P2.001Confinement Identity Experiments in ASDEX Upgrade and JETThomsen K.
P2.002Operational Window and Performance at High Heating Power in the ASDEX Upgrade TokamakStabler A.
P2.003Confinement and Transport Studies at High Power in ASDEX UpgradeStober J.
P2.004Experiments on MHD Mode Stabilisation by ECCD in ASDEX UpgradeZohm H.
P2.005Measurement of the Radial Electric Field at ASDEX Upgradede Pena Hempel S.
P2.006Heat Flux Distribution in ASDEX Upgrade - Comparison of Divertor I and IIHerrmann A.
P2.007MHD Characteristics of ELMs and Their PrecursorsMaraschek M.E.
P2.008Advanced Tokamak Operation in ASDEX Upgrade: First Experiments and Feastability Study for Stationary OperationPereverzev G.
P2.009Transport with On-Axis and Off-Axis ECRH in ASDEX UpgradeRyter F.
P2.010Volume Recombination in the ASDEX Upgrade DivertorWenzel U.
P2.011Central Impurity Transport in ASDEX Upgrade H-Mode DischargesDux R.
P2.012Concentration of Spurious Impurities in ASDEX UpgradeSchlogl D.
P2.013Spectroscopic Evidence for Flow Reversal at High Density in ASDEX Upgrade Divertor IIGafert J.
P2.014Causes, Precursors and Mechanisms of Disruptions in ASDEX-UpgradePautasso G.
P2.015Edge Density Characterization Close to the Greenwald Density Limit with the New Closed Divertor in ASDEX UpgradeMertens V.
P2.016Neoclassical Tearing Modes and Their Interaction with Fishbones at ASDEX UpgradeGude A.
P2.017H/D Ratio Control Experiments at ASDEX UpgradeFahrbach H.-U.
P2.018Deuterium and Impurity Contamination of Divertor Tiles and Collector Probes of ASDEX-UpgradeHildebrandt D.
P2.019Measurement of Correlation Lengths by Reflectometry in the Edge Plasma of ASDEX UpgradeKurzan B.M.
P2.020Local Measurement with Microwave Reflectometry of Density Profile Perturbations Due to MHD Activity on ASDEX UpgradeManso M.
P2.021Critical Shear of ExB Flow in Suppressing Particle TransportJachmich S.
P2.022The Role of Velocity Shear in the TEXTOR-94 Radiative Improved ModeJaspers R.
P2.023Resistive MHD-Modes, Toroidal Plasma Rotation and DisruptionsWaidmann G.B.
P2.024Sawtooth Phenomena Following Pellet Injection in TEXTOR-94Hobirk J.
P2.025Deposition and Erosion of Silicon in Strongly Heated Discharges at TEXTOR-94Mank G.
P2.026Extended Parametric Study of the RI-Mode on TEXTOR-94Messiaen A.
P2.027Impurity Transport Studies at TEXTOR-94Biel W.
P2.028Status of Spherical Tokamak Globus-MGusev V.K.
P2.029High Beta Studies in Current Ramp Down Scenarios in Tokamak TUMAN-3MAskinazi L.G.
P2.030The Research of Turbulence in Plasma Core on T-10 Tokamak with Correlation Reflectometry in Regimes with Peaked Density Profile and ECR HeatingSoldatov S.
P2.032MHD Instabilities in the Experiments with Reversed Magnetic Shear and during b Collage in T10Kislov D.A.
P2.033Influence of the Redeposition Processes on Langmuir Probe Characteristic in T-10 TokamakKirnev G.S.
P2.034Peculiarities of Electron Heat Balance in Tokamaks at Transient Processes with Pinch DominatingKalmykov S.G.
P2.035Plasma Confinement and MHD Stability in the Experiments with Current Profile Modifications Produced by ECCD in T10 TokamakSushkov A.V.
P2.036Studies of T-10 Discharge Quench during Injection of Impurity PelletKuteev B.
P2.037Investigation of Role of Superthermal Electrons in Plasma Dynamics under ECH on Tokamak T-10 at Regimes with Instabilities on q=3Poznyak V.
P2.038The Experimental Investigations of the Breach in the Helical Perturbations during Major Disruptions in T-11M.Belov A.M.
P2.039Ballistic Bunching of Fast Ions in a Mirror TrapLotov K.V.
P2.040Stability and Bifurcations of Electrostatic Structures in Spherical Pierce DiodesGnavi G.
P2.042On Cloud Structure Nearby Ablating Hydrogen PelletsKuteev B.
P2.043Energy Confinement of the Finite b Plasmas in the Gas Dynamic TrapKarpushov A.
P2.044Nonlinear Dynamics of Short Laser Pulses in Plasma Production ProcessesGildenburg V.B.
P2.045Electron Density of High-Pressure Argon Plasma Produced by XeCl Excimer LaserTsuda N.
P2.046Calculation of Forward and Backward Plasma Boundary Produced by Excimer Laser in High-Pressure Argon GasYamada J.
P2.049Two Dimensional Propagation of Intense Laser Pulses in PlasmasSen A.
P2.050Harmonic Generation Due to Electron-Ion Correlated Scattering in Superstrong Laser Fields in PlasmasBalakin A.A.
P2.051Laser-Plasma Filamentation in ICF Plasmas: What Can Be Learned from Imaging Filamented Light?Johnston T.W.
P2.0542D Modeling of Thermal Smoothing of Laser Imprint in a Double-Pulse PlasmaLimpouch J.
P2.055Computational Model of Short Pulse Laser Target InteractionsLimpouch J.
P2.056Anomalous Penetration of Ultrahigh Intese Short Pulse Laser and Pulse Expansion of Reflected LaserSakagami H.
P2.057Correlated Effects Due to Electron-Ion Collisions in Superstrong Laser Fields in PlasmasFraiman G.M.
P2.058Inertial Fusion Energy from Improved Use of Big Laser SystemsHora H.
P2.059Electron Parametric Instabilities in Short Ultraintense Lineary Polarized Laser PulsesBarr H.C.
P2.061Interaction of Intense Laser Light with Super-Critical Density PlasmaOndarza R.
P2.072A Proposal for Off-Axis Heating and Current Drive with NBI on ASDEX UpgradeStabler A.
P2.073A Kinetic Study of ECRH in FTUKrivenski V.
P2.074First Results of the Ion Bernstein Wave Experiment on FTUCesario R.
P2.076Observation of Up-Down Differences in Plasma Response during ECRH on TCVHenderson M.A.
P2.077Effects of ECRH and ECCD on the MHD Relaxation Phenomena in TCVPietrzyk Z.A.
P2.078Fokker-Planck Simulation of the Electron-Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive and Electron-Cyclotron /Lower Hybrid Synergy for TdeVShoucri M.
P2.079Lower Hybrid Wave Coupling and Current Drive Experiments on TdeVCote C.
P2.080Results on Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in RTPWesterhof E.
P2.081Control of Magnetohydrodynamic Activities by Lower Hybrid Current Drive and Electron Cyclotron Heating in WT-3Yoshimura S.
P2.082Lower Hybrid Heating on HL-1M TokamakDing X.
P2.085Beam Tracing Description of EC Wave Beams in Tokamak PlasmasPoli E.
P2.086Study of the Linear and Parametric Absorption of Lower Hybrid Waves in Plasma on the FT-2 TokamakBudnikov V.
P2.087Behavior of Accelereted Electrons in OH Plasma during Lower Hybrid Current Drive and Ion Heating in the FT-2 TokamakRozhdestvensky V.V.
P2.088Possibility of an Internal Transport Barrier under Dominating Electron Transport in the T-10 TokamakKirneva N.A.
P2.090Modelling of Electromagnetic Field in Box of Unshielded 'ICRF' AntennaZasenko V.
P2.091About the Plasma EC-Heating in Tokamaks at Vertical EC-Waves LaunchGavrilova M.A.
P2.092Kinetic Modeling of EC Plasma Heating and Current Drive in the L-2M StellaratorTereshchenko M.A.
P2.093Radiation Distribution and Power Balance in the ASDEX Upgrade LYRA DivertorFuchs J.Ch.
P2.094Measurement of Radial Halpha and H Density Profiles Near the Separatrix and Implications on Ion Temperature DeterminationBard A.
P2.095Impurity Ions in ASDEX Upgrade and Wendelstein 7-AS Studied by Lithium Beam Charge-Exchange SpectroscopyBrandenburg R.
P2.096The Effects of Emissivity Profiles on Polarization Measurements at TEXTOR 94Weinheimer J.J.
P2.097Pulsed Radar Reflectometer with High Repetition Rate for the Textor TokamakHugenholtz A.
P2.098Fast Charged Particles Measurements at 'TEXTOR 94'Bonheure G.
P2.099Simulation of CO2-Laser Scattering from Plasma Fluctuation in FT-2 TokamakBulanin V.
P2.100Enhanced Scattering Diagnostics on a Tokamak-Like PlasmaKramer M.
P2.101Observations of the Time Delay of the Signal Backscattered in the Upper Hybrid Resonance in the FT-1 TokamakSelenin V.L.
P2.102Observation of Cross-Polarization Scattering in the Upper Hybrid Resonance and New Possibilities for Tokamak Magnetic Turbulence DiagnosticsGusakov E.Z.
P2.104Fluctuations and the Shape of a Rotating Magnetized Plasma ColumnLaux M.
P2.105Beam Probing Diagnostics of the Plasma Wake FieldsOnishchenko I.
P2.106DD Fusion Products Measurements on T-10 TokamakPopovichev S.V.
P2.108Geometric Structures in Toroidal Plasma ContainmentFuchs G.
P2.109The Application of Intracavity Thomson Scattering to the Study of Fast Transient Plasma ProcessesKantor M.Yu.
P2.110Region-of-Interest Tomography of Fine Structures in PlasmasPickalov V.V.
P2.120Cross-Field Plasma Transport and Potential Formation in an Electron Beam-Plasma SystemSugaya R.
P2.121Interaction of a Transverse Electromagnetic Wave with a Bounded Thermal Plasma with an External Magnetic FieldYoon N.-S.
P2.122One-Dimensional Simulation of Perpendicular Cillisionless Shock WaveGolubev A.
P2.123Non Linear Landau Damping and Collisionless Heating in Bounded PlasmaKaganovich I.D.
P2.124Toroidal Dielectric Tensot-Operator for Arbitrary Aspect Ratio and Wave Frequency: An Anisotropic-Resistivity, Finite Pressure MHD FormulationKomoshvili K.G.
P2.125Time Evolution of the Ion Distribution Function in the Perpendicular Collisionless Shock WaveGaranin S.F.
P2.126Expansion of Distribution Functions Using Simple PolesLofgren T.
P2.127Long-Time Behaviour of Nonlinear Landau DampingManfredi G.
P2.128Instabilities in the RCP Transverse Wave for a Chiral PlasmaTorres-Silva H.
P2.129Plasma Transport Across Magnetic Field by Drift VorticesNezlin M.V.
P2.130The Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Energy of a Plasma in Thermal EquilibriumOpher M.
P2.131Random and Regular Lower-Hybrid Fields in PlasmasPopel S.I.
P2.132Improvement to the Calculation of the Low Frequency Part of the Electrical Microfield Distibution in PlasmasPuerta J.J.
P2.133Cyclotron Absorption of Waves in Plasma Propagating Across a Nonuniform Magnetic FieldPyatak A.I.
P2.134On the Wave Scattering in Plasma with Small Scale Density IrregularitiesShklyar D.R.
P2.135Non-Local Theory of Excitation of Lower Hybrid Waves by a Density Modulated Electron Beam in a Plasma CylinderSharma S.C.
P2.136Exact Solutions for Waves in Cold Bounded PlasmasStenflo L.
P2.137Cross-Field Plasma Transport and Potential Formation Induced by Electrostatic WavesSugaya R.
P2.138Dynamics of Particles in an Annular Pure Electron Plasma under Static Magnetic PerturbationsRome M.
P2.139Ion-Neutral Collision Effects on Alfven Surface WavesUberoi C.
P2.140Suppression and Enhancement of Unstable Ion Cyclotron Harmonic Waves by rf Field in an Ion Beam and Inhomogenous Plasma SystemUtsunomiya S.
P2.141Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Initial Stage of the DC Electrical Breakdown of a GasKudrle V.
P2.142Dynamics of Narrow Electron Streams in Magnetized PlasmasMorales G.J.
P2.144Birefrigence in a Synchron-Emitting PlasmasBornatici M.
P2.145The Influence of High-Energy Particles on the Transport Processes of a Multi-Component Plasma for Four MHD TimescalesAndrushchenko Z.N.
P2.147Phase Mixing of Nonlinear Plasma Oscillations in an Arbitrary Mass Ratio Cold PlasmaKaw P.K.
P2.148Interface Localized ModesLortz D.
P2.152Stochastic Instability of Particle Motion in the Circular WaveguideButs V.A.
P2.154Stochastic Instability of the Modified DecayButs V.A.
P2.156Symmetries for the Electronic MagnetohydrodynamicsIlgisonis V.I.
P2.157Thermodynamic Functions of a Dense, Nonideal PlasmaDoumaz D.
P2.158Fokker-Planck Equation for a Test-Particle in Weakly Coupled Magnetized PlasmaKourakis I.
P2.164Interaction of Dispersive Electrostatic Pulses with Charged ParticlesAkimoto K.
P2.165Cnoidal Modes Oscillations as a Generalization of Ion Acoustic Waves and SolitonPopa G.
P2.166Kinetic Self-Organization: A Case of Stimulated Raman ScatteringSkoric M.
P2.167Waves Scattering Processes in an Inhomogeneous Plasma with Upper Hybrid PumpPavlenko V.N.
P2.168Absorption of Lower Hybrid Waves and Temperature Relaxation in Parametrically Unstable Inhomogeneous PlasmaPanchenko V.G.
P2.169Self-Similar Expansion of Bounded Plasma into VacuumDorozhkina D.S.
P2.174A New Monte Carlo Approach to Transport Phenomena in an Ergodic LayerRunov A.M.
P2.175Numerical Study of Ion Orbits in the Magnetic PresheathLindner P.
P2.176Revised Neoclassical Transport Including Inelastic CollisionsClaassen H.A.
P2.177The Dynamic Ergodic Divertor of TEXTOR-94: Topology and Properties of the Laminar ZoneEich T.
P2.178Modelling of MARFEs and of Edge Radiation in Tokamak Plasmas Including Kinetic Effects of Non-Maxwellian ImpuritiesReiser D.
P2.179Charge Separation, Velocity Shear and Suppression of Turbulence at a Plasma Edge in the Finite Gyro-Radius Guiding Center ApproximationShoucri M.
P2.180Trapped Alpha-Particles Orbits under the Effect of Drift WavesSidorenko I.N.
P2.181MHD Phenomena in Low and Reversed Shear PlasmasGunter S.
P2.182Fast Particle Driven MHD ActivityPinches S.D.
P2.183Simulation of Gas Oscillation Experiments on ASDEX UpgradeBecker G.
P2.184B2 - Eirene Density and Energy Scans for ASDEX Upgrade ShotsLaux M.
P2.185Probabilistic Excitation of L/H Transition in Toroidal PlasmasToda S.
P2.186Effect of Subsonic Toroidal Flows on Ion Transport in Edge Plasmas of Elongated TokamaksTsypin V.S.
P2.187Privileged Negative Magnetic Shear Equilibrium in Auxiliary Heated TokamaksMinardi E.
P2.188Calculation of Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Spectra in TokamaksGoedbloed J.P.
P2.189Solitary Radial Electric Field Structure in TokamaksItoh K.
P2.190Modelling of Internal Transport Barrier Formation on Tuman-3M TokamakRozhansky V.A.
P2.191The Non-Local Transport Effect Study in Fast Current Ramp Up Experiment at the FT-2 TokamakLashkul S.I.
P2.192Solution of Full Wave Equation for Global Modes in Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks with Non-Circular Cross-SectionCuperman S.
P2.193Transformation between O and XFuchs V.
P2.195Velocity Shear and Radiative Drift ModesMorozov D.Kh.
P2.196Toroidal Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibria with Incompressible FlowsThroumoulopoulos G.N.
P2.197Modelling of the Neoclassical Tearing Mode and Its Stabilization by ECCD/ECRHGunter S.
P2.198Mapping of a Stochastic Magnetic Field in a General ConfigurationFischer O.
P2.199CX-Neutral Flux Diagnostics of the Radial Electric FieldHeikkinen J.A.
P2.200Monte Carlo Simulation of Neoclassical CurrentKiviniemi T.P.
P2.201Nonlocal Three-Dimensional Simulations of Plasma Edge TurbulenceHallatschek K.
P2.202The Spectrum of Two-Dimensional Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic FlowsNijboer R.J.
P2.203Electron MHD of Pressure Driven Perturbations in Strongly Magnetized, Inhomogenous PlasmaWesterhof E.
P2.204Equilibrium and Ballooning Stability of Resistive Tokamak Plasmas Near the SeparatrixZehrfeld H.P.
P2.205Fluctuations in Plasmas with Time-Nonlocal (Non-Markovian) DiffusionZagorodny A.G.
P2.206The MARFE as a Non-Linear Stage of Ionization-Recombination InstabilityKrasheninnikov S.
P2.207Calculation of Feedback Stabilization of Wall ModesBoozer A.H.
P2.209Standing Striations Due to Laser Induced Depopulation of Metastable AtomsDinklage A.
P2.210Spectroscopic Study of Positive Column of Glow Discharge in Binary Mixtures of Oxygen with Neon and ArgonKanka A.
P2.211Relative Vibrational Populations of the N2(B3Pq,v=13-20) during Low Temperature Pure Nitrogen 'DC' AfterglowKrcma F.
P2.212A Study of the Anisotropy of the Electron Energy Distribution Function in Low-Temperature Magnetised Discharge Plasma in Argon and XenonKudrna P.
P2.213Diffusion Cooling in Neon Stationary AfterflowRusz J.
P2.214Spectral Diagnostics of Gliding Discharges at an Exciting Frequency of (0.05 - 25) kHz and Pressure of (0.1 . 1.2) MPaTesar C.
P2.216Measurement of Negative-Ion in Sheet Plasma by Photodetached MethodKawamura K.
P2.218Study of Ozone Production by Negative Corona Discharge in Mixtures of Oxygen with Some Chlorinated MethanesSkalny J.D.
P2.219Critical Effects in Screening of Finite-Size Charges in PlasmasBystrenko O.
P2.220Spatial Structure of K-Fullerene PlasmaHatakeyama R.
P2.221Background Electrons and Ions in Relaxing Dusty PlasmasKravchenko A.
P2.222Effect of Charging Processes on Fluctuations and Electromagnetic Wave Scattering in Dusty PlasmasKubaichuk V.P.
P2.224Charging of Small Solid Bodies: Laboratory SimulationSternovsky Z.
P2.225Phase Transitions in Dusty Plasma Crystals: Molecular Dynamics Simulation and TheoryTotsuji H.
P2.226Dust Vortex in a DC Discharge Plasma under a Weak Magnetic FieldUchida G.
P2.228Mie and Debye Scattering in a Dusty PlasmaGuerra R.M.F.N.
P2.231Structures and Motions of Strongly Coupled Dusty Coulomb ClustersJuan W.-T.
P2.234Aluminium X-Pinch Driven by a Low Inductance Pulse Power Generator: Experimental Observations of Its DynamicsSaavedra R.R.S.
P2.235Study of Current Sheath Dynamics and Charged Particle Emission from PF-1000 FacilityScholz M.
P2.236Characteristics of Electrons in the Beam Generated in Dense Plasma Focus DeviceSrivastava M.P.
P2.238Research on Emission of Charged Particle Beams from PF-360 FacilityZebrowski J.
P2.239High-Current Ion Beams in the Electrostatic Plasma LensGoncharov A.A.
P2.240Influence of Near-Electrode Effects on the Mechanisms of Generating the Charged Particle Beams and Plasma Fluxes in a Plasma Focus DischargeKrauz V.Z.
P2.241Electron Beam Spot Size Stabilization for Radiographic ApplicationKwan T.J.T.
Legend. Or: Oral; P1, P2, P3, P4: Poster sessions 1-4; PD: Postdeadline; PDO: PD Oral