Presented byTITLERef.No.
Wagner F.Operational Experience in W7-AS Discharges with Rotational Transform from Bootstrap CurrentP1.023
Wahlberg Ch.Analytical Stability Condition for the Ideal m=n=1 Kink Mode in a Toroidal Plasma with Eliptic Cross SectionP4.189
Waidmann G.B.Resistive MHD-Modes, Toroidal Plasma Rotation and DisruptionsP2.023
Walter H.Local and Global Transport in Perturbative Experiments in the Stellarator W7-ASP1.027
Warrick Ch.The Use of ECRH and LHCD to Optimise High Beta Plasma Performance in COMPASS-DP3.082
Watanabe K.Effect of Bootstrap Current on MHD Equilibrium Beta Limit in LHD PlasmaP1.037
Weinheimer J.J.The Effects of Emissivity Profiles on Polarization Measurements at TEXTOR 94P2.096
Weisen H."Observation and Interpretation of ""Profile Consistency"" Features in the TCV Tokamak"P4.122
Wendt M.Amplitude Collapse of Nonlinear Double Layer OscillationsP1.140
Wenzel U.Volume Recombination in the ASDEX Upgrade DivertorP2.010
Westerhof E.Results on Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in RTPP2.080
Westerhof E.Electron MHD of Pressure Driven Perturbations in Strongly Magnetized, Inhomogenous PlasmaP2.203
Wilhelmsson H.K.B.Fast Heat Pulse Propagation in Hot PlasmasP1.128
Winkler C.On the Contamination of Langmuir ProbesP4.079
Wong K.-L.Short Wavelength Fluctuations and Electron Heat Conductivity in Enhanced Reversed Shear Plasmas in TFTRP1.033
Wukitch S.J.ICRH and Current Ramp-up Experiments in Alcator C-ModP3.020
Wurz H.A First Fully Consistent Analysis of Erossion of the ITER Vertical Targets for Disruptions and ELMsP3.011