Or.01 Near-Threshold Kinetic Instabilities and Fast Particle Transport: Observations & InterpretationBreizman B.
Or.02 Spectrum of Subcritically Excited Interchange Mode TurbulenceItoh S.-I.
Or.03 Numerical Study of Anisotropic Drift TurbulenceManfredi G.
Or.04 ECE Imaging Diagnostic at the RTP Tokamak: Performance and First Measurements of Te-FluctuationsDeng B.
Or.05 Profile Modifications in TdeV during Electron Cyclotron HeatingLachambre J.-L.
Or.06 Effect of Localised Electron Cyclotron Heating on Energy Confinement and MHD in TCVPochelon A.
Or.07 Controlled High Density Operation Beyond the Greenwald Limit on AUG by Inboard Pellet InjectionLang P.
Or.08 Confinement of Radiative Plasmas on Tore SupraMonier-Garbet P.
Or.09 Runaway Snakes in TEXTOR-94Entrop I.
Or.10 Energy and Angle Features of the Accelerated Electrons and Ions in the Interaction of a Ultra-Intese Laser Pulse with an Overdense PlasmaToupin C.
Or.11 Quenching of the Potential Relaxion Instability in a Single-Ended Q-Machine Plasma with Negative C60 IonsStrele D.
Or.12 Sawteeth Stabilization and Ion Temperature Enhancement by Localized ECRH in FTU PlasmasCirant S.
Or.13 Confinement Bifurcations in the H-1 Heliac: Formation and the Role of the Radial Electric Field in Fluctuation SuppressionShats M.G.
Or.14 Polarimetric Line Density Measurements at 'W7-AS' Using the 'Cotton-Mouton Effect'Fuchs Ch.
Or.15 Exceeding the Greenwald Limit by Suppression of MARFEs in TEXTOR-94Rapp J.
Or.16 Measurements of Beam Particle Losses in CHSSasao M.
Or.17 Atmospheric Pressure Non-Equilibrium Plasma Processing of PolymersShenton M.J.
Or.18 SXR Lithography Using a High Performance Plasma Focus SourceLee S.
Or.19 Interpretation of Charge Spectra of Ions in an Expanding Laser PlasmaRohlena K.
Or.21 Investigation of Hydrogen Plasma Detachment in the Divertor Plasma Simulator NAGDIS-IIEzumi N.
Or.23 Formation and Confinement of Non-Neutral Electron Plasmas in a Multi-Ring-Electrodes Trap Using with a Field Emitter Array CathodeTanaka H.
Or.24 Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating in D-T Divertor Plasmas in JETBhatnagar V.
Or.25 Observation of Internal Transport Barrier in Ohmically Heated Plasma in TUMAN-3M TokamakLebedev S.V.
Or.26 Current Drive by Negative-Ion-Based Neutral Beam Injector in JT-60UNaito O.
Legend. Or: Oral; P1, P2, P3, P4: Poster sessions 1-4; PD: Postdeadline; PDO: PD Oral