Presented byTITLERef.No.
Das A.Conditions for Diffusive Thermal Transport in a Model Nonlinear SystemP3.121
Das A.Driven Turbulence in Two Dimensional Electron MagnetohydrodynamicsP4.129
Dasgupta B.Relaxed States of Magnetized Plasma with Minimum DissipationPD.20
Davydova T.A.Drift and Upper Hybrid Envelope Solitons in Nonuniform Magnetized PlasmaP3.125
De Angelis R.Analysis of Images of the FTU PlasmasP4.084
de Baar M.R.Ohmic Bifurcated States in RTPP3.025
de Blank H.J.Forced Nonlinear Magnetic ReconnectionP3.120
de Esch H.Routes to Ignition on ITER by Means of Neutral BeamsP1.075
de Gouveia Dal Pino E.M.Origin and Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic RaysP4.052
de Gouveia Dal Pino E.M.Magnetic Field on the Structure of Radiatively Cooling Protostellar JetsP4.053
de Kloe J.Radial Particle Transport during Pellet Injection in RTPP3.027
de Pena Hempel S.Measurement of the Radial Electric Field at ASDEX UpgradeP2.005
Decoste R.The L-H Transition on TdeV with Electron Cyclotron and Lower Hybrid HeatingP4.018
Deng B.ECE Imaging Diagnostic at the RTP Tokamak: Performance and First Measurements of Te-FluctuationsOr.04
Denisenko I.B.Surface Wave Discharge between Large-Area Metal Electrodes in the External Magnetic FieldP3.210
Devia A.Optical Spectrometry of Pulsed Plasma Used on Titanium Nitrade Coating ProductionP4.245
Devynck P.Measurements of Fluctuations Profiles With a Langmuir Probe in Limiter and Ergodic Divertor Configurations of Tore SupraP3.008
Dewar R.L.Ballooning Eigenmode Structure of Low-Shear StellaratorsP1.182
Ding X.Lower Hybrid Heating on HL-1M TokamakP2.082
Dinklage A.Standing Striations Due to Laser Induced Depopulation of Metastable AtomsP2.209
Dinklage A.Characterization and Numerical Simulation of the Route to Spatio-Temporal Turbulence in an Undriven DC Glow Discharge PlasmaP4.130
Djebli M.Charge Fluctuation Effects on the Hybrid Resonance in a Dusty PlasmaP1.211
do Prado F.Experimental Study of Electron Beam Relaxion in the Vicinity of the Threshold for Modulational Instability ExcitementP1.145
Donne T.Polarimetry for Measuring the Current Density in ITERP3.102
Dorozhkina D.S.Self-Similar Expansion of Bounded Plasma into VacuumP2.169
Doumaz D.Thermodynamic Functions of a Dense, Nonideal PlasmaP2.157
Doveil F.Optical Diagnostic Based on the Lamb Shift Effect for the Measurement of the Microfluctuations of the Local Electric Field of a Low Density PlasmaP1.153
Duran I.Coherent Modes and Broadband Magnetic Turbulence on the CASTOR TokamakP3.022
Duval B.P.Plasma Rotation across the H-Mode Transition in TCVP3.015
Dux R.Central Impurity Transport in ASDEX Upgrade H-Mode DischargesP2.011