Presented byTITLERef.No.
Edenstrasser J.Force-Free MHD Equilibria with Non-Constant lambda(psi)P4.198
Eich T.The Dynamic Ergodic Divertor of TEXTOR-94: Topology and Properties of the Laminar ZoneP2.177
Elias M.Characterization of Carbon Nitride Films Prepared by the Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionP4.232
Entrop I.Runaway Snakes in TEXTOR-94Or.09
Erba M.Extension of the Mixed Bohm/Gyro-Bohm Model to the Jet Elmy H-Mode and Flat or Reversed Central Shear Discharges of Jet and Tore SupraP1.174
Eriksson L.-G.Theoretical Analysis of ICRF Heating in JET DT PlasmasP1.072
Ermak G.P.High-Speed Varactor Diode Swtches for Pulsed Radar and Amplitude Modulation ReflectometryP3.103
Estrada T.Turbulence and Beam Size Effects on Reflectometry Density Profile MeasurementsP4.073
Ezumi N.Investigation of Hydrogen Plasma Detachment in the Divertor Plasma Simulator NAGDIS-IIOr.21