Presented byTITLERef.No.
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Pavlenko V.N.Waves Scattering Processes in an Inhomogeneous Plasma with Upper Hybrid PumpP2.167
Pecoul S.Selfconsistent Determination of Currents on ICRH Antennae Taking into Accont Magnetic ShieldingP3.078
Pegourie B.Modelling of Particle Collection by the Ergodic Divertor of Tore SupraP3.009
Pekarek S.Needle-to Plate Electrical Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure for Ecological ApplicationsP4.213
Peng M.National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) and Planned ResearchP1.038
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Pinnaduwage L.A.Enhanced Electron Attachment to Rydberg States in Molecular Hydrogen DischargesP1.165
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Popa G.Transition Stages in the Reactive Magnetron DischargeP3.241
Popel S.I.Shock Structures in Space Dusty PlasmasP1.224
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Postupaev V.V.Feasibility of Coherent Vuv Source Based on Beam-Plasma SystemP1.234
Poznyak V.Investigation of Role of Superthermal Electrons in Plasma Dynamics under ECH on Tokamak T-10 at Regimes with Instabilities on q=3P2.037
Prandi R.Two-Dimensional EMHD InstabilitiesP3.148
Prandi R.Large Scale Instabilities in Two-Dimensional Reduced MagnetohydrodynamicsP3.149
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Prater R.Electron Cyclotron Current Drive and Current Profile Control in the DIII-D TokamakP3.080
Preinhaeler J.Proposal of Quasi-optical grill for ITER TokamakP3.084
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Pyatak A.I.Cyclotron Absorption of Waves in Plasma Propagating Across a Nonuniform Magnetic FieldP2.133