Presented byTITLERef.No.
Lachambre J.-L.Profile Modifications in TdeV during Electron Cyclotron HeatingOr.05
Lamela H.Phase Measurements in an AC/DC Interferometer Prototype for the IR-TJII DiagnosticsP4.074
Lang P.Controlled High Density Operation Beyond the Greenwald Limit on AUG by Inboard Pellet InjectionOr.07
Lapshin V.I.Excitation of Electromagnetic Soliton by an Electron BeamP4.035
Lashkul S.I.The Non-Local Transport Effect Study in Fast Current Ramp Up Experiment at the FT-2 TokamakP2.191
Laux M.Fluctuations and the Shape of a Rotating Magnetized Plasma ColumnP2.104
Laux M.B2 - Eirene Density and Energy Scans for ASDEX Upgrade ShotsP2.184
Lawson K.Impurity Accumulation in JET ELMy H-Mode DischargesP1.018
Lebedev S.V.Observation of Internal Transport Barrier in Ohmically Heated Plasma in TUMAN-3M TokamakOr.25
LeBlanc B.P.Analysis of Poloidal Drive Observed during IBW in TFTRP1.080
Lebo I.G.Analysis and 2D Numerical Modeling of Burn Through of Metalic Foil Experiments Using Power KrF- and Nd-LasersP4.038
Lebo I.G.Numerical Simulation of the Effective Input of Laser Energy into a Cavity Through a HoleP4.039
Lee P.Argon Ion Induced Changes in Antimony Telluride Thin Films Using Dense Plasma Focus DeviceP4.237
Lee S.SXR Lithography Using a High Performance Plasma Focus SourceOr.18
Leipner I.Sputtering of CuCr and CuCr-N Films and Their PropertiesP4.244
Leonard A.W.ELM Heat Flux in the ITER DivertorP3.013
Leubner M.P.Auroral Electron Energization Due to Kinetic Alfven Wave TurbulenceP4.103
Leys Ch.Stability and Homogeneity of Direct-Current Discharges for Slab LasersP3.216
Leyser T.B.Parametric Interaction of Self Trapped Upper Hybrid States: a Model of Stimulated Electromagnetic EmissionsP4.145
Ligero Lopez A.Theoretical Study of the W-TH Cathode on Plasma Arc TorchesP4.226
Limpouch J.2D Modeling of Thermal Smoothing of Laser Imprint in a Double-Pulse PlasmaP2.054
Limpouch J.Computational Model of Short Pulse Laser Target InteractionsP2.055
Lindner P.Numerical Study of Ion Orbits in the Magnetic PresheathP2.175
Lipaev A.M.Diagnostic of Optically Dense Dusty PlasmaPD.10
Lister J.B.Direct Measurement of the Plasma Equilibrium Response in TCVP3.016
Liu M.SXR Radiation Modeling for Neon Plasma FocusP4.203
Lofgren T.Beam-Plasma Interaction in the Presence of Density GradientsP1.135
Lofgren T.Expansion of Distribution Functions Using Simple PolesP2.126
Lortz D.Interface Localized ModesP2.148
Lotov K.V.Ballistic Bunching of Fast Ions in a Mirror TrapP2.039
Ludwig G.O.Inductance of Tokamak Plasmas Using Toroidal Multipolar ExpansionsP4.181
Lutjens H. Stability Thresholds of Moderate-n Balloning Modes Driven by High Beta Internal Kinks. Effects of Plasma Shaping and ResistivityP3.201
Lutsenko V.Loss of Alpha Particles Induced by Sawtooth Oscillations in TFTRP1.196