36thEPS Conference on Plasma Physics, June 29 - July 3, 2009
Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 33E (2009)

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Session O2 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O2.001M.Lehnen First experiments on massive gas injection at JET - consequences for disruption mitigation in JET and ITER
O2.002C.Reux Experimental study of gas jet dynamics during disruption mitigation using massive noble gases injections on Tore Supra
O2.003G.Spizzo Investigation on the relation between edge electric radial field asymmetries in RFX-mod and Greenwald limit
O2.004G.Tardini Confinement enhancement in ASDEX Upgrade improved H-mode discharges with nitrogen seeding
O2.005A.Bottino Global nonlinear particle-in-cell gyrokinetic simulations in tokamak geometry
O2.006F.Brochard A first comparison between probes, fast imaging, and reflectometry synchronous measurements of edge turbulence in Tore Supra
O2.007P.Buratti MHD stability limit analysis in JET high beta_N advanced scenarios
O2.008K.J.McCollam Current-Profile Control and Sustainment in the MST Reversed-Field Pinch
O2.017J.Munyoz Gas temperature Determination in Atmospheric Pressure Surface Wave Discharges from Atomic Line Broadening
O2.018F.Imbeaux Real-time control of stationary states of the current profile on the Tore Supra tokamak
O2.019Y.Sun Toroidal rotation braking with low n external perturbation field on JET
O2.020E.R.Solano High Temperature Pedestals in JET and confined current filaments

Session O3 (Oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O3.023E.Tatarova Balmer Line Broadening in Microwave Plasmas
O3.025I.Zhelyazkov Parallel Propagation of Hall Magnetohydrodynamic Waves and their Stability in Flowing Solar Plasmas
O3.026N.Leprovost Dynamo effect with shear flow in helical MHD turbulence

Session O4 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O4.028F.Villone RWM analysis with 3D conductors, plasma flow and kinetic damping
O4.029M.Turnyanskiy Off axis NBCD experiment on MAST
O4.034T.Lunt Laser-induced fluorescence measurements in the electrostatic sheath of a high density argon plasma
O4.035C.Mézel Toward a new nanoLIFT transfer process
O4.036V.Guerra Self-consistent kinetic modeling of Ar-O2 discharges
O4.037E. Kim Intermittency in self-organised shear flows
O4.038M.Gilmore Chaos, Intermittency, and Sheared Flow Dynamics Under Biasing and Boundary Condition Changes in a Magnetized Laboratory Plasma
O4.039E.L.L.Cabral Effective Short Range Coulomb Interaction in Ion Dynamics
O4.040A.Casati Turbulence in Tore Supra plasmas measurements and validation of nonlinear simulations
O4.041I.Holod Nondiffusive Electron Transport in Multi-Scale Turbulence
O4.042E.Z.Gusakov Evolution of the ETG mode turbulence frequency and wave number spectra in dynamic experiments at FT-2 tokamak
O4.043M. Djebli On the charge fluctuation effects in dusty plasma expansion
O4.046S.Lisgo Super-X Advanced Divertor Design for MAST Upgrade
O4.047H.P.Laqua Electron Bernstein Wave Experiments at the WEGA Stellarator
O4.048M.-L.Mayoral ICRF heating the JET experience and prospect for ITER
O4.049A.B.Kukushkin Magnetic Dynamo and a Trend Towards Fractality in a Random Ensemble of Magnetized Electroconductive Nanodust
O4.050M.Bacharis DTOKS Tungsten and Beryllium Dust in ITER
O4.051M.Rubel Dust Particles inControlled Fusion Devices Generation Mechanism and Analysis
O4.052R.Kompaneets Design of new binary interaction classes in complex plasmas
O4.053E.A.Lisin Determination of Pair Interaction Potential for Particles in Non-ideal Dissipative Systems
O4.055V.N.Tsytovich Advantages of Spherical Dust Structure Experiments According to the Results of Detailed Theory of Dust Structure Equilibrium and Stability

Session O5 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O5.055H.Urano Pedestal characteristics of ELMy H-mode plasmas in JT-60U
O5.056R.Dux Flushing and Erosion of Tungsten during Edge Localised Modes
O5.057J.Hobirk Improved Confinement in JET Hybrid Discharges
O5.059T.Vinci Numerical and experimental study of isentropic compression by laser irradiation
O5.060J.G.Kirk Prolific pair production with next generation lasers
O5.061A.M.Garofalo Plasma Rotation Driven by Static Nonresonant Magnetic Fields
O5.062Y.Liang Overview of ELM control by low n magnetic perturbations on JET
O5.063S.C.Guo Cylindrical Model of RWM in RFP Plasmas and Application on RFX-mod
O5.064Ts.Paunska Self-consistent Model of an Inductively Driven Plasma Source of Negative Hydrogen Ions
O5.065J.Kopecki Investigations of a novel plasma torch at 915 MHz
O5.066A.V.Ivchenko Comparative Studies of Cylinder 8217 s Aerodynamic Features Depending on Propagation Direction for the Non-Arching Surface Discharge in Subsonic Flow
O5.067C.Theiler Study of filament motion and their active control
O5.069M.G.Levashova Quasi-Classical Theory of the RadiativeCollisional Cascade in Rydberg Atoms

Session P1 (Poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P1.003G.Bonnaud Modelling and interpretation of experimental observations of ions accelerated by a high intensity laser pulse illuminating a solid target
P1.004S.Borodziuk Indirect two-step method of acceleration, applied to metallicfoils of different thickness
P1.006O.Klimo Acceleration of ions from ultrathin foils driven by short intense high-contrast laser pulses
P1.008J.Psikal Enhanced laser proton acceleration in mass-limited targets
P1.009V.T.Tikhonchuk Relativistic laser piston model ponderomotive ion acceleration in dense plasmas using ultra-intense laser pulses
P1.011X.Q.Yan Self-organizing GeV, nano-Coulomb, collimated proton beam from laser foil interaction at 7 × 10 21 W/cm 2
P1.015I.V.Timofeev Direct Computation of the Growth Rate for the Instability of a Warm Relativistic Electron Beam in a Cold Magnetized Plasma
P1.021I.Arka Pair Production and Cascading in Counterpropagating Laser Beams
P1.022M.Shoucri Harmonics Generation in the Reflection of a Linearly Polarized Laser Beam Normally Incident on an Overdense Plasma
P1.070H.Kersten Energy influx measurements in HiPIMS plasmas
P1.071H.Kersten Modification of polyethylene powder with an organic precursor
P1.072B.Rubinstein Ion velocity distribution in a low resistivity plasma traversed by a pulsed magnetic field
P1.074L.Liard Transport in low-temperature magnetized plasma with significant ionization rate
P1.076N.Tsuda Electron density and electron temperature of laser-induced plasma in liquid
P1.078K.Kovarik Investigation of Impact of Neutron Irradiation on Properties of InSb-based Hall Plates
P1.082S.Kitova The Effect of RF Plasma Treatment on the Surface Activation of Polycarbonate Substrate
P1.083A.D.R.Phelps A 200 GHz Millimetre-Wave Source Driven by a Small Diameter Pseudospark Electron Beam
P1.084F.Albajar Modelling of Electron Cyclotron Radiative Transport in Fusion Plasmas The new Code RAYTEC Approach and Applications
P1.086I.Lupelli Characterization of Divertor influence in case of LOVA CFD analysis of STARDUST experimental facility
P1.087T.Bogdanov Theoretical Study of Electromagnetic Wave Modes Sustaining the Coaxial Discharge
P1.088F.Castejón Comparison between 2D and 3D Transport in ITER using a Citizen Supercomputer
P1.089R.A.Cairns Cyclotron maser radiation from inhomogeneous plasmas
P1.090R.W.Harvey Comparing Direct and QL Calculation of ICRF Diffusion Coefficients
P1.093M.Bacharis A Novel Approach for Dust Charging in RF Discharges
P1.098M.C.deJuli The dielectric tensor for a magnetized dusty plasma - A new formulation
P1.099S.-H.Hong Analyses of Size Distribution and Chemical Composition of In-Vessel Dusts and Metal Droplets in KSTAR after the 1st Campaign
P1.102X.G.Koss Thermodynamic properties of twodimensional systems with isotropic pair interaction potentials
P1.104C.T.N.Willis The effect of particle size on the floating potential of dust in a collisionless plasma.
P1.123A.J.De-Gol Plasma response to a forced oscillation in a 1D modified Vlasov system
P1.124D.DeLazzari On the Merits of Heating and Current Drive for Tearing Modes Stabilization
P1.125E.Lazzaro Rotation and Stability of Magnetic Islands in Neoclassical Viscous Regimes
P1.126K.Imada The Effect of Collision Frequency on Neoclassical Polarisation Current
P1.127D.Leblond Simulations of long time behaviour of internal kink modes with the XTOR code.
P1.130S.Yu.Medvedev Tokamak Plasma Equilibria and Axisymmetric Stability with a Zero Total Toroidal Current
P1.131C.Wahlberg Radial structure of the two magnetohydrodynamic GAMs existing in toroidally rotating tokamak plasmas
P1.132C.Wiegmann 3D MHD Equilibrium Calculations for Tokamaks with the HINT2 Code
P1.133I.Chavdarovski Effects of trapped particle dynamics on the structures of low-frequency shear Alfvén continuous spectrum
P1.134R.A.Cairns Lower hybrid radiation pattern from ray tracing
P1.135M.F.Heyn Modelling of wave mode conversion in fusion plasmas by the resonant layer method
P1.136M.Romé Current Drive Calculations Benchmarking Momentum Correction and Field-Line Integration Techniques
P1.138W.Bin O-X Mode Conversion Evaluations in FTU Tokamak for the Design of a New Launching System
P1.139G.Granucci ECRH assisted start-up studies and experiments on FTU
P1.140J.Adamek ELM studies with ball-pen and Langmuir probes on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.141A.G.Elfimov Rotation effect on geodesic ion Alfven modes in hot tokamak plasmas
P1.143A.Herrmann Change from low to high divertor load and edge profiles in H-mode discharges in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.144N.K.Hicks Localization of NTMs and Alfvén Eigenmodes in ECE Measurements on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.145H.Höhnle Investigation of the O2- and X3-mode heating in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.146V.Igochine Structure of incomplete sawtooth crashes in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.147J.C.Fuchs Radiation Distribution During Impurity Seeding Experiments in the Full Tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
P1.148S.Jämsä Benchmarking The Fully 3D ASCOT-Code against Experimental NPA Data from ASDEX Upgrade
P1.149A.Kallenbach Divertor power load feedback with nitrogen seeding in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.150E.Kaveeva Modeling of Inner-Outer SOL Asymmetry for ASDEX-Upgrade
P1.151G.Kocsis Pellet cloud distribution and dynamics for different plasma scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade and JET
P1.152C.Konz Comparative Linear MHD Stability Analysis for ASDEX Upgrade and DIII-D Power Scan Studies
P1.153B.Kurzan Scale lengths of inter-ELM fluctuations in the pedestal of ASDEX Upgrade
P1.154T.Lunt Implementation and Application of EMC3-EIRENE at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.155F.Meo Fast ion distribution results of NBI heated plasmas on ASDEX Upgrade using the Collective Thomson Scattering CTS diagnostic
P1.156H.W.Müller SOL and divertor investigations in Nitrogen seeded discharges
P1.157G.Papp Analysis of sawtooth precursor activity in ASDEX Upgrade using bandpower correlation method
P1.158T.Pütterich Impurity Transport within an ELM-cycle at the Edge Transport Barrier in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.159R.Fischer Multiple diagnostic data analysis of density and temperature profiles in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.160M.Reich Real-time current profile measurements for NTM control
P1.161B.Reiter Application of AXUV-Diodes For Broad-Band Plasma Radiation Studies in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.162A.Scarabosio ELM characteristics in ASDEX Upgrade helium discharges
P1.163M.Stejner Comparison of Collective Thomson Scattering Diagnostic Results to TRANSP Simulations on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.164J.Stober Improved H-mode operation in fully W-coated ASDEX Upgrade -- new demands for Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating --
P1.165W.Suttrop Physical description of external circuitry for Resistive Wall Mode control in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.166N.Vianello Local electromagnetic characterization of type I ELMS on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.167C.Maszl Simultaneous measurements of fluctuations with cold and emissive probes in ISTTOK
P1.168C.Silva Characterization of geodesic acoustic modes in the ISTTOK edge plasma
P1.169C.Hidalgo Radial and Parallel Transport Fast Camera Observation on LHD SOL Region
P1.170M.Koubiti Spectroscopic diagnostics of the ablation clouds of injected pellets in LHD
P1.171I.V.Miroshnikov Pellet Cloud Investigation via Imaging Spectroscopy in LHD
P1.175P.J.Fimognari Heavy Ion Beam Probe Measurements in the Interior of Improved Confinement MST Reversed Field Pinch Plasmas
P1.177V.D. Pustovitov Resonant field amplification in tokamaks and reversed field pinches experimental results and a linear model
P1.179A.B.Kukushkin Modeling of X-ray Diffraction by Carbon Nanotubes and Interpretation of Diffractometry of the Films Deposited in Tokamak T-10
P1.180S.A.Bozhenkov Efficiency of massive gas injection for increase of plasma density in TEXTOR experiments on disruption mitigation.
P1.181J.W.Coenen The Relation between Global Confinement and the Shear of the Radial Electric Field with RMP at the Tokamak TEXTOR
P1.182D.Dunai Turbulence properties of the edge plasma at TEXTOR measured by Beam Emission Spectroscopy
P1.183M.Hoelzl Simulation of Heat Transport across Magnetic Islands in TEXTOR
P1.184M.Yu.Kantor Thomson scattering diagnostic for study fast events in the TEXTOR plasma
P1.185S.B.Korsholm Recent results of the collective Thomson scattering diagnostic at TEXTOR
P1.186D.Moseev Confinement of Fast Ions During Applied Resonant Magnetic Perturbations in TEXTOR Using Collective Thomson Scattering Diagnostic
P1.187G.Petravich Light profile measurement on the 35keV Liithium beam on TEXTOR
P1.188B.Schweer First wall surface characterisation with laser based methods
P1.189G.VanWassenhove Impact of Faraday screen on ICRF antenna properties during experiments in different heating scenarios on TEXTOR
P1.191Y.Xu Investigation of long-distance toroidal correlation of edge turbulence at TEXTOR
P1.192S.Zoletnik Poloidal flow velocity measurement at the edge of the TEXTOR tokamak using quasi-twodimensional Lithium Beam Emission Spectroscopy

Session P2 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P2.023E.M.Apfelbaum The Transport Coefficients Of Noble Gases And The Ionization By Pressure
P2.025A.G.Lynn Magnetic Bubble Expansion as an Experimental Model for Extra-Galactic Radio Lobes
P2.027Hui-Chun. Wu Terahertz Radiation from a Laser Plasma Filament
P2.031M.Kubkowska Spectroscopic Investigation of Time Evolution of Laser-Produced Tungsten Plasma
P2.032M.A.Mendoza Opacity Calculations of Medium and High Z Dense Plasmas for ICF
P2.033J.G.Rubiano Analytical Expressions for Radiative Properties of Low Z Plasmas
P2.034E.Galtier Radiation emission of autoionising hole states of Al induced by XUV free electron laser radiation with FLASH at DESY
P2.038T.Johzaki Integrated Simulations of Core Heating in FIREX-I
P2.039H.Sakagami Optimum Density and Thickness of Low-Density Foam Coating on Cone Tip for FIREX-I
P2.040Y.Oishi X-ray Generation by Irradiation of High Intensity Laser Light on Thin Film Target for Non-destructive Diagnosis
P2.043C.Regan Fast model for charged particles transport in ICF targets
P2.044A.Kasperczuk Influence of target material on structure of partly defocused laser beam produced plasma outflow
P2.103I.Soural The Importance of Discharge Current in the Formation of the Pink Afterglow of a Nitrogen DC Discharge
P2.104T.Trottenberg Measurement of the Force on Microparticles in an Energetic Ion Beam
P2.105E.Havlickova Two computational approaches for two-dimensional modelling of plasma-solid interaction
P2.107L.Giuffrida Ion implantation from post-acceleration laser-generated plasma
P2.108L.Giuffrida Laser ablation mass spectrometry LAMS technique for isotopic ratio
P2.110A.Essiptchouk Characterization of Plasma Torch with Reverse Vortex
P2.111E.Felizardo Microwave Air-Water Plasma Torch Experiment and Theory
P2.112J.Henriques Hot Hydrogen Atoms in a Microwave Ar N2 H2 Wave Driven Plasma Torch
P2.113Zh.Kiss'ovski Low Power Microwave Plasma Source at Atmospheric Pressure
P2.114J.M.Palomares Polydiagnostic Study on a Surfatron Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure
P2.115M.Pencheva Surface Wave Characteristics and 2D Electromagnetic Field Distribution in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Column
P2.117E.Iordanova Thomson Scattering at Low Pressure Surfatron Induced Ar Plasma Axial Profiles of ne and Te Determined
P2.118S.Kimiagar Fractal properties of plasma discharg current fluctuation
P2.119J.Kovacic A comparison method between a fluid model solutions and PIC computer simulations
P2.120Ts.Tsankov 2D Model of an Inductively Coupled Hydrogen Discharge
P2.121J.Rasch Microwave Corona Breakdown in Strongly Inhomogeneous Fields
P2.125E.Kostov Determination of the Degree of Dissociation of Hydrogen Discharges in a Tandem-type Plasma Source
P2.126F.Krcma Pressure dependence of the DC nitrogen pink afterglow
P2.127T.Lefevre Radiative properties of neutral Helium plasma
P2.131O.S.Stoican Study of the Plasma RF Impedance Variations Using an Amplitude Modulated RF Source
P2.132E.P.Atanassov Determination of Thermal Conductivities and Gas Temperature Distribution for Gas Discharges in Ne and He Mixtures with Hydrogen, Copper and Bromine
P2.133V. Yordanov Study of the breakdown in a Plasma Focus like device
P2.137Y.Klenko PE-CVD ADBD Created TiO2 Thin Films
P2.138F.Felici Self-consistent simulation of tearing modes during ECCD experiments on TCV
P2.139S.Gnesin Synergy of 2nd and 3rd harmonic electron cyclotron absorption mediated by suprathermal electrons in the TCV tokamak
P2.140A.N.Karpushov Feasibility Studies of the Neutral Beam Heating System for the TCV Tokamak
P2.141F.Piras Snowflake Divertor Plasmas on TCV
P2.142J.Rossel A saddle coil system for TCV and RMP spectrum optimisation
P2.143S.Yu.Medvedev Stability of Snowflake Diverted and Negative Triangularity Plasmas in the TCV Tokamak
P2.145G. Bonheure In-situ cross calibration method for alpha particle loss diagnostics at JET
P2.146A.Czarnecka Determination of Ni impurity density on JET by VUV emission spectroscopy
P2.147R.DeAngelis Current profile measurements in JET advanced tokamak scenarios
P2.148D.Dodt Electron Density Profiles from the Probabilistic Analysis of the Lithium Beam at JET
P2.149T.Dreischuh Statistical modeling of the error in the determination of the electron temperature in JET by a novel Thomson scattering LIDAR approach
P2.150O.P.Ford Bayesian Combined Analysis of JET LIDAR, Edge LIDAR and Interferometry Diagnostics
P2.151M.GatuJohnson Cross-validation of JET fast deuterium results from TOFOR and NPA
P2.152S.Jednorog Numerical optimization of activation samples for the application of the activation technique to measure neutrons in large fusion devices like JET and ITER
P2.153U.Kruezi Massive gas injection experiments at JET performance and characterisation of the disruption mitigation valve
P2.154J.Mlynar Experimental studies of spatial characteristics of tritium transport on JET
P2.155D.Stoyanov Deconvolution of JET CORE LIDAR data and Pedestal Detection in Retrieved Electron Temperature and Density Profiles
P2.156J.Bernardo Highly spatially resolved measurements of JET edge toroidal rotation in Type-I ELMy H-mode plasmas
P2.157S.Devaux Type-I ELM filamentary heat load patterns on the divertor target in JET
P2.158A.Huber Impact of large type I ELMs on plasma radiation in JET
P2.159S.Jachmich Comparison of power deposition profiles during ELMs using Langmuir probes and Infra-Red Camera diagnostic at JET
P2.160K.McCormick Impurity-seeding experiments on JET in preparation for the ITER-like wall
P2.161K.McCormick Coupling between JET Pedestal ne-Te and Outer Target Plate Recycling Consequences for JET ITER-Like-Wall Operation
P2.162G.Saibene Divertor power handling assessment for baseline scenario operation in JET in preparation for the ILW
P2.163G.Telesca Progress in COREDIV modeling of impurity seeded JET discharges
P2.164H.Thomsen Comparison of divertor power loads with and without TF ripple in JET
P2.165P.Belo Effect of the initial ELM on impurity transport in hot ion H mode plasma
P2.166K.Crombe Influence of rotational shear on triggering and sustainment of internal transport barriers on JET
P2.167A.C.A.Figueiredo Measurement and qualitative interpretation of the radial scale of turbulence in JET plasmas
P2.168M.F.F.Nave The influence of magnetic field ripple on JET Intrinsic Rotation
P2.169L. Carraro Radio-frequency power injection and impurity profile control in JET
P2.170T.W.Versloot Effect of ELMs on rotation and momentum confinement in H-mode discharges at JET
P2.171Yong-SuNa Time-dependent Simulations of Hybrid Operation Modes Including Neoclassical Tearing Mode Activities in KSTAR
P2.172J-W.Ahn High speed infrared camera diagnostic for heat flux measurement in NSTX
P2.173L.Delgado-Aparicio Multi-energy SXR characterization of stabilized resistive wall modes in NSTX
P2.174E.D.Fredrickson Modeling Fast Ion Transport in TAE Avalanches in NSTX
P2.175M.G.Bell Modification of edge plasma profiles in ELM-suppressed discharges with lithium coatings in NSTX
P2.176B.A.Nelson Coaxial Helicity Injection Non-inductive Startup on NSTX
P2.177M.Podesta Fast ion transport by toroidicity-induced Alfven eigenmodes on NSTX
P2.179M.Agostini Plasma edge properties in different magnetic topologies in the RFX-mod device
P2.180M.Baruzzo Resistive Wall Mode Spectra and Couplings in RFX-mod
P2.181A.Fassina Electron pressure gradient analysis during QSH and SHAx states in RFX-mod
P2.182R.Lorenzini The Last Closed Flux Surface at shallow F in RFX-mod
P2.183G.Marchiori Model-based Full Simulator of RWMs Control System in RFX-Mod
P2.184S.Menmuir Impurity transport studies in multiple helicity and enhanced confinement QSH regimes in RFX-mod
P2.185L.Piron Model-based design of multi-mode feedback control
P2.186M.Spolaore Parallel and perpendicular flow measurements in the edge region of RFX-mod
P2.187N.Vianello Current filament structures in the edge region of the RFX-mod device
P2.188L.Zanotto Optimisation of the RFX-MOD Performance at High Current
P2.195C.DiTroia Collective behaviors of fast ions accelerated by Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating
P2.196E.Lazzaro Self-consistent Determination of Magnetic Islands Frequency in v and 1/v Neoclassical Viscous Regimes
P2.197V.P.Pavlenko Dynamics of Nonlinearly Interacting Magnetic Electron Drift Vortex Modes in a Nonuniform Plasma
P2.198P.L.Garcia-Martinez Non-linear Dynamics of the Kink Instability in Spheromak Configurations with Open Flux
P2.199F.D.Halpern Multi-mode modeling of toroidal momentum confinement in tokamaks
P2.200A.H.Kritz PTRANSP Predictive Integrated Tokamak Modeling
P2.201H.QuH.R.Wilson PIC Simulation of the Neoclassical Tearing Mode Threshold
P2.202S.G.Lee Experimental results from the first plasma operation and upgrade activities for KSTAR magnetic diagnostics
P2.203S.G.Lee Current research and installation activities of X-ray imaging crystal spectrometer for KSTAR
P2.204J.G.Bak Fast reciprocating Langmuir probe assembly for the initial spatial profile measurement of edge plasma parameters in the KSTAR machine

Session P4 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P4.046D.Bennaceur-Doumaz Modeling of laser induced plasma expansion in the presence of non-Maxwellian electrons
P4.048T.Gyergyek Floating Potential of a Collector in a Plasma with two Species of Positive Ions and two Electron Populations with Different Temperatures
P4.049V.I.Demidov Controlling wall potential with small amount of energetic electrons
P4.050M.Djebli Relativistic plasma expansion in the presence of a magnetic field
P4.051M.Romé Wavelet Analysis of 2D Turbulence in a Non-neutral Plasma
P4.052F.Cavaliere Experimental Investigation of the Ion Induced l 2 Diocotron Instability in an Electron Plasma
P4.053F.Cavaliere Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics of Low Energy Electron Bunches in a Malmberg-Penning Trap
P4.054M.C.deJuli The Propagation and Absorption of Oblique Alfvén Waves in a Dusty Plasma
P4.056E.Kawamori Development of Magnetized Plasma Device Using Thermionic- Thermoelectronic Plasma Emitter
P4.058R.Kompaneets Ion plasma waves in a weakly ionized plasma with ion flow
P4.059F.Krcma On degradation mechanisms of organic dye molecule in DC diaphragm discharge in water solutions
P4.060M.-J.Lee Non-thermal effects on the dust ion-acoustic surface waves in a semi-bounded complex plasma containing positive dust particles
P4.061N.Leprovost Non-diffusive momentum transport in sheared rotating turbulence
P4.103A.Gupta A model for particle and energy losses by type I ELMs
P4.104J. Seebacher Kinetic Modelling of Carbon Migration in Scrape-Off Layer Plasmas and Comparison with Experimental Data
P4.105M.Shoucri The Formation of a Charge Separation and an Electric Field at a Steep Plasma Edge
P4.107J. Anderson Statistical theory of intermittency in a multi-scale model of MHD and micro-turbulence
P4.108S.Braun Collisional zonal-flow damping in an impure tokamak plasma
P4.109K.G.McClements Test-particle simulations of impurity transport in tokamak plasmas
P4.112T.Fukuda Impact of Local Magnetic Shear and Te/Ti ratio on Confinement Properties in Toroidal Confinement Systems
P4.113N.Guertler Derivation of a Reynolds stress response functional for zonal flows from numerical simulations
P4.115W.Guttenfelder Gyrokinetic simulations of electron scale turbulence in spherical tokamak plasmas with flow shear
P4.116H.Isliker Test-Particle Simulations of Ion Drift in Stochastic Magnetic Fields
P4.117Th.Pisokas A Self-Organized Criticality Model for Ion Temperature Gradient Mode Driven Turbulence
P4.118R.Hager Radial propagation of geodesic acoustic modes
P4.119K.Hallatschek Dependence of turbulent transport on GAMs
P4.120J.M.Dewhurst The effects of non-uniform magnetic field strength on test particle transport in drift wave turbulence
P4.121J.M.Dewhurst Finite Larmor radius effects on test particle transport in drift wave-zonal flow turbulence
P4.122S.Janhunen Transport analyses of the Cyclone base case on ELMFIRE
P4.123A.Kammel Stationary transport states with zonal flows in self-consistent 3-D drift wave turbulence simulations
P4.125X.Lapillonne Gyrokinetic simulations of microturbulence in tokamak plasmas presenting an electron internal transport barrier, and development of a global version o
P4.126A.Matsuyama Calculation of neoclassical diffusion and viscosity coefficients for stellarator/heliotron devices by the Green-Kubo approach
P4.127B.Seiwald Calculation of the magnetic surface function gradient and associated quantities in stellarators with broken stellarator symmetry
P4.131I.Yu.Senichenkov 1D transport equation for toroidal momentum in a tokamak
P4.132O.A.Shyshkin Test particle simulations for impurity transport in fusion non Maxwellian plasma
P4.135J.W.S.Cook Particle-in-cell Simulations of the Emission Mechanism for Fusion Product-Driven Ion Cyclotron Emission from Tokamak Plasmas
P4.136P.V.Minashin Influence of Magnetic Field Inhomogeneity on Electron Cyclotron Power Losses in Magnetic Fusion Reactor
P4.138C.T.Holcomb Plasma Shape Optimization for Steady-State Tokamak Development in DIII-D
P4.139G.L.Jackson Experiments Simulating ITER Rampdown and Startup Scenarios in the DIII-D Tokamak
P4.140C.J.Lasnier Scaling of Divertor Heat Flux Profile Widths in DIII-D
P4.141M.Okabayashi Exploring Robustness of Magnetic Feedback Stabilization on Current-Driven Resistive Wall Mode Stabilization
P4.142T.W.Petrie The Behavior of Injected Impurities Under Radiating Divertor Conditions With Puff-and-Pump Type Particle Control
P4.143R.K.Fisher Fast Ion Loss Diagnostics on DIII-D
P4.144F.Turco Measurement and Modelling of Tearing Mode Stability for Steady-State Plasmas in DIII-D
P4.145E.A.Unterberg Particle Exhaust and Scrape-Off Layer Conditions in ELM Suppressed Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Discharges on DIII-D
P4.147E.P.Kruglyakov Novosibirsk mirror traps. Status and prospects
P4.148G.Granucci The new linear plasma device GyM at IFP-CNR
P4.150S.Moustaizis On the expansion of high density plasmas in mirror-like magnetic topologies
P4.151V.V.Postupaev Advances in turbulent plasma confinement in multiple-mirror trap GOL-3
P4.152V.V.Prikhodko Experiment with Ambipolar Plug on GDT device
P4.154V.M.Leonov Modeling of the ITER Heating/CD and Diagnostic Neutral Beams
P4.155O.D'Arcangelo Development of a Fast Switcher/Combiner diplexer for High Power ECRH Applications
P4.156M.FurnoPalumbo Analysis of RWM in ITER including 3D volumetric blanket modules
P4.158M.Ishikawa Effect of Thermal Neutrons on Fusion Power Measurement using Micro-Fission Chamber in ITER
P4.160T.Koskela ASCOT simulations of fast ion wall loads on the ITER first wall in the presence and absence of port limiters
P4.161V.M.Leonov Study of ITER Plasma Start-Up Conditions by ASTRA and DINA Codes
P4.162J.B.Lister Identification of the ITER plasma equilibrium using modulation
P4.163Y.Nakamura TSC Simulation of ITER Plasma Termination Scenario with Stable H-L Mode Transition and Avoidance of Radiation CollapseRadiation Collapse
P4.164C.R.Seon Design and fabrication of the prototype system for development of the ITER vacuum ultraviolet spectrometers
P4.165M.Sugihara Disruption and Runaway Electron Mitigation on ITER
P4.166F.Villone Multimodal ITER RWM analysis including 3D conducting structures
P4.167A.S.Kukushkin Operational Window for the Modified ITER Divertor
P4.169K.Kovarik Instrumentation for Hall sensor testing in ITER-like radiation conditions
P4.170R.R.Khayrutdinov Study of low Z pellets injection for disruption mitigation in ITER like tokamaks
P4.171G.Serianni Compensation of ion deflection and disposal of electrons in the ion source test facility for ITER neutral beam injectors
P4.172T.Fujita Progress of plasma assessment in JT-60SA
P4.174E.Ascasibar Global confinement in NBI plasmas of the TJ-II stellarator under lithium-coated wall conditions
P4.176I.Calvo Zonal flow-based interpretation of long-distance correlations in the edge shear layer of TJ-II
P4.177F.Castejón Calculated evolution of the Electron Bernstein Wave heating deposition profile under NBI conditions in TJ-II plasmas
P4.178F.Castejón Kinetic effects on particle flux induced by ECRH in TJ-II stellarator
P4.179J.M.Fontdecaba Ion confinement studies in NBI heated TJ-II plasmas using CX-NPA diagnostics
P4.180F.Castejón EBCD calculation in TJ-II using different models
P4.182T.Happel Perpendicular Plasma Velocity and Radial Electric Field Profiles measured by Doppler Reflectometry in the Stellarator TJ-II
P4.183J.A.Romero A flux control tool to perform single discharge magnetic configuration sweeping at the TJ-II heliac
P4.184J.J.Martinell Radial Electric Field Computations in TJ-II and Comparison with HIBP Measurements
P4.185K.J.McCarthy The Observation of Spectral Lines from Ions of Fast Oxygen Injected into the TJ-II Stellarator during Neutral Beam Heating
P4.186A.V.Melnikov Turbulence and Plasma Potential Evolution Study by HIBP Diagnostic During L-H Transition in the TJ-II Stellarator
P4.187P.Pedreira Works towards the evaluation of the ultimate spatial resolution of the next two-color heterodyne interferometer for electron density measurements in the TJ-II Stellarator
P4.188M.A.Pedrosa Evidence of multi-scale correlations of fluctuations during transition to high confinement regimes in the TJ-II stellarator plasmas
P4.189B.Zurro Probing the edge ion temperature by passive Doppler spectroscopy in the TJ-II stellarator
P4.190F.L.Tabares Control of plasma profile by gas and impurity injection in TJ-II under Li wall conditions
P4.191B.Zurro Confinement of impurities injected by laser blow-off in the ECRH and NBI regimes of the TJ-II stellarator
P4.192T.Andreeva Development of the Wendelstein Line towards a Helias Reactor
P4.194B.Coppi The High Density Path to Fusion
P4.195F.Bombarda Testing of the High Speed Pellet Injector for Ignitor
P4.196G.W.Pacher Consistent Core-Edge Modelling of Impurity-Seeded Demo Plasma
P4.198J.E.Vitela Exploratory Studies of Power Generation Control in Tokamak Fusion Power Plants
P4.199P.Devynck The radiative power in Tore Supra and its link with Zeff
P4.200D.Douai Ion Cyclotron discharges for Tokamak wall conditioning in presence of a magnetic field recent experimental results on Tore Supra
P4.201L.Gabellieri A simplified automatic method to infer information about impurity content and spatial distribution in tokamak plasmas
P4.202F.Imbeaux Real time control of stationary states of the current profile on the Tore Supra tokamak
P4.203M.Kocan First evidence for poloidal asymmetries of radial ion energy transport by ion temperature measurements in the scrape-off layer of Tore Supra
P4.204A.Romano Global analysis of the 2-D Soft-X ray tomography reconstructions at Tore Supra by means of form factors
P4.205F.Saint-Laurent Control of Runaway Electron Beams on Tore Supra
P4.206E.Trier Observation of a localized radial electric field inversion in Tore Supra plasmas
P4.207V.Fuchs Fast electron generation by LH waves scattered on ponderomotive density modulations in front of LH grills
P4.208L.Vermare Scaling of turbulence and transport on Tore Supra with dimensionless parameters rho and nu
P4.209D.Villegas Influence of the electron temperature gradient on impurity transport in Tore Supra
P4.210X.L.Zou Heat and Particle Transport Experiments in Tore Supra and HL-2A with ECRH and SMBI
P4.211M.Drevlak Thermal Load on the W7-X Vessel from NBI Losses
P4.212S.Schmuck Localisation and spatial resolution of the ECE diagnostic system for W7-X
P4.216T.Shikama Application of the Zeeman patterns to local measurements of diatomic molecular spectra
P4.217E.Z.Gusakov Modelling of the turbulence wave number spectra reconstruction from the radial correlation reflectometry data
P4.218B.J.Ding Influence of Gas Puffing on Edge Plasma Characteristics in HT-7 Tokamak
P4.219E.Yatsuka Directly Verification of an Electron Bernstein Wave Heating in the Internal Coil Device Mini-RT
P4.220A.Popov Possibility of the giant scattering enhancement due to wave trapping in the reflectometry experiment

Session P5 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P5.065A.Mohri A Method of Positron Plasma Formation Using Electron LINAC
P5.067E.Kim Dual role of shear flow in turbulent transport of magnetic fields
P5.068S.C.Chapman Evolving Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence In The Quiet Fast Solar Wind
P5.070S.Pantazis Simulation of charged particle motion in a homogeneous magnetic field subject to a random force
P5.075A.Romannikov Relativistic Theory of Radial Electric Field Er r in non-periphery Tokamak Plasma
P5.076S.P.Sadykova Electric Microfield Distributions EMD in Alkali Plasmas with Account of the Ion Structure in a Moderately Coupled Approximation
P5.080M.Taguchi Transport equations for fast ions in turbulent plasma
P5.084C.C.Lalescu Implementation of high order spline interpolations for tracking charged particles in discretized fields
P5.086M.W.Verdon Wave propagation in a counterstreaming electron-positron plasma
P5.132O.Willi Measurements of runaway electrons in the TEXTOR tokamak
P5.133I.T.Chapman Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects on Resistive Wall Mode Stability
P5.134R.Bingham Experimental and numerical simulation of auroral cyclotron radiation mechanisms
P5.138Y.Lin ICRF Mode Conversion Flow Drive on Alcator C-Mod
P5.139G.Anda Concept of an Atomic Beam Probe diagnostic on COMPASS tokamak
P5.140R.Panek Status of the COMPASS Tokamak Reinstallation in Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR
P5.141J.Stockel Plasma Breakdown Studies on COMPASS
P5.143M.Aizawa Improved Particle Confinement by Magnetic Field Controll in Low Aspect Ratio L 1 Helical Systems
P5.144V.I.Tereshin Studies of mechanisms of transport barrier formation in RF discharge plasmas of the Uragan-3M torsatron
P5.145S.Enge Measurement of argon-ion temperature and flow velocities in TJ-K
P5.146A.Köhn Generation and heating of toroidally confined overdense plasma in TJ-K
P5.147X.Y.Han Measurement of ion temperature profile based on CXRS in HL-2A tokamak
P5.148G.J.Lei The Progress of NBI heating experiment on HL-2A
P5.150H.W.Lu Runaway electron behaviors on AC operation of the HT-7 tokamak
P5.153M.I.Patrov High density regimes in Globus-M
P5.155J.Rosato Line Radiation Transport in Tokamak Edge Plasmas Opacity and Fluctuations
P5.156M.Uchida Start-up and Formation of Spherical Torus Plasma by Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive
P5.157A.V.Voronin Double pulse plasma gun for parameter controlling of Globus-M
P5.159R.V.Budny Progress testing TRANSP-TORIC analysis of ICRH in JET
P5.160D.Frigione Analysis of pellet fuelling, ablation and particle deposition at JET
P5.161E.Giovannozzi Optimizing performance of hybrid and AT discharges in preparation for the ITER like Wall
P5.162K.K.Kirov LH Wave Absorption and Current Drive Studies by Application of Modulated LHCD at JET
P5.163P.T.Lang Pellet fuelling and ELM triggering investigations at JET
P5.164J.Mailloux Development of a steady-state scenario in JET with dimensionless parameters approaching ITER target values
P5.166P.Belo Scrape-off-layer variations during Lower Hybrid ionization and ELMs
P5.167D.VanEester Numerical tools for monitoring the ITER-like Antenna at JET
P5.169P.Buratti MHD mode localisation in the JET tokamak
P5.170M.Baruzzo Sideband generated magnetic islands and magnetic coupling in JET tokamak
P5.171L.Barrera Inboard and outboard Type I ELM dynamics in JET measured by ECE
P5.172C.D.Challis Stability and confinement optimisation in the range q0 1-3 at JET
P5.174E.delaLuna Magnetic ELM triggering using the vertical stabilization controller in JET
P5.175P.C.deVries Statistical Analysis of Disruptions in JET
P5.176J.P.Graves Sawtooth control mechanism on JET using off-axis toroidally propagating ICRF
P5.177J.A.Romero Tokamak Plasma Inductance control at JET
P5.178Y.Q.Liu Modelling of resonant field amplification in JET
P5.179P.Maget Modelling of 2,1 NTM threshold in JET
P5.180R.Nyqvist Fast Ion Driven Alfvén Eigenmodes within the q 1 Radius
P5.181F.M.Poli Comparison between spontaneous ELMs and pellet-triggered events in JET plasmas
P5.183S.Soldatov Results of reflectometry studies on ELM dynamics in JET
P5.184V.E.Lukash Validation of Halo Current Model with DINA Code against JT-60U Disruption Shots
P5.185S.Miyamoto Modeling of L-H/H-L Transition in TSC Simulation Using JT-60U Experimental Data
P5.186M.F.M.deBock First multi-chord MSE measurements on MAST
P5.187M.-D.Hua Comparison of rotation damping by MHD with NTV theory in MAST
P5.188J.McCone Comparison of measured poloidal rotation in MAST plasmas with neo-classical predictions
P5.189W.Schneider Neutral particle diagnostics on MAST
P5.190P.Tamain Characterization of Scrape-Off Layer profiles and transport processes in MAST in the presence of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations
P5.191D.Temple The Radial Electric Field of MAST
P5.192E.A.Azizov Experiments at the T-11M device in substantiation of the tokamak with Lithium loop cycle
P5.196N.Timchenko Experimental study of particles and heat transport in T-10 Ohmic plasmas
P5.197D.Borodin Modelling of Be transport in PISCES-B including metastable states
P5.199V.I.Tereshin Wall conditioning RF discharges in Uragan-2M torsatron
P5.201V.Fuchs A Note on the Radial Extent of LH Wave Tokamak SOL Interaction
P5.202V.Vekselman LIF Characterization Of The Hollow Anode Plasma Ions
P5.204G.M.Wright Hydrogenic retention of high-Z refractory metals exposed to ITER divertor relevant plasma conditions
P5.205A.B.Altukhov The observation of the small scale magnetic fluctuations with UHR cross-polarization scattering diagnostic at the FT-2 tokamak
P5.207A.D.Gurchenko Implementation of Doppler UHR backscattering technique for investigation of the poloidal plasma velocity oscillations in the FT-2 tokamak
P5.210P.Ivanova Electron Langmuir Probe Current in Tokamak Edge Plasma
P5.211S.Kalvin Reconstruction of plasma edge density profile from lithium beam data using statistical analysis
P5.212O.Marchuk Influence of collisions on beam-emission of spectral lines
P5.213S.Oldenbürger Study of nonlinear mode couplings in a magnetized plasma column, Benefits of fast camera imaging
P5.214M.G.Levashova nl-Kinetics in H-like Impurity Ions Populated by Diagnostic Neutral Beam Charge-Exchange

Session D1 (Post Deadline Monday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D1.001M.Masek Raman scattering from a laser plasma with enhanced collisions
D1.003M.Jimenez 2D Axial Smmetrical Computer Simulation of Microwave Induced Plasmas Using Plasmio

Session D2 (Post Deadline Tuesday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D2.001M.Passas Two-Dimensional Turbulence Analysis Using High-Speed Visible Imaging in SLPM Plasmas
D2.003M.Scholz Neutron measurements near JET vacuum vessel surface by multi-elements activation method

Session D4 (Post Deadline Thursday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D4.001R.Wenninger Comparison of divertor power loads of spontaneous and pellet triggered ELMs at JET

Session D5 (Post Deadline Friday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D5.001P.Morel Filtered Gyro-kinetic Simulations an attempt to reduce computational costs