Presented byTITLERef.No.
Abarzhi S.I.Stable Steady Bubbles in the Rayleigh-Taylor InstabilityP3.127
Akers R.J.Ion Physics in the 'START' Spherical TokamakP3.194
Akimoto K.Interaction of Dispersive Electrostatic Pulses with Charged ParticlesP2.164
Alekseyev A.The Application of Natural Diamond Detectors to 3 MeV Proton Diagnostics at TORE SUPRAP3.098
Alladio F.MHD Equilibrium and Stability of Force-Free Atmospheres of Interstellar Magnetic ClumpsP4.048
Alper B.MHD Phenomena and their Influence on Confinement in JET Hot-Ion H-Mode D-D and D-T DischargesP1.019
Amagishi Y.Plasma Flow Measurements Using a Mach Probe Calibrated by Alfven WavesP3.099
Amemiya H.High Power Sharp Pulse Microwave Discharge in Air: Interpulse RegimeP3.209
Amemiya H.Lower Ionosphere (D-Layer) in Polar and Mid-Latitude RegionsP4.109
Ando A.Magnetic Channel Flow of High Density Plasmas in the HITOP DeviceP1.130
Andrushchenko Z.N.The Influence of High-Energy Particles on the Transport Processes of a Multi-Component Plasma for Four MHD TimescalesP2.145
Anikeev A.Diagnostics for Measurement of High Beta Plasma Parameters in the Gas Dynamic TrapP1.057
Anikeev V.N.Magnetic Controlled Hollow Cathode Arc Discharge and Itīs ApplicationsP4.215
Anikeev V.N.Small Size Electric Arc Melting FurnaceP4.221
Armstrong R.J."Probe Studies in the Toroidal Device ""Blaamann"""P3.100
Arnas C.Dust Particle Levitation in a Hot Cathode Discharge at Low Argon PressureP1.217
Askinazi L.G.High Beta Studies in Current Ramp Down Scenarios in Tokamak TUMAN-3MP2.029
Atipo A.Spatio-temporal Dynamics and Stabilization of Unstable Periodic Orbits in an Undriven DC Glow DischargeP3.133
Aubrecht L.Systematic Study of the Characteristic of the Point-to-Plane Corona on Natural ObjectsP1.209
Avram C.Current Jumps and Hysteries Effects in the Current-Voltage Characteristic of a Single-Ended Q-MachineP3.134
Azarenkov N.A. Surface Wave Discharge under Low Pressures and Some Their ApplicationsP3.244