P1.001H-Mode Threshold Edge Parameter Similarity Discharges in 'JET' and 'ASDEX' UpgradeSuttrop W.A.
P1.002Internal Transport Barriers in JET PlasmasCottrell G.
P1.003Transport Analysis of High Performance JET Discharges in D, DT and T PlasmasBalet B.
P1.004High DT Fusion Performance in ELM-free H-modes in JETRimini F.
P1.005High Performance and High Density Steady State D-T Plasmas in JETHorton L.
P1.007Scaling of Local Transport in JET ELMy H-Mode Discharge with H, D, DT, and T IsotopesBudny R.V.
P1.008High Density ELMy H mode Studies at JET in ITER Relevant ScenariosSaibene G.
P1.009Intermittent Turbulence and Energy Confinement in JETConway G.
P1.010Fishbone Modes in JET Optimised Shear PulsesHelander P.
P1.011Recent Observations and Interpretation of Ion Cyclotron Emission in JETHunt C.
P1.012Modelling of Particle Fluxes from the JET DivertorTabasso A.
P1.014Helium Enrichment Studies in JET DischargesGroth M.
P1.015Sawtooth Stability in JET Deuterium-Tritium DischargesNave M.F.
P1.016DT Mixture Control with Neutral Beam Fuelling and Importance of Particle Recycling and Isotope Exchange in the JET ELM-Free H-ModeJones T.T.C.
P1.017Spectroscopic Electron Density Measurements and Evidence of Recombination in High Density JET Divertor DischargesMeigs A.
P1.018Impurity Accumulation in JET ELMy H-Mode DischargesLawson K.
P1.019MHD Phenomena and their Influence on Confinement in JET Hot-Ion H-Mode D-D and D-T DischargesAlper B.
P1.020Particle Transport in Stedy-State ELMy H-Modes Studied by Trace Tritium Injection During JET DTE-1Zastrow K.-D.
P1.021Determination of Tritium Concentration in DT PlasmasJarvis O.N.
P1.022Transport of Light Impurities in the JET TokamakTunklev M.
P1.023Operational Experience in W7-AS Discharges with Rotational Transform from Bootstrap CurrentWagner F.
P1.024Parameter Dependencies of Temperature Fluctuations and Their Correlation with Density Fluctuations in W7-ASHartfuss H.-J.
P1.025Spectroscopic Measurement of the Non-Thermal Electron-Root Feature in W7-ASBaldzuhn J.
P1.026Properties of Density and Magnetic Field Fluctuations in the SOL and the Edge Regions of the W7-AS StellaratorZoletnik S.
P1.027Local and Global Transport in Perturbative Experiments in the Stellarator W7-ASWalter H.
P1.028Measurement of Transient Particle Transport Coefficient in W7-ASKoponen J.P.T.
P1.029Study of Alfven Eigenmodes in Configurations of Different Shear at Wendelstein 7-ASGorner C.
P1.030On the Influence of Rotational Transform and Magnetic Shear on Confinement in the W7-AS StellaratorBrakel R.
P1.031Spectroscopic Study of W-Shaped Divertor in JT-60UKubo H.
P1.032Objectives and Design of the Quasi-Axisymmetric NCSX ExperimentZarnstorff M.C.
P1.033Short Wavelength Fluctuations and Electron Heat Conductivity in Enhanced Reversed Shear Plasmas in TFTRWong K.-L.
P1.034Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes in Reverse Magnetic Shear Plasmason TFTRNazikian R.M.
P1.036Modeling of Plasma Operational Regime in Initial and Future LHD ExperimentsYamazaki K.
P1.037Effect of Bootstrap Current on MHD Equilibrium Beta Limit in LHD PlasmaWatanabe K.
P1.038National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) and Planned ResearchPeng M.
P1.039Generation of Fast Particles in RF Discharge Plasma in the Uragan 3-M TorsatronVolkov E.D.
P1.040Confinement and Stability of Drift-Orbit-Optimized Configuration in CHSOkamura S.
P1.041The H-1NF National Fusion Plasma Research FacilityBlackwell B.D.
P1.043Divertor Studies in Heliotron/TorsatronsChechkin V.V.
P1.044Observation of Poloidal Rotation by Microwave ReflectometryChristou Ch.
P1.045Rapid Equilibrium Reconstruction on W7-AS Using Function ParameterizationCallaghan H.P.
P1.047Theoretical Analysis of Two-Point Collective Scattering Correlation Functions Using a Drift Wave ModelSaffman M.
P1.048Fast Ion Diagnostics in JT-60U (Gamma-Ray and Collective Thomson Scattering Measurements)Kondoh T.
P1.050Faraday Rotation Densitometry for LHDMurayama H.
P1.052Grid Form on the Sensitivity of a Fast Ionization GaugeObayashi K.
P1.053Plasma Diagnostics Data Processing SoftwareRepisky J.
P1.054Measurements of Anomalous Currents to a Plasma-Driven Double ProbeBrenning N.
P1.057Diagnostics for Measurement of High Beta Plasma Parameters in the Gas Dynamic TrapAnikeev A.
P1.060Effect of Self-Reversed Spectral Lines and the Temperature of the Switching Arc PlasmaZdrazil V.
P1.061The Influence of Collisions on the Ion Current to an Electrostatic ProbeTrunec D.
P1.072Theoretical Analysis of ICRF Heating in JET DT PlasmasEriksson L.-G.
P1.073H-Mode Physics Studies with LHCD on JETSoldner F.X.
P1.074Electron Acceleration in Front of the JET and Tore Supra GrillsPetrzilka V.
P1.075Routes to Ignition on ITER by Means of Neutral Beamsde Esch H.
P1.076Neutral-Beam Modulation for Profile Measurements of Power and Particle DepositionOtt W.
P1.077Second Harmonic Hydrogen Heating on the Stellarator W7-ASHartmann D.A.
P1.078Oblique Launching Experiment for ECH and ECCD in Heliotron-ENagasaki K.
P1.079Study on the Radio-Frequency Driven Sheath in the Ion Cyclotron Slow Wave AntennasUesugi Y.
P1.080Analysis of Poloidal Drive Observed during IBW in TFTRLeBlanc B.P.
P1.082A New Insight for the Quasilinear Duffusion Coefficient for the Lower Hybrid Current DriveSakanaka P.H.
P1.083Survey of Electric Field Shear Driven by Radio Frequency Waves in Tokamak PlasmasJaeger E.F.
P1.084On Interaction of LHW with ElectronsKrlin L.
P1.087Interaction of Thermonuclear Alpha Particles with Lower Hybrid Waves in a TokamakSaveliev A.N.
P1.090Enhanced Particle Acceleration via Cascade of Autoresonance DetrappingsNakach R.
P1.093Effect of Mode Transformations on Lower Hybrid Current DrivePattikangas T.
P1.094Diffraction Effetcs and the Spectral Gap for Lower Hybrid Current Drive in Low-Density, Hight-Safety-Factor and High-Aspect-Ratio Tokamak PlasmasRodrigues P.
P1.095A New Self-Consistent, Integral-Equation Technique for the Evaluation of Input Impedance of ICRH AntenasMaggiora R.
P1.096ICRF Heating and Current Drive for TFTR and Advanced TokamaksScharer J.E.
P1.098Quasilinear Distortion of Alpha Particles Distribution under ICRHSilivra O.
P1.099Alfven Wave Dissipation and Plasma Rotation and Current in Strongly Elongated TokamaksTsypin V.S.
P1.101Electron Heating in Mirror by End Potential PlatesTaskaev S.Yu.
P1.102Kinetic Theory of Transport Driven CurrentRobiche J.
P1.103ECRH at Large Poloidal AnglesMcDonald D.C.
P1.104Absorption of Alfven Waves in Tokamaks with Elliptic Magnetic SurfacesGrishanov N.
P1.105Analytic Approximated Solution for the Reduced Energy Distribution Function of Ecr Hot ElectronsCastro E.
P1.106The Coulomb Scattering Effect on The Bounce Resonance Wave Dissipation in Toroidal PlasmasNekrassov F.M.
P1.107Plasma Heating by Regular Electromagnetic Wave due to Dynamical Chaos Arising under Wave-Particle Type of InteractionButs V.A.
P1.108ICRF Antenna Arrangement for Axisymmetric Plasma Formation in the GAMMA 10 Tandem MirrorIchimura M.
P1.109Influence of External Fields on Rotating Field Current Drive in Spherical PlasmasStorer R.
P1.110Fast Magnetosonic and Fast Alfven Waves in Magnetized Elliptic PlasmasGrekov D.L.
P1.111Numerical Investigation of Minority RF Heated Tokamak PlasmasZerguini T.H.
P1.112Stochastic Ion Heating in Stochastic Tokamak Magnetic FieldZerguini T.H.
P1.120Analysis of Up-Down Asymmetries of Density Fluctuations in Tore SupraFenzi C.
P1.121Measurement of the Ion Flow Speed in Tore Supra Ergodic Divertor ExperimentsGunn J.P.
P1.122Space-Charge Limited Emission Current from Material Surface in a PlasmaYe M.
P1.123Plasma Flow and Rotation Measurement Using Directional Langmuir ProbeTanaka M.Y.
P1.124On the Local Transport of the Ions to a Wall at Small Angles of the Magnetic Field to the SurfaceHothker K.
P1.125Collisionless Electron Heating in Modulated Plasma SheathsVender D.
P1.127Theory of Cross-Polarization Scattering from Magnetic Fluctuations in the Upper Hybrid ResonanceGusakov E.Z.
P1.128Fast Heat Pulse Propagation in Hot PlasmasWilhelmsson H.K.B.
P1.129Magnetic Presheath in front of an Oblique End-Plate in a Magnetized Sheet PlasmaTonegawa A.
P1.130Magnetic Channel Flow of High Density Plasmas in the HITOP DeviceAndo A.
P1.133Laser Induced Fluorescence Observation of Self Organised Ion Structures Induced by Electrostatic Perturbations in Low Density Argon PlasmaBachet G.
P1.134Energy Transfer from Electron Beam to Dense Plasma Cloud at the GOL-3-II FacilityPostupaev V.V.
P1.135Beam-Plasma Interaction in the Presence of Density GradientsLofgren T.
P1.136Experiments on Non-Neutral Long Spheroidal Electron Plasmas in a Multi-Ring-Electrode TrapMohri A.
P1.137Longitudinal Current and Fluctuations in the Initial Plasma of the AMBAL-M DeviceReva V.B.
P1.140Amplitude Collapse of Nonlinear Double Layer OscillationsWendt M.
P1.141Application of Chaotic Electron Motion for Plasma Production and Non-Neutral Plasma TrapYoshida Z.
P1.142Whistler Wave Ducting along Density Enhancements Caused by Heating of Electrons in a Laboratory PlasmaZaboronkova T.M.
P1.143Interaction of a Modulated Electron Beam with Magnetoactive PlasmaKostrov A.
P1.145Experimental Study of Electron Beam Relaxion in the Vicinity of the Threshold for Modulational Instability Excitementdo Prado F.
P1.146Measurement of Electron Distribution Function during the Creation of an Anode Type Double Layer by the Application of a Positive Voltage Step to an Anode in a Weakly Magnetized Discharge Plasma ColumnGyergyek T.
P1.147Effects of Energetic Electrons on Collector and Source Potentials in a Hydrogen PlasmaCercek M.
P1.148Self-Similarity of Plasma Networking in a Broad Range of Length Scales: From Laboratory to Cosmic PlasmasKukushkin A.B.
P1.149Measurement of Axial Potential Profiles of Double Layers in a Low-Pressure Mercury-Arc DischargeMaciel H.J.
P1.153Optical Diagnostic Based on the Lamb Shift Effect for the Measurement of the Microfluctuations of the Local Electric Field of a Low Density PlasmaDoveil F.
P1.155Change in Detached Helium Plasmaīs Structure Associated with Molecular Activated RecombinationNishijima D.N.
P1.156Ion-Ion Inelastic Scattering Cross Sections of Laser InterestStancalie V.C.
P1.157Bremsstrahlung from High-Temperature PlasmaKhvesyuk V.I.
P1.164Enhanced Electron Attachment to Highly-Excited States of Molecules: Implications for Plasma Processing DischargesPinnaduwage L.A.
P1.165Enhanced Electron Attachment to Rydberg States in Molecular Hydrogen DischargesPinnaduwage L.A.
P1.167Ion-Surface Reactions Relevant to Fusion Edge PlasmasMark T.D.
P1.168Electron Ionization Cross Sections for Atoms, Molecules and Molecular Ions Relevant to Fusion Edge Plasmas: Experiment and TheoryMatt S.
P1.174Extension of the Mixed Bohm/Gyro-Bohm Model to the Jet Elmy H-Mode and Flat or Reversed Central Shear Discharges of Jet and Tore SupraErba M.
P1.175Thermal Ion Diffusion and Evolution of the Intenal Transport Barrier in Reversed Shear PlasmasVoitsekhovitch I.
P1.1762D-Simulations of Breakdown in Tokamak by Collisional Ionization ModelTsutsui H.
P1.177Non-Bohm Diffusion Scaling Due to Trapping.Vlad M.
P1.178Theory of Transport Intermittency in the Tokamak PlasmaSpineanu F.
P1.180Momentum Conservation and Friction Effects on Neoclassical Flows in StellaratorsSolano E.R.
P1.181Ballooning Modes in an L = 2 Heliotron/Torsatron SystemNakajima N.
P1.182Ballooning Eigenmode Structure of Low-Shear StellaratorsDewar R.L.
P1.183Mapping Techniques for Monte Carlo Modelling of the Electron Distribution Function in a StellaratorHeyn M.
P1.184Linear Drift Waves in Advanced StellaratorsKendl A.
P1.185Configurational Influence on Ballooning Stability in TJ-II HeliacJimenez J.A.
P1.186The Local Stability in 5-Period Linked-Mirror StellaratorsIsaev M.Yu.
P1.187Physics Considerations for the Design of NCSXMonticello D.A.
P1.188Coils for 3D MHD EquilibriaMerkel P.
P1.189Numerical Analysis of Low Frequency Stability in a 3D Plasma Equilibrium with Energetic ParticlesKonies A.
P1.190Resistive Drift Waves in StellaratorsKleiber R.
P1.191Global Stability of Stellarator ConfigurationsGarcia L.
P1.192Simulation of Ion-Temperature-Gradient-Driven Instabilities in Axisymmetric and Helical ConfigurationsTran T.M.
P1.1933D Fokker-Planck Equation for Fast Ions in a Tokamak with Weak TF RipplesYavorskij V.
P1.194Modeling of Core-Localized Alpha-Driven Alfven Eigenmodes in TFTRGoloborodīko V.
P1.195Comparsion of Sheared Rotation Effects on Kinetic Stability in Tokamak PlasmasRewoldt G.
P1.196Loss of Alpha Particles Induced by Sawtooth Oscillations in TFTRLutsenko V.
P1.199Recent Progress in the Modeling of MHD Properties and Stochastic Diffusivity in the Reverse Field PinchPaccagnella R.
P1.200MHD Equilibrium and Stability of Reversed Field Pinch PlasmaMaejima Y.
P1.201On Stabilisation of Resistive Pressure Driven Modes in the Reversed-Field PinchScheffel J.
P1.202A Reconsideration of Internal Transport Barrier Models in Reverse Shear PlasmasKim J.-Y.
P1.203Compatibility of Transport and Stability in L=1 Helical Magnetic Axis SystemShiina S.
P1.204Linear Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Stability and Its Control by Fast Magnetosonic Wave Current Drive in Partially Relaxed State Model RFPDShiina S.
P1.205Simulation of Ion-Temperature-Gradient-Driven (ITG) Modes for the Bumpy PinchHatzky R.
P1.206Modeling of Mirror Confined ECR Plasmas for Highly Charged Ion ProductionGirard A.
P1.209Systematic Study of the Characteristic of the Point-to-Plane Corona on Natural ObjectsAubrecht L.
P1.211Charge Fluctuation Effects on the Hybrid Resonance in a Dusty PlasmaDjebli M.
P1.212The Abrupt Formation of Large Population of Cold Electron with Current Growth, Accompanied with Plasma Self-Trapping in Low-Pressure DischargesKaganovich I.D.
P1.214Target Plasma Formation by UHF PowerNanobashvili S.
P1.215Shock Wave Propagation in Gases under Subatmospheric PressureNanobashvili I.S.
P1.216The Axial Electric Field Strength and the Wall Potential in a DC Neon Glow Discharge as a Function of TemperatureTichy M.
P1.217Dust Particle Levitation in a Hot Cathode Discharge at Low Argon PressureArnas C.
P1.219The Jeans-Buneman Instability in the Presence of an Ion Beam in a Dusty PlasmaBharuthram R.
P1.220The Variable Dust-Charge and Dust-Acoustic Waves in a Plasma with a Beam-Ion FluidNejoh Y.-N.
P1.221Dynamics of the Dust-Charge on Electrostatic Waves in a Fullerene PlasmaNejoh Y.-N.
P1.222Observation of Trapping and Fluctuation of a Dust Could at a Very Low Gas PressureNunomura S.
P1.223Laser Excited Waves in a Plasma CrystalPiel A.
P1.224Shock Structures in Space Dusty PlasmasPopel S.I.
P1.225Chaotic Behavior of Charge Varying Dust Grains in PlasmasSaitou Y.
P1.226Nonlinear Propagation of Low Frequency Waves in Strongly Coupled Dusty PlasmasSen A.
P1.228Influence of Dust Particles on Non-Linear SheathsChutov Y.
P1.230Nonlinear Theory of the Interaction between Annular Electron Beam and Azimuthal Surface WavesGirka V.O.
P1.231On the Magnetohydrodynamic Evolution of the m=0 Instability in the Dense Z-pinchHerrera J.J.E.
P1.233Magnetoresonance in Free Electron Lasers with Electromagnetic and Magnetostatic WigglerTavakoli A.
P1.234Feasibility of Coherent Vuv Source Based on Beam-Plasma SystemPostupaev V.V.
P1.235Electron Emission under Space Charge Limited Condition with an Oblique Magnetic FieldTsvetkov I.V.
P1.236Laser Ions Abundance in Capillary DischargesVrba P.
P1.237Simulation of Double Layer in DC DischargeVrba P.
P1.239Nonlinear Mechanism of Runaway Electrons Generation due to the Hall Effect and Plasma Density InhomogeneitiesZabaidullin O.
Legend. Or: Oral; P1, P2, P3, P4: Poster sessions 1-4; PD: Postdeadline; PDO: PD Oral