Presented byTITLERef.No.
Yagi Y.An Interpretation of the Improved Confinement in High Pinch Parameter Plasma of TPE-1RM20 with the First Result of TPE-RXP4.025
Yagi Y.Plasma and Mode Rotations in TPE-1RM20 Reversed-Field Pinch and the First Measurement of Plasma Rotation in TPE-RXP4.029
Yakovenko Yu.V.Resonant Guiding-Centre Motion of Ions with Arbitrary Orbit Width in a TokamakP4.191
Yamada J.Calculation of Forward and Backward Plasma Boundary Produced by Excimer Laser in High-Pressure Argon GasP2.046
Yamada M.Recent Results from MRX: Magnetic Reconnection Experiments in a Controlled Laboratory SettingPD.26
Yamagiwa K.Observations of Soliton Modes in an Unstable Electron-Beam PlasmaP3.107
Yamazaki K.Modeling of Plasma Operational Regime in Initial and Future LHD ExperimentsP1.036
Yatsuyanagi Y.Chaotic Reconnection of the Vortex-Current FilamentsP4.123
Yavorskij V.3D Fokker-Planck Equation for Fast Ions in a Tokamak with Weak TF RipplesP1.193
Ye M.Space-Charge Limited Emission Current from Material Surface in a PlasmaP1.122
Ye M.Deposition of TiN Thin Films with Strongly Ionized Plasmas in High Duty AC Tokamak DischargeP4.230
Yoon N.-S.Interaction of a Transverse Electromagnetic Wave with a Bounded Thermal Plasma with an External Magnetic FieldP2.121
Yoshida Z.Application of Chaotic Electron Motion for Plasma Production and Non-Neutral Plasma TrapP1.141
Yoshimura S.Control of Magnetohydrodynamic Activities by Lower Hybrid Current Drive and Electron Cyclotron Heating in WT-3P2.081