Presented byTITLERef.No.
Fahrbach H.-U.H/D Ratio Control Experiments at ASDEX UpgradeP2.017
Faria R.T.Jr.Nonlinear Alfven Waves in Multi-ion PlasmasP3.136
Fenzi C.Analysis of Up-Down Asymmetries of Density Fluctuations in Tore SupraP1.120
Fielding S.J.H-Modes on COMPASS-D with High Power ECRHP4.011
Fischer O.Mapping of a Stochastic Magnetic Field in a General ConfigurationP2.198
Fortov V.E.Supersonic Heat Wave in Low Density Foams Generated by Soft X-Radiation from a Z-Pinch PlasmaP3.044
Fraboulet D.Ergodic Divertor Experiments with Fast Wave Electron Heating in Tore SupraP3.003
Fraboulet D.Peculiarities of Mode Conversion Phenomena in Bounded Multispecies Plasma of a TokamakP3.073
Fraiman G.M.Correlated Effects Due to Electron-Ion Collisions in Superstrong Laser Fields in PlasmasP2.057
Frank A.G.Experiments on Magnetic Reconnection in 3D Configurations with X-LinesP3.123
Fredriksen A.R.ECR-Device for Studies of Plasmas for Thin Film PECVDP4.236
Fuchs G.Geometric Structures in Toroidal Plasma ContainmentP2.108
Fuchs Ch.Polarimetric Line Density Measurements at 'W7-AS' Using the 'Cotton-Mouton Effect'Or.14
Fuchs J.Ch.Radiation Distribution and Power Balance in the ASDEX Upgrade LYRA DivertorP2.093
Fuchs V.Transformation between O and XP2.193
Fulop T.The Radial and Poloidal Localization of Fast Magnetoacoustic Eigenmodes in TokamaksP4.178
Furukawa M.Ideal and Resistive Local MHD Instability in Negative Shear TokamaksP4.190