Presented byTITLERef.No.
Zabaidullin O.Nonlinear Mechanism of Runaway Electrons Generation due to the Hall Effect and Plasma Density InhomogeneitiesP1.239
Zabaidullin O.Numerical and Experimental Study of a Microsecond Plasma Opening Switch DynamicsP3.243
Zaboronkova T.M.Whistler Wave Ducting along Density Enhancements Caused by Heating of Electrons in a Laboratory PlasmaP1.142
Zacek F.Spectrum Broadening of LHW Launched in Tokamak CASTOR by Multijunction Grill AntennaP3.081
Zacek M.Helicity Pinch Equilibrium with Radiative ProcessesP3.053
Zagorodny A.G.Fluctuations in Plasmas with Time-Nonlocal (Non-Markovian) DiffusionP2.205
Zaitsev F.S."Access to ""Advanced"" Regimes in Tight Aspect Ratio Plasmas"P3.198
Zajickova L.Optimization of Plasma Enhanced CVD from Standpoint of Optical Properties of Protective Coatings on PolycarbonatesP4.233
Zarnstorff M.C.Objectives and Design of the Quasi-Axisymmetric NCSX ExperimentP1.032
Zasenko V.Modelling of Electromagnetic Field in Box of Unshielded 'ICRF' AntennaP2.090
Zastrow K.-D.Particle Transport in Stedy-State ELMy H-Modes Studied by Trace Tritium Injection During JET DTE-1P1.020
Zdrazil V.Effect of Self-Reversed Spectral Lines and the Temperature of the Switching Arc PlasmaP1.060
Zebrowski J.Research on Emission of Charged Particle Beams from PF-360 FacilityP2.238
Zehnter P.Radial Density and Temperature Profiles of an Imploding Z pinch Helium Gas PuffP4.082
Zehrfeld H.P.Equilibrium and Ballooning Stability of Resistive Tokamak Plasmas Near the SeparatrixP2.204
Zeman P.Structure and Microhardness of Magnetron Sputtered ZrCu and ZrCu-N FilmsP4.242
Zerguini T.H.Numerical Investigation of Minority RF Heated Tokamak PlasmasP1.111
Zerguini T.H.Stochastic Ion Heating in Stochastic Tokamak Magnetic FieldP1.112
Zhang G.High Repetitive X-Ray Pinhole Camera Based on CCD and Its Application in Plasma X-Ray SourceP3.096
Zohm H.Experiments on MHD Mode Stabilisation by ECCD in ASDEX UpgradeP2.004
Zoletnik S.Properties of Density and Magnetic Field Fluctuations in the SOL and the Edge Regions of the W7-AS StellaratorP1.026
Zou X.Edge Cooling Experiments and Non Local Transport Phenomena in Tore SupraP3.007
Zurro B.On the Interpretation of Laser Ablation Data in Fusion PlasmasP4.083