P4.001Active Control of MHD Modes in a TokamakNavratil G.A.
P4.002Comparisons of Measurements and Gyrofluid Simulations of Turbulence in DIII-DBravenec R.V.
P4.003State Transitions, Hysteresis, and Control Parameters on DIII-DThomas D.M.
P4.004RI-Mode in the DIII-D Tokamak with Neon and Argon Induced Radiating MantlesJackson G.L.
P4.005Study of the Resistive Wall Mode in DIII-DGarofalo A.M.
P4.006Method of Neutral Density Determination Near the X-Point in DIII-DColchin R.
P4.007Plasma Flow in the DIII-D DivertorBoedo J.A.
P4.008Progress Towards Sustainment of Internal Transport Barriers in DIII-DRice B.W.
P4.009Circuit Equation Formulation of Resistive Wall Mode Feedback Stabilization Schemes and Application to Active Coil Design in DIII-D DeviceOkabayashi M.
P4.010Modelling of Giant ELM Effects on Impurity Enrichment in DIII-DHogan J.T.
P4.011H-Modes on COMPASS-D with High Power ECRHFielding S.J.
P4.012Pellet Injection, Confinement, and H-Mode Features on STARTRibeiro C.
P4.013High Beta Improved Confinement Regimes and Energetic-Ion-Driven Instabilities in STARTGryaznevich M.
P4.014Transport Studies during ECRH in Monotonic-q and Shear-Reserved FTU PlasmasCirant S.
P4.015Internal MHD Modes in FTU Plasmas with High Core ConfinementBuratti P.
P4.016Measurement of the Radiative Cooling Rate for Krypton and Argon and their Profiles in the FTU PlasmaPacella D.
P4.017Edge and Bulk Variations of Plasma Induced by Kr and Ar Injection in FTUPacella D.
P4.018The L-H Transition on TdeV with Electron Cyclotron and Lower Hybrid HeatingDecoste R.
P4.019Experimental Study of Helicity-Driven MHD Activity and Current Profiles in the HIST Spherical TorusNagata M.
P4.021The ExB Velocity Shear and Turbulent Transport in the Edge of Tokamak TF-2Budaev V.
P4.022Ablation Characteristics in the Off-Axis Pellet Injection with/without NBI Heating on the JIPP T-IIU TokamakSato K.
P4.025An Interpretation of the Improved Confinement in High Pinch Parameter Plasma of TPE-1RM20 with the First Result of TPE-RXYagi Y.
P4.026Advanced Experiments on Field-Reversed Configuration at OsakaKitano K.
P4.027Studies of Impurity Ion Rotation in Extrap-T2 Reversed-Field Pinch PlasmaBrzozowski J.H.
P4.028Observation of Toroidally Symmetric Oscillations in the Soft X-Ray Spectral Region on the EXTRAP-T2 RFPSallander E.
P4.029Plasma and Mode Rotations in TPE-1RM20 Reversed-Field Pinch and the First Measurement of Plasma Rotation in TPE-RXYagi Y.
P4.030Edge Plasma Properties of a Field-Reversed ConfigurationOhtsuka T.
P4.031Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak Produced by Negative-Biased Theta-PinchNogi Y.Y.
P4.032Non-linear Evolution of the Inhomogeneous Beam Plasma InstabilityPrandi R.
P4.035Excitation of Electromagnetic Soliton by an Electron BeamLapshin V.I.
P4.036Dynamics of Intense and Finite Length Ion Beam Propagating in Plasma ChannelNakamura T.
P4.037Experiments on Interaction between Dense Plasmas and Heavy IonsNishigory K.
P4.038Analysis and 2D Numerical Modeling of Burn Through of Metalic Foil Experiments Using Power KrF- and Nd-LasersLebo I.G.
P4.039Numerical Simulation of the Effective Input of Laser Energy into a Cavity Through a HoleLebo I.G.
P4.042Simulation of the Collisional Plasma Kinetics under the Action of Laser and Particle BeamsCadjan M.G.
P4.045Ballooning Modes Instability in the Space PlasmasBurdo O.S.
P4.047Analytical Stability Study of Magnetic Structures in 'MHD': MethodologiesPalumbo L.J.
P4.048MHD Equilibrium and Stability of Force-Free Atmospheres of Interstellar Magnetic ClumpsAlladio F.
P4.049Ion Ring Beam Instabilities in Magnetized Dusty Cometary PlasmasCramer N.F.
P4.050Modelling of Force-Free Electric Currents in the Solar AtmosphereKarlicky M.
P4.051Generation of Nonlinear Electrostatic Ion-Cyclotron-Drift Waves Associated with Ion Acceleration in Auroral PlasmasShukla P.K.
P4.052Origin and Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Raysde Gouveia Dal Pino E.M.
P4.053Magnetic Field on the Structure of Radiatively Cooling Protostellar Jetsde Gouveia Dal Pino E.M.
P4.059Relaxation of a Nonideal Plasma with Mass Flow in a Gravitating SystemCheremnykh O.K.
P4.072Influence of Non-Maxwellian Velocity Distributions on Electron Temperature Measurement by Heavy Ion Beam ProbingVarandas C.
P4.073Turbulence and Beam Size Effects on Reflectometry Density Profile MeasurementsEstrada T.
P4.074Phase Measurements in an AC/DC Interferometer Prototype for the IR-TJII DiagnosticsLamela H.
P4.075Electromagnetic Wave Conversion in Magnetized PlasmasSitenko A.G.
P4.076Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Time-Resolved Emission Spectroscopy of Laser-Ablation PlasmaTarasenko N.V.
P4.078X-Ray Radiation from Micropinches in Laser-Induced DischargesVogel N.
P4.079On the Contamination of Langmuir ProbesWinkler C.
P4.080Calibration and Application of Nuclear Track Detectors for High-Temperature Plasma DiagnosticsSadowski M.
P4.081Studies of Ion Emission from Different Plasma Discharges of Axial SymmetryBaranowski J.
P4.082Radial Density and Temperature Profiles of an Imploding Z pinch Helium Gas PuffZehnter P.
P4.083On the Interpretation of Laser Ablation Data in Fusion PlasmasZurro B.
P4.084Analysis of Images of the FTU PlasmasDe Angelis R.
P4.087Kinetic dynamics of initial ion plasma perturbationBacal M.
P4.088Interaction of Solar-Probe Inherent Atmosphere on In-Situ ObservationsHassanein A.
P4.090Possible Source of Plasma Density Fluctuations in the MagnetosheathNemecek Z.
P4.091Plasma Parameters in the High-altitude Cusp: INTERBALL ObservationMerka J.
P4.092Coulomb Collision in Plasma on Magnetic White DwarfsKoryagin S.A.
P4.093Axisymmetric Transonic MHD FlowsGoedbloed J.P.
P4.097Electron and Alpha Particle Influence on the Excitation of Right Hand Polarised Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves in Solar EjectaGratton F.T.
P4.098Auroral Ionosphere Plasma Turbulence Transport Coefficient: Direct Observations from Radar Coherent BackscatteringGresillon D.
P4.100An Improved Model for Nonlinear Generation of Type III Solar Radio BurstsChian A.C.-L.
P4.101Compressional ULF Waves in the Dawn Plasma Sheet Observed by the Interball-TailVerkhoglyadova O.P.
P4.103Auroral Electron Energization Due to Kinetic Alfven Wave TurbulenceLeubner M.P.
P4.104On the Resonant Interactions between Nonlinear WavesIgnat M.
P4.106Dielectric Characteristics of a Dipole MagnetosphereGrishanov N.
P4.107Generation of Field-Aligned Currents in Space Plasmas by Ion BunchingBrenning N.
P4.109Lower Ionosphere (D-Layer) in Polar and Mid-Latitude RegionsAmemiya H.
P4.110MV Lyr: Accretion Disk PhenomenaSpassovska I.Ph.
P4.120Long-Range Correlations and Universality in Plasma Edge Turbulencevan Milligen B.P.
P4.121Scaling Laws of Magnetic Turbulence in Reversed Field PinchMartines E.
P4.122"Observation and Interpretation of ""Profile Consistency"" Features in the TCV Tokamak"Weisen H.
P4.123Chaotic Reconnection of the Vortex-Current FilamentsYatsuyanagi Y.
P4.124Investigation of Plasma Loss Dynamics during Transition from L-Mode to H-Mode in Ohmically Heated Tokamak PlasmasHugill J.
P4.125ELM-Like Transport Events and Their Impact on Confinement in W7-ASHirsch M.
P4.126Radial Structure of Reynolds Stress in the Plasma Boundary of Stellarators and Tokamak PlasmasHidalgo C.
P4.127Plasma Edge Turbulence: Comparsion between Theory and ExperimentBleuel J.
P4.129Driven Turbulence in Two Dimensional Electron MagnetohydrodynamicsDas A.
P4.130Characterization and Numerical Simulation of the Route to Spatio-Temporal Turbulence in an Undriven DC Glow Discharge PlasmaDinklage A.
P4.132Control of the Chaotic Regimes of Nonlinear Drift Waves in a Magnetized Laboratory PlasmaGravier E.
P4.133Decaying Two-Domensional Turbulence in Bounded FlowsNielsen A.H.
P4.134Plasma Parametric Decay Instability Driven by Frequency Modulated PumpSimonchik L.V.
P4.135Equipartition and Transport in Two-Dimensional Electrostatic TurbulenceRasmussen J.J.
P4.136Modelling of Electron-Ion Parametric Instability and Turbulence of Plasma in the Ion Cyclotron Frequency RangeOlshansky V.V.
P4.137Plasma Cavity Formation and Nonlinear Frequency Conversion in the Range of Ion Plasma WavesHonzawa T.
P4.139Statistics of 2-d Vortices and Holtsmarkīs DistributionChukbar K.V.
P4.140Vortex Lattice Formation in 2D Magnetizad PlasmasKono M.
P4.141Spiral Structures in Plasmas Produced by Electron Cyclotron ResonanceKono M.
P4.142Three Dimensional Study of the Hasegawa-Wakatani Drift-Wave ModelKorsholm S.B.
P4.143Ionization Self-Ducting of High Intensity Whistler Waves in a Collisonal MagnetoplasmaKudrin A.V.
P4.144Two-Potential Dipole VorticesKuvshinov B.N.
P4.145Parametric Interaction of Self Trapped Upper Hybrid States: a Model of Stimulated Electromagnetic EmissionsLeyser T.B.
P4.146Density Flux and Diffusion of Ideal Particles in Strong Drift-Wave Turbulence Containing Vortical StructuresNaulin V.
P4.147Self-Consistent Turbulence in 2D Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Repulsive PotentialPavlenko V.
P4.148Kinetic Simulation on Nonlinear Oscillation in Gas Discharge Plasma with Convective SchemeMatsunaga Y.
P4.149Anomalous Resistivity Given by Large Amplitude Fluctuations in the Vicinity of Lower Hybrid Frequency in a High-Voltage Linear Plasma DischargeTakeda Y.
P4.151Shear Flow Driven Plasma ModesVranjes J.
P4.153Optimum Conditions for Second Harmonic Generation in a Magnetized PlasmaJovanovic B.M.
P4.154Plasma-Structure Formation Due to a Local Production of Huge Negative IonsOohara W.
P4.155Nonlinear Interaction of Acoustic Waves with Plasma of the Ionosphere: Theory and ExperimentGutierrez E.A.
P4.174Modelling of Experiments on Electron-Acoustic WavesHellberg M.
P4.175Anomalous Transport Matrix for Tokamak Plasma in the Weakly Turbulent RegimeTaguchi M.
P4.176Mechanisms of Transverse Conductivity and I-V Characteristics of Flush-Mounted Probes in a TokamakRozhansky V.A.
P4.177Transient Growth Mechanisms of Resistive Drift-WavesCamargo S.J.
P4.178The Radial and Poloidal Localization of Fast Magnetoacoustic Eigenmodes in TokamaksFulop T.
P4.179Integrated Models for Plasma/Material Interactions during Loss of Plasma ConfinementHassanein A.
P4.180A New Version of the Multi-Mode Transport ModelKritz A.H.
P4.181Inductance of Tokamak Plasmas Using Toroidal Multipolar ExpansionsLudwig G.O.
P4.182Tokamak Transport for Arbitrary Magnetic Cross Section in the Collisional Regime. Applications to Some Particular CasesMartin Pa.
P4.183The Nonlinear Force from Fluctuations as Source of Plasma RotationMartinell J.J.
P4.184AIC Mode in Mirror Based Volumetric Neutron Source (FEF-II)Mizuno N.
P4.185Theory and Simulation of Turbulence in Toroidal Magnetized Plasmas IGarcia O.E.
P4.186Theory and Simulation of Turbulence in Toroidal Magnetized Plasmas IIPaulsen J.-V.
P4.187Plasma Recombination and Stability of Detached Divertor OperationSoboleva T.
P4.188The Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Density Transition LayerTavakoli A.
P4.189Analytical Stability Condition for the Ideal m=n=1 Kink Mode in a Toroidal Plasma with Eliptic Cross SectionWahlberg Ch.
P4.190Ideal and Resistive Local MHD Instability in Negative Shear TokamaksFurukawa M.
P4.191Resonant Guiding-Centre Motion of Ions with Arbitrary Orbit Width in a TokamakYakovenko Yu.V.
P4.192Nonlinear Theory of Internal Kink Modes Destabilized by Fast Ions in Tokamak PlasmasCandy J.
P4.193Self-Consistent Turbulent Mean Field Forces in a Two-Fluid Theory of Toroidal PlasmasHegna Ch.C.
P4.1943D Modeling of the Minority Distribution Function during rf HeatingHeyn M.
P4.195Fluid and Kinetic Computation of Drift Alfven TurbulenceScott B.D.
P4.197Structures of Electrostatic Potential in a Transition Layer across Magnetic Field LinesSato K.
P4.198Force-Free MHD Equilibria with Non-Constant lambda(psi)Edenstrasser J.
P4.200Analysis of Ion Trajectories within a Pinch Column of a PF-Type DischargeSadowski M.
P4.201Fluid Model of Plasma in Magnetron Sputter DeviceRabinski M.
P4.202Anomalous Transport Via Kirchhoff RadiationPuri S.
P4.203SXR Radiation Modeling for Neon Plasma FocusLiu M.
P4.204Particles Dynamics in FRCKhvesyuk V.I.
P4.209Kinetic Study of Electron Impact Ionization in a Helium DiodeMairey F.
P4.210Two-Phase Flow of a Plasma Jet and Powder ParticlesKotalik P.
P4.211Plasma Production Experiments with Force-Balanced CoilsKomatsu Y.
P4.212Numerical Modelling of Plasma in IPD ProcessRabinski M.
P4.213Needle-to Plate Electrical Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure for Ecological ApplicationsPekarek S.
P4.214About the Mechanism of Boron Carbide Transfer During Arc Regime of STB in Uragan-3M TorsatronGlazunov G.P.
P4.215Magnetic Controlled Hollow Cathode Arc Discharge and Itīs ApplicationsAnikeev V.N.
P4.216Spectroscopic and Ion Probe Diagnostic of a Laser Created Titanium Plasma in Nitrogen EnvironmentKerdja T.
P4.217In-Situ Chamber Wall Cleaning in Processing PlasmasHoriuchi K.
P4.218HF Plasma Pencil for Plasmachemical Treatment of MaterialsSlavicek P.
P4.220Investigation of Principal Factors of the Sterilization by Plasma DC Glow DischargeTsiolko V.V.
P4.221Small Size Electric Arc Melting FurnaceAnikeev V.N.
P4.224Plasmachemical Obtaining of Hollow Spherical Oxide Particles Suitable for Thermal SprayingGutsol A.F.
P4.225Plasma Generating in Pulsed Inductive Discharge for Deposition of Thin Films with Self-Ion BombardmentKuzmichev A.I.
P4.226Theoretical Study of the W-TH Cathode on Plasma Arc TorchesLigero Lopez A.
P4.229Results from Microwave and Glow Discharge Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation ExperimentsUeda M.
P4.230Deposition of TiN Thin Films with Strongly Ionized Plasmas in High Duty AC Tokamak DischargeYe M.
P4.231Influence of Deposition Parameters on Mechanical Properties of SiO2-Like Protective CoatingsBursikova V.
P4.232Characterization of Carbon Nitride Films Prepared by the Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionElias M.
P4.233Optimization of Plasma Enhanced CVD from Standpoint of Optical Properties of Protective Coatings on PolycarbonatesZajickova L.
P4.234Application of the RF Plasma-Chemical Reactor with the System of Multi-Cathodes for Deposition of the Composite Thin Films and Multilayer StructuresHubicka Z.
P4.236ECR-Device for Studies of Plasmas for Thin Film PECVDFredriksen A.R.
P4.237Argon Ion Induced Changes in Antimony Telluride Thin Films Using Dense Plasma Focus DeviceLee P.
P4.238Fluence and Energy Dependence of Chemical Erosion of Carbon Fiber Components (CFC)Bohmeyer W.
P4.239Optical Spectroscopy and Comparative Behavior Studies in the Laser-Plasma Interaction of N2-Laser Ablation from Zr and Ti SurfacesCastell R.
P4.240Plasma Diagnostics by Energy-Resolved Mass Spectroscopy of Ions During Triode Plating of TiN FilmsKadlec S.
P4.241Microwave Plasma Nitriding of a Low-Alloy SteelHovorka D.
P4.242Structure and Microhardness of Magnetron Sputtered ZrCu and ZrCu-N FilmsZeman P.
P4.244Sputtering of CuCr and CuCr-N Films and Their PropertiesLeipner I.
P4.245Optical Spectrometry of Pulsed Plasma Used on Titanium Nitrade Coating ProductionDevia A.
Legend. Or: Oral; P1, P2, P3, P4: Poster sessions 1-4; PD: Postdeadline; PDO: PD Oral