torii Study of poloidal flow driven by ion Bernstein waves in helical confinement device
P4.106T.Yoshinaga Spontaneous Formation of Spherical Tokamak Equilibria under Steady Vertical Magnetic Field on the LATE Device
P4.107K.Saito Long Pulse Discharge with ICRF Heating in LHD
P4.108H.Koguchi Pellet injection on TPE-RX
P4.109H. Sakakita Characteristics of High-Power-Density and Focused Neutral Beam System
P4.110A.Mück O-X-B Mode Conversion in the TCV Tokamak
P4.111K.N.Sato Development of a Precise Size-Controllable Pellet Injector for the Detailed Studies of Ablation Phenomena
P4.112A.Sykes Plasma current formation in MAST without use of central solenoid
P4.113G.Veres Ablation rate calculations with a quasi two dimensional pellet code.
P4.114Ki.MinKim Predictive Numerical Simulation of ELMy H-mode Discharges for the KSTAR Tokamak
P4.115J.M.Fontdecaba Ion Energy Influence on Confinement in TJ-II Stellarator
P4.116L.Garcia Topological instability in plasma turbulence model
P4.117A.H.Kritz Models for Predicting the Pedestal at the Edge of H-mode Tokamak Plasmas
P4.118A.H.Glasser Harmonic Grid Generation for the Tokamak Edge Region
P4.119W.W.Lee Steady State Simulation of Ion Temperature Gradient Drift Instabilities
P4.120J.J.Martinell On the Motion of Plasma Particles in the Field of a High-Power Wave Propagating Normal to the Magnetic Field
P4.121H.Smith Nonlinearly driven second harmonics of Alfvén Cascades
P4.123H.Kersten Thin film deposition on powder surfaces using atmospheric pressure discharge
P4.126P.Jelinek Effective modelling of plasma sheath based on improved non self-consistent particle simulation technique
P4.127E.Z.Gusakov Investigation of a Parametric Decay Instability in the Helicon Discharge
P4.128R.Hrach Study of plasma-solid interaction in electronegative gas mixtures at low and medium pressures
P4.130E.Martines Efficiency enhancement due to kink instability suppression in MPD plasma thrusters
P4.131M.Cercek Double layer formation in a negative ion plasma with a bi-Maxwellian electron distribution
P4.132M.D.Calzada Spectroscopic determination of the electron temperature in non-LTE argon and neon plasmas
P4.133M.D.Calzada Study of a stationary surface-wave sustained neon plasma column at atmospheric pressure
P4.134C.Yubero On the electron density calculation from computer-simulated Bamer alpha
P4.135M.D.Calzada Hydrogen production from alcohols using a surface-wave at atmospheric pressure
P4.136M.D.Calzada Analysis of alcoholic hydrocarbons in an argon surface wave sustained
P4.138C.Lupu Simulation and theory of the initial stage of floating-sheath formation
P4.139R.Schrittwieser Characterization of a modified hollow-cathode discharge plasma by optical means
P4.141A.P.Matafonov Observation of “pure” neutronless reaction 11B p in picosecond laser plasma
P4.142J.Badziak Studies on Laser-Driven Generation of Fast High-Density Plasma Blocks for Fast Ignition
P4.146E.Y.Echkina The intense laser interaction with multicluster- plasma
P4.147J.Zhang Acceleration of electrons and ions in the interaction of high-intensity lasers with dense gaseous targets
P4.148J.Zhang Hot electrons and protons generated from micro-droplet plasmas irradiated by ultrashort laser pulses
P4.149T.V.Liseykina Laser acceleration of ion bunches by circularly polarized pulses
P4.152Peano Controlled Shock Shells and Intracluster Fusion Reactions in the Coulomb Explosion of Very Large Clusters
P4.153P.Guillou Experimental Study of Fast Electron Propagation with Cone-targets
P4.156V.Pais Effective Collision Strengths for Electron-Impact Excitation of Al10
P4.157A.Mihailescu Atomic Data for Zn-like W ion As Related to the Plasma Modelling
P4.165J.Fuchs Ion acceleration using high-contrast ultra-intense lasers

Session P5 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P5.001M.Shoucri Numerical Simulation of the Collisionless Diffusion of Particles Across a Magnetic Field at a Plasma Edge
P5.002E.Dufour Carbon source from the toroidal pumped limiter during long discharge operation in Tore Supra
P5.003Y.Corre Visualisation of the deposited layer on the Toroidal Pumped Limiter of Tore Supra using IR data during disruptions
P5.004A.Escarguel Radiative emission study with the SOPHIA code in MISTRAL-B
P5.005M.Sakamoto Impact of a movable limiter on the global wall recycling in TRIAM-1M
P5.006N.Asakura ELM propagation and fluctuations in SOL and divertor on JT-60U Tokamak
P5.007T.Nakano Emission Rates of CH/CD and C2 spectral Bands for Hydrocarbon-Loss-Events
P5.008D.Nishijima High-Density Deuterium Plasma Discharge in NAGDIS-II with Double Anode Configuration
P5.009H.Masuda Optimum Generation of High Heat Flux Toroidal Plasmas by RF Ohmic Discharge
P5.010K.Yambe Effect of plasma Biasing on Suppression of Electrostatic Fluctuation in the Edge Region of STP-3 M Reversed Field Pinch
P5.012Y.R.Martin Synchronisation of ELMS within magnetic perturbation bursts in TCV
P5.013M.Wischmeier Enhanced main chamber wall interaction as an explanation for anomalous divertor detachment on TCV
P5.014S.H.Kim Comparing magnetic triggering of ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade and TCV with the DINA-CH tokamak simulator
P5.015E.Delchambre Issues related to power load studies in MAST with an infrared camera
P5.016Q.Yang Studies of Internal Magnetic Fluctuation by Runaway Transport in the HL-1M
P5.017Y.Huang Statistical Estimate of Long-Range Time Dependency in HL-1M edge Plasma
P5.018J.Brotankova Fluctuation measurements with 2D matrix of Langmuir probes on the CASTOR tokamak
P5.019J.Zajac Multifractal analysis of tokamak plasma turbulence in biasing experiments
P5.020R.Panek Anomalous impurity diffusion in an experimentally measured turbulent potential
P5.021G.Pokol Analysis of transient MHD modes of Wendelstein 7-AS by coherence techniques
P5.022M.Berta Detection of radially localized and poloidally symmetric structures in the poloidal flow of tokamak plasmas
P5.023S.Zoletnik Anomalous transport events in the core plasma of the Wendelstein 7-AS stellarator
P5.024D.López-Bruna Effects of magnetic shear on confinement in TJ-II ECRH discharges
P5.025E.Calderón Direct evidence of coupling between density tails and turbulent transport in the scrape-off layer region in the TJ-II stellarator
P5.026F.Medina Spatial distribution of lost ripple-trapped suprathermal electrons
P5.027J.A.Alonso High-speed turbulence imaging and wavelet-based analysis in TJ-II edge plasmas
P5.028L.Krupnik Electron internal transport barriers rationals and fluctuations in the stellarator TJ-II
P5.029m.A.Ochando effect of suprathermal electrons on impurity ionization state
P5.030M.A.Pedrosa Experimental investigation of ExB sheared flow development in the TJ-II stellarator
P5.031R.O.Orozco Influence of ExB sheared velocities in the statistical properties of fluctuations in the plasma boundary of the TJ-II stellarator
P5.032V.I.Vargas Local transport in density and rotational transform scans in TJ-II ECRH discharges
P5.033E.Anabitarte Dynamical coupling between parallel flows and radial turbulent transport in a linear plasma machine
P5.034J.A.Mier Perturbative studies in DTEM subcritical turbulence for plasma confinement
P5.035J.M.Delgado Effect of poloidal flow on fluctuations
P5.036J.Dies Theoretical transport analysis in TJ-II scenarios with enhanced heat confinement
P5.037J.Garcia Internal transport barrier simulation in LHD
P5.038T.C.Luce Search for Threshold Behavior in DIII-D Electron Heat Transport
P5.039AndreiN.Simakov Heat and momentum transport in arbitrary mean-free path plasma with a Maxwellian lowest order distribution function
P5.041S.M.Kaye Testing Gyrokinetics on C-Mod and NSTX
P5.042S.M.Kaye Confinement Scaling and Transport Properties in NSTX Plasmas
P5.043W.M.Solomon Neoclassical Poloidal Rotation Studies in High Temperature Plasmas
P5.044P.J.Catto Neoclassical Radial Electric Field and Flows in a Collisional Tokamak
P5.046C.Holland Studies of Density Fluctuation Dynamics in L-H Transitions and Pedestal Formation in DIII-D Using Beam Emission Spectroscopy
P5.048S. Gangadhara Spatially resolved ion heating measurements during a sawtooth crash on the Madison Symmetric Torus
P5.049Y.Q.Liu Analysis of RWM with a 3D Model of Conducting Structures
P5.050D.Bonfiglio MHD dynamo and charge separation in Reversed Field Pinch plasmas
P5.051P.Zanca First results on the analysis of magnetic fluctuations in toroidal geometry and comparison with numerical simulations for the RFX-mod reversed field pinch
P5.052P.Piovesan Imaging of magnetic chaos reduction and coherent structures
P5.053L.Marrelli Transport properties and magnetic fluctuations in RFX-mod
P5.054S.Martini First results on Reversed Field Pinch plasmas with new magnetic boundary in the RFX-mod experiment
P5.055P.Buratti Inter-Machine Scaling of Alfvén-like Modes Excited by Magnetic Islands in FTU and TEXTOR
P5.056E.J.Strait Resistive Wall Mode Stability in High Beta Plasmas in DIII-D and JET
P5.057D.Testa Measurement of the Instability Threshold for Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes in JET Tokamak Plasmas
P5.058M.K.Zedda Novelty Detection for On-Line Disruption Prediction Systems
P5.059C.J.Boswell Observation and Explanation of the JET n 0 Chirping Mode
P5.060R.J.Buttery Interplay of Error Field and Neoclassical Tearing Mode drives and rotation for the 2/1 mode on JET and DIII-D
P5.061A.V.Burdakov Stable operation regimes in the multi-mirror trap GOL-3
P5.062V.V.Postupaev Features of MHD activity in beam-heated plasma in multimirror trap GOL-3
P5.063S.Yu.Medvedev New Adaptive Grid Plasma Evolution Code SPIDER
P5.064S.Yu.Medvedev Magnetic ELM Triggering and Edge Stability of Tokamak
P5.065A.A.Martynov Reversed Current Density in Tokamaks - Equilibrium and Stability Issues
P5.066I.S.BelBas Investigation of internal transport barrier in OH mode with sawtooth oscillation and in discharges where sawtooth are suppressed by off-axis ECRH.
P5.067Yu.V.Gott Experimental Studies of the Ion Plasma Component Behavior during Disruptive Instability in Tokamaks
P5.068N.V.Ivanov Irregularity of the Magnetic Island Rotation under External Helical Magnetic Perturbation in T-10 Tokamak
P5.069V.D.Pustovitov Analysis of RWM feedback systems with internal coils
P5.070V.I.Ilgisonis Sufficient stability condition for axisymmetric equilibrium of flowing plasma
P5.071L.G.Askinazi Plasma potential structure nearby the magnetic island in the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P5.072G.Granucci Mitigation of disruption-generated runaways by means of ECRH
P5.073E.Joffrin Steady state and stationary long pulse operation in JET
P5.074L.Laborde A multiple-time-scale approach to the control of ITBs on JET
P5.075Y.Andrew H-mode Access in the low density regime on JET
P5.076V.K.Gusev Comparison of High Density Discharges Heated Ohmically and with NBI in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P5.077P.A.Bagryansky The SHIP experiment at GDT First experimental results
P5.078V.E.Zhogolev Simulation of burning ITER plasma in multi-variable kinetic control system
P5.080R.R.Khayrutdinov Linearization of ITER plasma equilibrium model on DINA code
P5.081C.Ionita Direct Measurements of the Electron Temperature by a Ball-pen/Langmuir probe
P5.082R.Schrittwieser New results on a laser heated emissive probe for direct measurements of the plasma potential
P5.084L.Giannone A prototype radiation hard resistive bolometer for ITER
P5.085M.Garcia-Munoz Fast Ion Loss Diagnostic in ASDEX Upgrade
P5.086S.Brezinsek Use of a High Resolution Overview Spectrometer for the Visible Range in the Boundary Plasma of TEXTOR
P5.087J.Svensson Bayesian Modelling of Spectrometer Systems
P5.088D.Hildebrandt Thermal Surface Properties of CFC-NB31
P5.089L.Fattorini High spatilal and temporal resolution FM-CW reflectometry to study pellet triggered ELMs at ASDEX Upgrade
P5.090I.Nunes Spatial Asymmetries in ELM induced pedestal collapse in ASDEX Upgrade H-modes
P5.091A.C.A.Figueiredo A tool for the parallel calculation and ready visualization of the Choi-Williams distribution application to fusion plasma signals
P5.092T.I.Madeira First results obtained with the real-time PHA diagnostic in the tokamak TCV
P5.095T.Hellsten On the parasitic absorption in FWCD experiments in JET ITB plasmas
P5.097M.Taguchi Radial diffusion equation for rf-driven current density in tokamaks
P5.098K.Hamamatsu Monte-Carlo simulation of electron cyclotron current drive in NTM magnetic islands
P5.099H.Ohwaki Modeling of Plasma Current Decay during the Disruption
P5.101D.Applegate Micro-tearing Modes in MAST
P5.102G.P.Maddison Analytic approximations of divertor behaviour and application to MAST
P5.103A.Surkov Parametric decay instability accompanying electron Bernstein wave heating in MAST
P5.104V.V.Dyachenko Spesific feature of ICR heating on the spherical tokamak Globus-M ai high concentration of light ion component
P5.106A.V.Brantov Relaxation of a temperature perturbation in collisional plasmas
P5.108A.Sangam Magnetic Field Generation in Pasmas due to Anisotropic Laser Heating
P5.116S.Hamaguchi Plasma discharge in supercritical fluids
P5.117M.A.Erukhimova Stimulated emission without inversion in ensembles of classical electrons
P5.118N.Ezumi Electron Temperature Control in a Hot Cathode Arc Discharge Plasma
P5.119M.Shafiq Wake potential of a test charge using stationary phase method
P5.120R.Ellis Supersonic Rotation Exceeding the Alfven Ionization Limit in the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment
P5.123R.Florido Analytical potential for determining atomic properties of ions in plasmas for a wide range of plasma coupling parameters. An application to calculate total photoionization cross section.
P5.124R.Florido Using sparse matrices techniques and iterative solvers in the calculation of level populations for NLTE plasmas
P5.127R.Florido Calculation of the radiative opacity of laser-produced plasmas using a relativistic-screened hydrogenic model for ions including plasma effects
P5.128K.N.Sato Development of a New Non-Diaphragm Type Shock Tube for High Density Plasmas
P5.129N.Kontogiannopoulos X and XUV time resolved emission of laser created hot Xe and Kr plasmas