PDO.01Generation and Reversal of Geomagnetic Dipole Field by 3-D MHD SimulationOchi M.M.
PDO.03Ion-sound Parametric Turbulence of Plasma in Magnetic FieldMikhailenko V.S.
PD.04 Bifurcation in Toroidal PlasmasSolano E.R.
PD.05 Propagation and Damping of m=+1 and m=-1 Helicon Modes in an Inhomogeneous Plasma ColumnKramer M.
PD.06 Investigation of High Power Quasi-Steady-State Plasma Streams Flow in Magnetic Field and Thermal Quench Disruption SimulationsTereshin V.I.
PD.07 Backward Current at Lower Hybrid Current Drive by Means of Short PulsesKlima R.
PD.08 Alfven Surface Waves in Highly Structured Dusty MagnetoplasmasVladimirov S.V.
PD.09 High-Frequency Surface Waves in Dust-Containing PlasmasVladimirov S.V.
PD.10 Diagnostic of Optically Dense Dusty PlasmaLipaev A.M.
PD.11 Formation Dynamics of Ordered Structures in a Thermal Dusty PlasmaSamarian A.A.
PD.15 Particle Diagnostics in the Thermal Dusty Plasma FlowsVaulina O.S.
PD.20 Relaxed States of Magnetized Plasma with Minimum DissipationDasgupta B.
PD.24 A Transverse Spatial Structure of the Barrier Discharge in Rare GasesTrushkin N.I.
PD.26 Recent Results from MRX: Magnetic Reconnection Experiments in a Controlled Laboratory SettingYamada M.
Legend. Or: Oral; P1, P2, P3, P4: Poster sessions 1-4; PD: Postdeadline; PDO: PD Oral