Presented byTITLERef.No.
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Maget P.Analysis of PEP Discharges in Tore SupraP3.002
Maggiora R.A New Self-Consistent, Integral-Equation Technique for the Evaluation of Input Impedance of ICRH AntenasP1.095
Mailloux J.Long Distance Coupling of the Lower Hybrid Waves on Tore SupraP3.076
Mairey F.Kinetic Study of Electron Impact Ionization in a Helium DiodeP4.209
Manfredi G.Numerical Study of Anisotropic Drift TurbulenceOr.03
Manfredi G.Long-Time Behaviour of Nonlinear Landau DampingP2.127
Mank G.Deposition and Erosion of Silicon in Strongly Heated Discharges at TEXTOR-94P2.025
Manso M.Local Measurement with Microwave Reflectometry of Density Profile Perturbations Due to MHD Activity on ASDEX UpgradeP2.020
Maraschek M.E.MHD Characteristics of ELMs and Their PrecursorsP2.007
Mark T.D.Ion-Surface Reactions Relevant to Fusion Edge PlasmasP1.167
Markov G.A.Generation of Low Frequency Waves in a Magnetoplasma by a Plasma-Wave Modulated Beam Creating RF DischargeP3.141
Marrelli L.Local Energy Balance and Transport in RFX Standard and Anhaced PlasmasP3.034
Martin G.Runaway Electrons: from Tore-Supra to ITERP3.006
Martin Pa.Tokamak Transport for Arbitrary Magnetic Cross Section in the Collisional Regime. Applications to Some Particular CasesP4.182
Martin Y.R.Prediction of the ITER H-Mode Power Threshold by Means of Various Statistical TechniquesP3.010
Martin Y.R.Influence of the Plasma Shape on Mode Locking during the Plasma Ramp-Up in TCVP3.017
Martinell J.J.The Nonlinear Force from Fluctuations as Source of Plasma RotationP4.183
Martines E.Scaling Laws of Magnetic Turbulence in Reversed Field PinchP4.121
Martin-Solis R.Runaway Control in Tokamak DischargesP3.042
Matsunaga Y.Kinetic Simulation on Nonlinear Oscillation in Gas Discharge Plasma with Convective SchemeP4.148
Matt S.Electron Ionization Cross Sections for Atoms, Molecules and Molecular Ions Relevant to Fusion Edge Plasmas: Experiment and TheoryP1.168
McDonald D.C.ECRH at Large Poloidal AnglesP1.103
Medvedev S.Yu.MHD Limits in Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks with SeparatrixP3.196
Meigs A.Spectroscopic Electron Density Measurements and Evidence of Recombination in High Density JET Divertor DischargesP1.017
Menard J.E.High Frequency Fast Wave Coupling and Heating Studies in the CDX-U Spherical TorusP3.083
Merka J.Plasma Parameters in the High-altitude Cusp: INTERBALL ObservationP4.091
Merkel P.Coils for 3D MHD EquilibriaP1.188
Mertens V.Edge Density Characterization Close to the Greenwald Density Limit with the New Closed Divertor in ASDEX UpgradeP2.015
Messiaen A.Extended Parametric Study of the RI-Mode on TEXTOR-94P2.026
Meulenbroeks R.F.G.Off-Axis Sawtooth-Like Instabilities near q=3/2, 2, and 3 in RTPP3.031
Mikhailenko V.S.Ion-sound Parametric Turbulence of Plasma in Magnetic FieldPDO.03
Millar A.P.Genetic Algorithms: Plasma Diagnostic Signal AnalysisP3.104
Miller R.L.High Mode Number MHD Stability at the Edge of a TokamakP3.189
Minardi E.Privileged Negative Magnetic Shear Equilibrium in Auxiliary Heated TokamaksP2.187
Mironov V.A.Bound States of Coulomb System in Superstrong Laser Fields in PlasmasP3.142
Mizuno N.AIC Mode in Mirror Based Volumetric Neutron Source (FEF-II)P4.184
Mohri A.Experiments on Non-Neutral Long Spheroidal Electron Plasmas in a Multi-Ring-Electrode TrapP1.136
Monier-Garbet P.Confinement of Radiative Plasmas on Tore SupraOr.08
Monticello D.A.Physics Considerations for the Design of NCSXP1.187
Morales G.J.Dynamics of Narrow Electron Streams in Magnetized PlasmasP2.142
Morozov D.Kh.Velocity Shear and Radiative Drift ModesP2.195
Muravich A.I.Numerical Investigation of Dense Sheet Z-pinchesP3.055
Murayama H.Faraday Rotation Densitometry for LHDP1.050