Preface to the CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains the four-page abstracts of contributed papers presented at the 30th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics held on July 7–11, 2003 in St Petersburg, Russia. As in previous years, PDF (Portable Document Format) has been chosen as the document format for its portability and the availability of a number of free PDF viewer applications on a wide range of computer platforms.

This conference is the fifth of this series to use the ELISE software package for submission of the four-page abstracts of contributed papers and the third to use ELISE also for the initial one-page abstract submission. The aim is to provide an efficient tool for electronic submission of the contributions in a standardised form and permit rapid publication of the contributions after the conference. The organisers would like to thank all the participants for providing their contributions in a format that simplifies automated electronic processing.

The Programme Committee had accepted 835 contributions, including 92 for oral presentations. By the end of the conference, 740 four-page abstracts (including 76 abstracts of oral presentations) were collected and confirmed in the ELISE. These papers are distributed on the CD-ROM, which constitutes the Proceedings of the 30th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics, 2003.

Only a few contributions had to be excluded, because they were not actually presented at the conference or the authors did not provide a suitable four-page paper in time.

About the CD-ROM

In compiling the CD-ROM, a header and page number, specific to each document, were added to all papers. In general, papers at this conference should be referenced in the following way: Europhysics Conference Abstracts, Vol. 27A, A-N.NNN, where A-N represents the session number (e.g., P-1, O-3, etc.) and NNN stands for the contribution number as given by the Programme Committee. Abstracts indicated by first character "O" (O-1, O-2...) were presented orally, whereas abstracts indicated by "P" (P-1, P-2...) were presented as posters.

The information on the CD can be searched in the following ways:

  1. Using the HTML format: open the file start.html in the root CD-ROM directory and the following links;
  2. Using the PDF version: open the file PDFS/START.PDF with a Acrobat Reader. The papers can also be accessed directly in the PDFS directory of the CD-ROM.

Although a considerable effort has been made to ensure that the papers can be viewed and printed with as many PDF viewers as possible, several specific viewer versions may fail to show or print some of the documents correctly.

If such problems are experienced, it is recommended to update the software used to the latest available version. In particular, if Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or 5.0 series is employed, an upgrade to 4.05 or 5.05 version is advised.

If the document is shown correctly on a screen by Acrobat Reader and/or Ghostscript, but cannot be printed properly, it is recommended to use pre-rasterization. On Windows, "Print as image" (or alike) checkbox is to be checked in the print dialogue. On Unix, it is advisable to try one of ghostscript's non-ps drivers (raster, PCL) best matching the printer employed (e.g, ljet3/lj5gray/lj5mono etc.).

The PDF documents themselves have navigation buttons at the top of the pages to facilitate reading the whole proceedings from within a PDF reader. These buttons do not appear when the documents are printed.

The link Contents on the CD-ROM Start page sorts the Conference Proceedings by session or by topic. The link Author index sorts the contributions according to the authors' names with the responsible author in bold. These documents include a complete set of "hyper-links" to allow users to pass directly to the chosen document. Using the Back button, either in the web browser (for the html version) or in the Acrobat Reader (for the PDF version) makes it simple to return to the sorted lists.

We wish to thank Basil Duval from CRPP, Lausanne, for his help and valuable input in the EPS software preparation.

Nikita Vsesvetskii and Nikolay Zhubr
St Petersburg, September 2003