Presented byTITLERef.No.
Obayashi K.Grid Form on the Sensitivity of a Fast Ionization GaugeP1.052
Ohtsuka T.Edge Plasma Properties of a Field-Reversed ConfigurationP4.030
Ochi M.M.Generation and Reversal of Geomagnetic Dipole Field by 3-D MHD SimulationPDO.01
Okabayashi M.Circuit Equation Formulation of Resistive Wall Mode Feedback Stabilization Schemes and Application to Active Coil Design in DIII-D DeviceP4.009
Okamura S.Confinement and Stability of Drift-Orbit-Optimized Configuration in CHSP1.040
Olshansky V.V.Modelling of Electron-Ion Parametric Instability and Turbulence of Plasma in the Ion Cyclotron Frequency RangeP4.136
Ondarza R.Interaction of Intense Laser Light with Super-Critical Density PlasmaP2.061
Onishchenko I.Beam Probing Diagnostics of the Plasma Wake FieldsP2.105
Oohara W.Plasma-Structure Formation Due to a Local Production of Huge Negative IonsP4.154
Opher M.The Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Energy of a Plasma in Thermal EquilibriumP2.130
Ossipenko M.V.L-H Transition Simulations Based on Edge Turbulent Layer ModelP3.202
Ott W.Neutral-Beam Modulation for Profile Measurements of Power and Particle DepositionP1.076