Presented byTITLERef.No.
Hacquin S.1D Modelling of Pulse Reflectometry: Density Profile Reconstuction Based on the Optimal Pulse LengthP3.090
Haines M.G.Fast Reconnection Due to Triggered MicroturbulenceP3.152
Hallatschek K.Nonlocal Three-Dimensional Simulations of Plasma Edge TurbulenceP2.201
Hartfuss H.-J.Parameter Dependencies of Temperature Fluctuations and Their Correlation with Density Fluctuations in W7-ASP1.024
Hartmann D.A.Second Harmonic Hydrogen Heating on the Stellarator W7-ASP1.077
Hassanein A.Interaction of Solar-Probe Inherent Atmosphere on In-Situ ObservationsP4.088
Hassanein A.Integrated Models for Plasma/Material Interactions during Loss of Plasma ConfinementP4.179
Hastie R.J.Resistive Wall Modes in Toroidal PlasmasP3.197
Hatakeyama R.Spatial Structure of K-Fullerene PlasmaP2.220
Hatzky R.Simulation of Ion-Temperature-Gradient-Driven (ITG) Modes for the Bumpy PinchP1.205
Hegna Ch.C.Reduced MHD Equations for Low Aspect Ratio DevicesP3.199
Hegna Ch.C.Self-Consistent Turbulent Mean Field Forces in a Two-Fluid Theory of Toroidal PlasmasP4.193
Heikkinen J.A.CX-Neutral Flux Diagnostics of the Radial Electric FieldP2.199
Helander P.Fishbone Modes in JET Optimised Shear PulsesP1.010
Helander P.Neoclassical Transport in Rotating PlasmasP3.174
Helander P.M.Transport in Edge PlasmasP3.195
Hellberg M.Modelling of Experiments on Electron-Acoustic WavesP4.174
Heller M.V.Scrape-Off Layer Intermittency in the Castor TokamakP3.023
Henderson M.A.Observation of Up-Down Differences in Plasma Response during ECRH on TCVP2.076
Herrera J.J.E.On the Magnetohydrodynamic Evolution of the m=0 Instability in the Dense Z-pinchP1.231
Herrmann A.Heat Flux Distribution in ASDEX Upgrade - Comparison of Divertor I and IIP2.006
Heyn M.Mapping Techniques for Monte Carlo Modelling of the Electron Distribution Function in a StellaratorP1.183
Heyn M.3D Modeling of the Minority Distribution Function during rf HeatingP4.194
Hidalgo C.Radial Structure of Reynolds Stress in the Plasma Boundary of Stellarators and Tokamak PlasmasP4.126
Hildebrandt D.Deuterium and Impurity Contamination of Divertor Tiles and Collector Probes of ASDEX-UpgradeP2.018
Hirsch M.ELM-Like Transport Events and Their Impact on Confinement in W7-ASP4.125
Hobirk J.Sawtooth Phenomena Following Pellet Injection in TEXTOR-94P2.024
Hofmann F.Observation of b-Limits in Highly Elongated Tokamak PlasmasP3.019
Hogan J.T.Modelling of Giant ELM Effects on Impurity Enrichment in DIII-DP4.010
Hogeweij D.Non-Local Electron Heat Transport Effects Probed by Modulated ECH in the RTP ToakamakP3.028
Honore C.Small Scales Density Fluctuations in Tore Supra: Rupture in the Scaling LawP3.005
Honzawa T.Development of Modified Double Plasma Device Applicable to Basic Plasma Wave ExperimentsP3.140
Honzawa T.Plasma Cavity Formation and Nonlinear Frequency Conversion in the Range of Ion Plasma WavesP4.137
Hora H.Inertial Fusion Energy from Improved Use of Big Laser SystemsP2.058
Horiuchi K.In-Situ Chamber Wall Cleaning in Processing PlasmasP4.217
Horton L.High Performance and High Density Steady State D-T Plasmas in JETP1.005
Hothker K.On the Local Transport of the Ions to a Wall at Small Angles of the Magnetic Field to the SurfaceP1.124
Hovorka D.Microwave Plasma Nitriding of a Low-Alloy SteelP4.241
Hrachova V.Kinetics of Reactions in DC Glow Discharge in OxygenP3.223
Hron M.Plasma Fluctuation and Probe SheathP3.094
Hubicka Z.Application of the RF Plasma-Chemical Reactor with the System of Multi-Cathodes for Deposition of the Composite Thin Films and Multilayer StructuresP4.234
Hugenholtz A.Pulsed Radar Reflectometer with High Repetition Rate for the Textor TokamakP2.097
Hugill J.Investigation of Plasma Loss Dynamics during Transition from L-Mode to H-Mode in Ohmically Heated Tokamak PlasmasP4.124
Hunt C.Recent Observations and Interpretation of Ion Cyclotron Emission in JETP1.011