Presented byTITLERef.No.
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Badalec J.VUV and USX Diagnostics of Impurities in CASTOR TokamakP3.092
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Bachmann P.Reaction-Diffusion Processes in Impurity Seeded Radiative PlasmasP3.193
Balakin A.A.Harmonic Generation Due to Electron-Ion Correlated Scattering in Superstrong Laser Fields in PlasmasP2.050
Baldzuhn J.Spectroscopic Measurement of the Non-Thermal Electron-Root Feature in W7-ASP1.025
Balet B.Transport Analysis of High Performance JET Discharges in D, DT and T PlasmasP1.003
Baranowski J.Studies of Ion Emission from Different Plasma Discharges of Axial SymmetryP4.081
Bard A.Measurement of Radial Halpha and H Density Profiles Near the Separatrix and Implications on Ion Temperature DeterminationP2.094
Barr H.C.Electron Parametric Instabilities in Short Ultraintense Lineary Polarized Laser PulsesP2.059
Barry S.First Measurements of the Faraday Rotation on Plasmas in TCVP3.091
Bartiromo R.In-Vessel Magnetic Field Measurements in RFXP3.036
Basiuk V.Improved Scenario for Coupling ICRF Power to Electrons in Tore SupraP3.072
Becker G.Simulation of Gas Oscillation Experiments on ASDEX UpgradeP2.183
Belov A.M.The Experimental Investigations of the Breach in the Helical Perturbations during Major Disruptions in T-11M.P2.038
Berni L.A.Simulation of the Thomson Scattering System for the Brazilian Spherical Tokamak ETEP3.101
Beurskens M.N.A.Structures in Te-Profiles: High Resolution Thomson Scattering in RTPP3.033
Bharuthram R.The Jeans-Buneman Instability in the Presence of an Ion Beam in a Dusty PlasmaP1.219
Bharuthram R.Beam Generated LEFs in the Auroral PlasmaP3.110
Bhatnagar V.Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating in D-T Divertor Plasmas in JETOr.24
Biel W.Impurity Transport Studies at TEXTOR-94P2.027
Blackwell B.D.The H-1NF National Fusion Plasma Research FacilityP1.041
Bleuel J.Plasma Edge Turbulence: Comparsion between Theory and ExperimentP4.127
Boedo J.A.Plasma Flow in the DIII-D DivertorP4.007
Bohmeyer W.Fluence and Energy Dependence of Chemical Erosion of Carbon Fiber Components (CFC)P4.238
Boivin R.L.Measurements of Local and Global Radiated Power in Alcator C-Mod PlasmasP3.021
Bolzonella T.Comparison of Plasma Confinement Properties in the RFX and MST Experiments under Similar Stationary ConditionsP3.040
Bonheure G.Fast Charged Particles Measurements at 'TEXTOR 94'P2.098
Boozer A.H.Calculation of Feedback Stabilization of Wall ModesP2.207
Bornatici M.Birefrigence in a Synchron-Emitting PlasmasP2.144
Boucher C.Validation of Plasma Velocity Measurements with Mach Probes Using Laser Induced FluorescenceP3.097
Boucher D.L.ITER Fusion Performance Projections for Inductive ELMy H-Mode and Non-Inductive Reversed Shear ScenariosP3.185
Boucher I.Reflectometry: Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Phase Variations with Large Amplitude Density FluctuationsP3.093
Brakel R.On the Influence of Rotational Transform and Magnetic Shear on Confinement in the W7-AS StellaratorP1.030
Brandenburg R.Impurity Ions in ASDEX Upgrade and Wendelstein 7-AS Studied by Lithium Beam Charge-Exchange SpectroscopyP2.095
Bravenec R.V.Comparisons of Measurements and Gyrofluid Simulations of Turbulence in DIII-DP4.002
Breizman B.Near-Threshold Kinetic Instabilities and Fast Particle Transport: Observations & InterpretationOr.01
Brenning N.Measurements of Anomalous Currents to a Plasma-Driven Double ProbeP1.054
Brenning N.Generation of Field-Aligned Currents in Space Plasmas by Ion BunchingP4.107
Bruma C.Basic Toroidal Effects on Alfven Wave Current Drive in Small Aspect Ratio TokamaksP3.088
Brzozowski J.H.Studies of Impurity Ion Rotation in Extrap-T2 Reversed-Field Pinch PlasmaP4.027
Budaev V.The ExB Velocity Shear and Turbulent Transport in the Edge of Tokamak TF-2P4.021
Budnikov V.Study of the Linear and Parametric Absorption of Lower Hybrid Waves in Plasma on the FT-2 TokamakP2.086
Budny R.V.Scaling of Local Transport in JET ELMy H-Mode Discharge with H, D, DT, and T IsotopesP1.007
Bulanin V.Simulation of CO2-Laser Scattering from Plasma Fluctuation in FT-2 TokamakP2.099
Buratti P.Internal MHD Modes in FTU Plasmas with High Core ConfinementP4.015
Burdo O.S.Ballooning Modes Instability in the Space PlasmasP4.045
Bursikova V.Influence of Deposition Parameters on Mechanical Properties of SiO2-Like Protective CoatingsP4.231
Buts V.A.Plasma Heating by Regular Electromagnetic Wave due to Dynamical Chaos Arising under Wave-Particle Type of InteractionP1.107
Buts V.A.Stochastic Instability of Particle Motion in the Circular WaveguideP2.152
Buts V.A.Stochastic Instability of the Modified DecayP2.154
Bystrenko O.Critical Effects in Screening of Finite-Size Charges in PlasmasP2.219