33rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
June 19 - 23, 2006

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 30I (2006)

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The 33rd European Physical Society Conference on

Plasma Physics

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was held in the

Angelicum University, RomaItaly.

The conference was organised on behalf of the European Physical Society
by the Associazione EURATOM-ENEA sulla Fusione, Frascati, Italy

Preface of the Editors

The 33rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics was held at the Angelicum University, Roma, Italy, from the 19th to the 23rd of June, 2006.

The scientific programme of the conference and the selection of papers were the responsibility of the International Programme Committee appointed by the board of the EPS Plasma Physics Division. This committee selected 14 invited plenary talks and 50 invited parallel talks. Furthermore, there were 79 oral and 704 poster presentations. The 33rd EPS Conference brought together 750 plasma physicists from 43 countries.

This year's Hannes Alfvén prize was awarded to Paul Henry Rebut, who gave a talk titled "From JET to the reactor".

The Plasma Physics Division of the EPS sponsored the European Physical Society Plasma Physics Division PhD Research Award that recognises exceptional quality of work carried out by young physicists as part of their PhD research in any area of plasma physics. The prize was awarded to four students: S.P.D. Mangles, K. Crombé, P. Piovesan and B. Liesfeld. Three of them presented a talk on their work: S.P.D. Mangles ("Electron acceleration experiments", invited talk), K. Crombé ("Poloidal rotation velocity in JET advanced mode plasmas using charge exchange recombination spectroscopy") and P. Piovesan ("Spontaneous transition to quasi-single helicity states in RFX-mod and MST").

A side meeting was held on the topic of Women in Plasma Physics. An interview with Angioletta Coradini, a successful Italian scientist, was conducted by the European Ambassador for Equal Opportunities in Science, Rossella Palomba, providing subject matter for the discussion on particular problems associated with gender in physics today.

This volume of the series Europhysics Conference Abstracts comprises the list of contributed papers, presented during the conference as orals or posters, that were submitted via the ELISE engine. Only papers submitted before the submission deadline and corresponding to work that was actually presented at the conference are included. The contributed papers are published without refereeing. A copy of this Conference Proceedings CD-ROM will be distributed to the registered participants.

The invited papers have been refereed by members of the International Programme Committee and peers and will be published as a special issue of the journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. A copy will be sent to each registered participant.

The ELISE conference submission program was developed at the Centre des Recherches en Physique des Plasmas (CRPP) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) by Ch. Nieswand and B.P. Duval.

For this conference it was operated by B.P. Duval for both the abstract submission process and the oral and poster contribution submissions. Further information on the operation of ELISE for this conference is available in [About the CDRom],

Final editing and CD-ROM production was carried out by the Local Organising Committee using the submissions processed by ELISE.

F. De Marco, G. Vlad

International Programme Committee:

Boris Sharkov, (Russia), Chairman
Stefano Atzeni, (Italy)
Jan Badziak, (Poland)
Mikhail Basko, (Russia)
Jill Dahlburg, (USA) APS
Evelyne Dattolo, (France)
Francesco De Marco, (Italy)
Sibylle Guenter, (Germany)
Pascale Hennequin, (France)
Alan Howling, (Switzerland)
Gia Tuong Hoang, (France)
Natalia A. Kirneva, (Russia)
Philippe Lamalle, (Belgium)
Bertrand Lembege, (France)
Jo Lister, (Switzerland)
Brian Lloyd, (United Kingdom)
Maurizio Ottaviani, (France)
Lina Rodriguez, (Spain)
Markus Roth, (Germany)
Eva Stoffels, (The Netherlands)
Kazuo Tanaka, (Japan) JSPF
Angelo Antonio Tuccillo, (Italy)

The responsibility for the parallel sessions was assigned to sub-committees chaired by:

Sibylle Guenter, Stefano Atzeni, Bertrand Lembege and Eva Stoeffels

Local Organising Committee:

Francesco De Marco, (Italy), Chairman
Maria Polidoro, (Italy), Co-Chair
Gregorio Vlad, (Italy), Scientific Secretary
Francesco Iannone, (Italy)
Basil Duval,  (Switzerland)

The Local Organizing Committee acknowledges financial support from several sources, including:

Communication & Power Industries
L.T. Calcoli
Ansaldo Superconduttori
Ansaldo Ricerche S.p.A.
IBM Italia