P3.001Towards a Global Power Balance in Tore SupraReichle R.
P3.002Analysis of PEP Discharges in Tore SupraMaget P.
P3.003Ergodic Divertor Experiments with Fast Wave Electron Heating in Tore SupraFraboulet D.
P3.004Vertical Pellet Injection Experiments on Tore SupraGeraud A.
P3.005Small Scales Density Fluctuations in Tore Supra: Rupture in the Scaling LawHonore C.
P3.006Runaway Electrons: from Tore-Supra to ITERMartin G.
P3.007Edge Cooling Experiments and Non Local Transport Phenomena in Tore SupraZou X.
P3.008Measurements of Fluctuations Profiles With a Langmuir Probe in Limiter and Ergodic Divertor Configurations of Tore SupraDevynck P.
P3.009Modelling of Particle Collection by the Ergodic Divertor of Tore SupraPegourie B.
P3.010Prediction of the ITER H-Mode Power Threshold by Means of Various Statistical TechniquesMartin Y.R.
P3.011A First Fully Consistent Analysis of Erossion of the ITER Vertical Targets for Disruptions and ELMsWurz H.
P3.012An Analysis of the ITER H-Mode Confinement DatabaseValovic M.
P3.013ELM Heat Flux in the ITER DivertorLeonard A.W.
P3.014Study of Disruption Generated Runaway Electrons in TEXTOR-94Jaspers R.
P3.015Plasma Rotation across the H-Mode Transition in TCVDuval B.P.
P3.016Direct Measurement of the Plasma Equilibrium Response in TCVLister J.B.
P3.017Influence of the Plasma Shape on Mode Locking during the Plasma Ramp-Up in TCVMartin Y.R.
P3.018MHD Precursor to Disruptions in Highly Elongated PlasmasReimerdes H.
P3.019Observation of b-Limits in Highly Elongated Tokamak PlasmasHofmann F.
P3.020ICRH and Current Ramp-up Experiments in Alcator C-ModWukitch S.J.
P3.021Measurements of Local and Global Radiated Power in Alcator C-Mod PlasmasBoivin R.L.
P3.022Coherent Modes and Broadband Magnetic Turbulence on the CASTOR TokamakDuran I.
P3.023Scrape-Off Layer Intermittency in the Castor TokamakHeller M.V.
P3.024High-Duty Long-Duration Repetitive Tokamak Discharge with Static or Rotating Helical Magnetic Field at the EdgeTakamura S.
P3.025Ohmic Bifurcated States in RTPde Baar M.R.
P3.026Transport Barriers and the q ProfileSchilham
P3.027Radial Particle Transport during Pellet Injection in RTPde Kloe J.
P3.028Non-Local Electron Heat Transport Effects Probed by Modulated ECH in the RTP ToakamakHogeweij D.
P3.029Avoidance of Density Limit Disruptions Using Electron Cyclotron WavesSalzedas F.
P3.030Current Density Measurement with Tangential Thomson Scattering in Plasmas with Peaked and Hollow Electron Temperature ProfilesKarelse F.A.
P3.031Off-Axis Sawtooth-Like Instabilities near q=3/2, 2, and 3 in RTPMeulenbroeks R.F.G.
P3.032Cross Polarization Scattering Experiments on the RTP TokamakStepanov A.
P3.033Structures in Te-Profiles: High Resolution Thomson Scattering in RTPBeurskens M.N.A.
P3.034Local Energy Balance and Transport in RFX Standard and Anhaced PlasmasMarrelli L.
P3.035Control of the Locked Mode Position in RFXPiovan R.
P3.036In-Vessel Magnetic Field Measurements in RFXBartiromo R.
P3.037Magnetic Fluctuations and Energy Flux in the Edge Region of RFXSerianni G.
P3.038Modelling of Carbon Behaviour in the Edge Plasma of RFXSattin F.
P3.039Gas Puffing Experiments in the RFX Reversed Field PinchGarzotti L.
P3.040Comparison of Plasma Confinement Properties in the RFX and MST Experiments under Similar Stationary ConditionsBolzonella T.
P3.041Impurity Injection Experiments in RFXPuiatti M.
P3.042Runaway Control in Tokamak DischargesMartin-Solis R.
P3.043Magnetic Field Dependence of Thermonuclear Alpha Particles Transport QuantitiesCereceda C.
P3.044Supersonic Heat Wave in Low Density Foams Generated by Soft X-Radiation from a Z-Pinch PlasmaFortov V.E.
P3.045On the Anomalous Resistivity in the Current-Carrying Corona of Z-PinchKingsep A.S.
P3.046Studies of Plasma Compression in Dense Z-Pinch Neck.Korolev V.
P3.047Formation of a Percolating Network in Dense Z-Pinch PlasmasKukushkin A.B.
P3.048Dynamics of Micro Plasma Focus Formation in Vacuum-Spark DischargesSkvortsov V.A.
P3.049Diagnostics of a Thick Fiber Corona of a MA Z-PinchKravarik J.
P3.050Generation of VUV-Radiation of a Rod Corona from a Small Magnetic PinchKubes P.
P3.051The Prague First Capillary Discharge: Preliminary ResultsKolacek K.
P3.053Helicity Pinch Equilibrium with Radiative ProcessesZacek M.
P3.054The Expansion of the Underdense Plasma into a Vacuum under the Action of 'EM' Wave FieldIvlev A.V.
P3.055Numerical Investigation of Dense Sheet Z-pinchesMuravich A.I.
P3.056Stopping of Gyratory Fast Particle in Magnetized Cold PlasmaNersisyan H.B.
P3.057"Optical Diagnostics of the Plasma Dynamics in ""Vacuum Spark"""Savjolov A.S.
P3.072Improved Scenario for Coupling ICRF Power to Electrons in Tore SupraBasiuk V.
P3.073Peculiarities of Mode Conversion Phenomena in Bounded Multispecies Plasma of a TokamakFraboulet D.
P3.074Interpretation of the Non-Thermal Bremsstrahlung Emission During LH Current Drive on Tore SupraPeysson Y.
P3.075Dynamic Modelling of Tearing Mode Stabilization by RF Current DriveGiruzzi G.
P3.076Long Distance Coupling of the Lower Hybrid Waves on Tore SupraMailloux J.
P3.077Reversed Shear Experiments in Tore Supra With Current Ramp-up and Lower Hybrid Current DriveJoffrin E.
P3.078Selfconsistent Determination of Currents on ICRH Antennae Taking into Accont Magnetic ShieldingPecoul S.
P3.079Fast Wave Heating and Current Drive in Elming H-Mode Plasmas in DIII-DPinsker R.I.
P3.080Electron Cyclotron Current Drive and Current Profile Control in the DIII-D TokamakPrater R.
P3.081Spectrum Broadening of LHW Launched in Tokamak CASTOR by Multijunction Grill AntennaZacek F.
P3.082The Use of ECRH and LHCD to Optimise High Beta Plasma Performance in COMPASS-DWarrick Ch.
P3.083High Frequency Fast Wave Coupling and Heating Studies in the CDX-U Spherical TorusMenard J.E.
P3.084Proposal of Quasi-optical grill for ITER TokamakPreinhaeler J.
P3.085Current Profile Control and Steady-State Reversed Shear Operation in ITERVoitsekhovitch I.
P3.086Burn Control of ITER-Like Plasmas by a Combination of Auxiliary Power Heating and Density ControlKamelander G.
P3.087Analysis of Travelling Fast Wave ICRF Antenna Radiating from a Recess in First Tokamak Wall.Vdovin V.
P3.088Basic Toroidal Effects on Alfven Wave Current Drive in Small Aspect Ratio TokamaksBruma C.
P3.0901D Modelling of Pulse Reflectometry: Density Profile Reconstuction Based on the Optimal Pulse LengthHacquin S.
P3.091First Measurements of the Faraday Rotation on Plasmas in TCVBarry S.
P3.092VUV and USX Diagnostics of Impurities in CASTOR TokamakBadalec J.
P3.093Reflectometry: Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Phase Variations with Large Amplitude Density FluctuationsBoucher I.
P3.094Plasma Fluctuation and Probe SheathHron M.
P3.095Plasma Diagnostics in ITER ControlVayakis G.
P3.096High Repetitive X-Ray Pinhole Camera Based on CCD and Its Application in Plasma X-Ray SourceZhang G.
P3.097Validation of Plasma Velocity Measurements with Mach Probes Using Laser Induced FluorescenceBoucher C.
P3.098The Application of Natural Diamond Detectors to 3 MeV Proton Diagnostics at TORE SUPRAAlekseyev A.
P3.099Plasma Flow Measurements Using a Mach Probe Calibrated by Alfven WavesAmagishi Y.
P3.100"Probe Studies in the Toroidal Device ""Blaamann"""Armstrong R.J.
P3.101Simulation of the Thomson Scattering System for the Brazilian Spherical Tokamak ETEBerni L.A.
P3.102Polarimetry for Measuring the Current Density in ITERDonne T.
P3.103High-Speed Varactor Diode Swtches for Pulsed Radar and Amplitude Modulation ReflectometryErmak G.P.
P3.104Genetic Algorithms: Plasma Diagnostic Signal AnalysisMillar A.P.
P3.106Relativistic Electron-Positron Plasma Dynamics in the Pulsar MagnetosphereNanobashvili I.
P3.107Observations of Soliton Modes in an Unstable Electron-Beam PlasmaYamagiwa K.
P3.108Thermonuclear Explosions of Neutron Stars Induced by Its StormsSkvortsov V.A.
P3.110Beam Generated LEFs in the Auroral PlasmaBharuthram R.
P3.120Forced Nonlinear Magnetic Reconnectionde Blank H.J.
P3.121Conditions for Diffusive Thermal Transport in a Model Nonlinear SystemDas A.
P3.123Experiments on Magnetic Reconnection in 3D Configurations with X-LinesFrank A.G.
P3.124Excitation of Non-Equilibrium Electric Fields in Current Sheet PlasmasKyrie N.P.
P3.125Drift and Upper Hybrid Envelope Solitons in Nonuniform Magnetized PlasmaDavydova T.A.
P3.126Nonlinear Phenomena in Plasma as a Consequence of Self-OrganizationSanduloviciu M.
P3.127Stable Steady Bubbles in the Rayleigh-Taylor InstabilityAbarzhi S.I.
P3.128On the Electric Current Networking in Magnetically Confined Plasmas and Nonlocal Heat Transport in a TokamakKukushkin A.B.
P3.129Effect of Plasma Fluctuations on Solar Neutrino Suppression by MSW MechanismKaw P.K.
P3.130Colour Diffusion in Relativistic Particle Simulation of a Parton PlasmaKaw P.K.
P3.133Spatio-temporal Dynamics and Stabilization of Unstable Periodic Orbits in an Undriven DC Glow DischargeAtipo A.
P3.134Current Jumps and Hysteries Effects in the Current-Voltage Characteristic of a Single-Ended Q-MachineAvram C.
P3.136Nonlinear Alfven Waves in Multi-ion PlasmasFaria R.T.Jr.
P3.137Coupling Process for the Nonlinear Beam InstabilityGaelzer R.
P3.138The Pierce Diode as a Model for Selfoscillations and Controlling Chaos in Thermionic DischargesGreiner F.
P3.139Nonlinear Dynamics of an Anode Type Double Layer Created in a Double Plasma MachineGyergyek T.
P3.140Development of Modified Double Plasma Device Applicable to Basic Plasma Wave ExperimentsHonzawa T.
P3.141Generation of Low Frequency Waves in a Magnetoplasma by a Plasma-Wave Modulated Beam Creating RF DischargeMarkov G.A.
P3.142Bound States of Coulomb System in Superstrong Laser Fields in PlasmasMironov V.A.
P3.143Simulation Study of Nonlinear Plasma MaserNambu M.
P3.144Influence of External RF-Field on Beam-Plasma Discharge in Magnetic FieldIvanov A.A.
P3.146Influence of Nonlinear Effects on the Electrodynamic Characteristics of VLF Loop Antennas in MagnetoplasmaKostrov A.
P3.147Self-Organizing Current - Plasma Structures and their Effect on Plasma Dynamics in a Plasma FocusNikulin V.
P3.148Two-Dimensional EMHD InstabilitiesPrandi R.
P3.149Large Scale Instabilities in Two-Dimensional Reduced MagnetohydrodynamicsPrandi R.
P3.150Analysis of the Three-Wave Resonance between Tearing ModesCoelho R.
P3.151Nonlinear Regimes in Collisionless Magnetic ReconnectionGrasso D.
P3.152Fast Reconnection Due to Triggered MicroturbulenceHaines M.G.
P3.153Organisation in the DNLS EquationNocera L.
P3.154Resistive Stability of Magnetic X-PointsPorcelli F.
P3.174Neoclassical Transport in Rotating PlasmasHelander P.
P3.175Impurity Particle Transport with Radial Electric Field and Plasma Rotation in JET Optimised Shear PlasmasChen H.
P3.176Stability of Alpha Particle Driven Alfven Eigenmodes in High Performance JET DT PlasmasSharapov S.
P3.177Enhancement of the Conventional Pfirsh-Schluter Flux of Heavy Ions in a Rotating Plasma due to the Poloidal Asymmetry of the Particle DensityRomanelli M.
P3.178Stable Plasma Response to a Dynamic Magnetic ExcitationRiconda C.
P3.179The Development of Asymetries in Mixed Plasma-Conductor Circuits and Tokamak Halo CurrentsCaloutsis A.
P3.180Fusion Reactor Burn Control with Radial Basis Neural Networks: Preliminary ResultsVitela J.
P3.181Burning Analysis of ITER-Like Plasma Based on 0-D and 1-D Transport ModelsTateishi G.
P3.182Catastrophe-Type Models to Fit Non-Linear Plasma Response FunctionsKardaun O.J.W.F.
P3.184Burning Plasma Physics in ITERPerkins F.W.
P3.185ITER Fusion Performance Projections for Inductive ELMy H-Mode and Non-Inductive Reversed Shear ScenariosBoucher D.L.
P3.186Lattice Boltzmann Representation for Gas Mixtures: Preliminary Studies for the Gas Blanket DivertorVahala G.
P3.187A Distributed Parallel Algorithm for the Nonlinear Evolution of Unstable Discrete Plasma ModesCandy J.
P3.188Simulation of Plasma Flow in the DIII-D TokamakPorter G.D.
P3.189High Mode Number MHD Stability at the Edge of a TokamakMiller R.L.
P3.190Current Profile Modeling to Extend the Duration of High Performance Advanced Tokamak Modes in DIII-DCasper T.A.
P3.192Electron Thermal Transport in Enhaced Core Confinement RegimesStaebler G.M.
P3.193Reaction-Diffusion Processes in Impurity Seeded Radiative PlasmasBachmann P.
P3.194Ion Physics in the 'START' Spherical TokamakAkers R.J.
P3.195Transport in Edge PlasmasHelander P.M.
P3.196MHD Limits in Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks with SeparatrixMedvedev S.Yu.
P3.197Resistive Wall Modes in Toroidal PlasmasHastie R.J.
P3.198"Access to ""Advanced"" Regimes in Tight Aspect Ratio Plasmas"Zaitsev F.S.
P3.199Reduced MHD Equations for Low Aspect Ratio DevicesHegna Ch.C.
P3.200Edge Localized Fast Magnetoacoustic Waves in a Tokamak Plasma with Eliptic Cross-SectionKolesnichenko Y.I.
P3.201 Stability Thresholds of Moderate-n Balloning Modes Driven by High Beta Internal Kinks. Effects of Plasma Shaping and ResistivityLutjens H.
P3.202L-H Transition Simulations Based on Edge Turbulent Layer ModelOssipenko M.V.
P3.203Scaling Law Simulations for Diverted Partially Ionized PlasmasCatto P.J.
P3.204Global and Propagating Drift Modes in Rotating Tokamak PlasmasPavlenko V.
P3.205Ship Waves of the Drift Type in Rotating Tokamak PlasmasRevenchuk S.
P3.206Influence of Frozen-in Law Violation Effects on Turbulent Equipartition in TokamaksPersson H.
P3.209High Power Sharp Pulse Microwave Discharge in Air: Interpulse RegimeAmemiya H.
P3.210Surface Wave Discharge between Large-Area Metal Electrodes in the External Magnetic FieldDenisenko I.B.
P3.211Modelling of Gas Discharge on Azimuthal Surface Waves in Cylinder Waveguide StructureGirka V.O.
P3.212Dynamics of Ozone Generation in a Silent Oxygen DischargeGutierrez-Tapia C.
P3.213Thermal Insulation of Plasma in Reverse Vortex FlowGutsol A.F.
P3.214Production of a Low Energy Ion Beam Plasma with Low Electron TemperatureKiyama H.
P3.216Stability and Homogeneity of Direct-Current Discharges for Slab LasersLeys Ch.
P3.217Application and Diagnostics of High Pressure RF DischargesSlavicek P.
P3.218Parametric Study of a Water-Swirl Stabilized Electric ArcJenista J.
P3.219Time - Resolved Emission Spectra of Plasma Produced by Excimer Laser Ablation of Pb-Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-OSlavik V.
P3.220The Radio Frequency Unipolar Hollow Cathode Discharge Induced by the RF Discharge in the Plasma-Chemical Reactorsicha M.
P3.221Nonlinear Electron Acceleration by Cascade Wave Trapping for Various Helicon Wave Antenna DesignPetrzilka V.
P3.222Electric probes investigation of turbulence in the interaction zone of the plasma jet with the ambient airKopecky V.
P3.223Kinetics of Reactions in DC Glow Discharge in OxygenHrachova V.
P3.224The Structure and Dynamics of the Free dc Gliding and Point Arcs between the Metal Electrode and the Solution Surface by the Video TechniqueVaculik R
P3.225Coupled Helicon-Cyclotron Modes: Theory and ExperimentChen F.F.
P3.226Diffusion and Energy Modelling of an Argon Plasma Discharge in a Uniform Magnetic FieldJohnston T.W
P3.227Power Deposition and Wave Fields in a High-Density Helicon DischargeKramer M.
P3.229Mechanisms of a rf Power Absorption in Helicon Plasma SourcesShamrai K.P.
P3.230High Current Self-Maintained Glow Discharge in Helium at Atmospheric PressureSimonchik L.V.
P3.231Examination of Fixing Method of Plasma Potential for Ion Extraction by Using Background PlasmaTsuda S.
P3.233Experimental Study of the Instabilities of Plasma Channel under Electrical Discharge in WaterPorytskyy P.
P3.236The Maximum Energy of Ions Incident upon the Electrode in the Pulse-Modulated Mixture PlasmaSato N.
P3.239Research on Dense Plasma Focus Hard X-Ray Emission with Scintillator-Photomultiplier and Thermoluminiescent Detectors MeasurementsCastillo-Mejia F.
P3.240Effects of a Conducting Mesh on the Speed of JxB Driven Rotating PlasmasIkehata T.
P3.241Transition Stages in the Reactive Magnetron DischargePopa G.
P3.242Electron Energy Distribution in DC Argon/Cl2 DischargeRoberto M.
P3.243Numerical and Experimental Study of a Microsecond Plasma Opening Switch DynamicsZabaidullin O.
P3.244 Surface Wave Discharge under Low Pressures and Some Their ApplicationsAzarenkov N.A.
Legend. Or: Oral; P1, P2, P3, P4: Poster sessions 1-4; PD: Postdeadline; PDO: PD Oral