Presented byTITLERef.No.
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Jaspers R.The Role of Velocity Shear in the TEXTOR-94 Radiative Improved ModeP2.022
Jaspers R.Study of Disruption Generated Runaway Electrons in TEXTOR-94P3.014
Jenista J.Parametric Study of a Water-Swirl Stabilized Electric ArcP3.218
Jimenez J.A.Configurational Influence on Ballooning Stability in TJ-II HeliacP1.185
Joffrin E.Reversed Shear Experiments in Tore Supra With Current Ramp-up and Lower Hybrid Current DriveP3.077
Johnston T.WDiffusion and Energy Modelling of an Argon Plasma Discharge in a Uniform Magnetic FieldP3.226
Johnston T.W.Laser-Plasma Filamentation in ICF Plasmas: What Can Be Learned from Imaging Filamented Light?P2.051
Jones T.T.C.DT Mixture Control with Neutral Beam Fuelling and Importance of Particle Recycling and Isotope Exchange in the JET ELM-Free H-ModeP1.016
Jovanovic B.M.Optimum Conditions for Second Harmonic Generation in a Magnetized PlasmaP4.153
Juan W.-T.Structures and Motions of Strongly Coupled Dusty Coulomb ClustersP2.231