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28th European Physical Society Conference on

Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics

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Madeira Tecnopolo, Funchal, Portugal
18-22 June 2001

Editors: C. Silva, C. Varandas and D. Campbell

CD-ROM Producers: C. Silva, J. Pires and R. Nóbrega

by the European Physical Society, © 2001

Reproduction rights reserved.

This volume is published under copyright of the European Physical Society. We wish to inform authors that the transfer of the copyright to the EPS should not prevent an author from publishing an article in a journal quoting the original first publication or the use to use the same abstract for another conference. This copyright is just to protect EPS against using the same material in similar publications.

This proceedings may be purchased from Centro de Fusão Nuclear, Instituto Superior Técnico, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal

Preface to the CD-ROM
The attached CD-ROM contains the contributed papers to the 28th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics, held 18-22 June in Funchal, Portugal. The length of the contributed papers has been limited to 4 pages. Each one of these 4-page papers is stored in one PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) file. This format was chosen for its portability across different platforms and the availability of free PDF viewers.

Submission procedure
This conference was the third time that the ELISE conference submission program was used for collecting the contributed papers. ELISE was developed by Ch. Nieswand and B. Duval at the Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas (CRPP) at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, and it is basically a webserver running on the local organisers' computers. The authors were requested to prepare their contributed papers in either PDF or Postscript format and to upload it to ELISE using its web interface. The program processed these files and generated a preview image, which could be checked by the author. ELISE worked rather well during the submission; over 90% of the papers were collected without operator intervention. The final submitted papers were stored by ELISE and made available on the World Wide Web after the conference. The CD-ROM proceedings contains 529 contributed papers.

For security reasons, a printed version of the papers has been requested as well. The authors who did not succeed in submitting their files had the chance to contact the local organisers either by e-mail or personally during the conference. Many incompatibility problems were solved in this way. The Local Organising Committee accepted all PDF files readable with Adobe Acrobat 4.0. Only 10 papers that theoretically met all requirements and that could be correctly viewed in Acrobat 4.0, were rejected or not processed correctly by the program.

About the CD-ROM
For the CD-ROM, a header and a page number were added to all pages of the contributions. This way, the papers constitute the pages of a virtual conference proceedings book and individual papers can be referenced in a normal way:

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 25A <ppp> (2001),
where <ppp> is the page number. Two tables of contents are available on the CD and in the booklet: one by session, the other by topic. The contents and authors index are also linked on the CD, clicking on a contribution the proceeding is opened at the appropriate page.

The collection of papers can be accessed in two independent ways; either in HTML using a frame capable web browser (like Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer) or in PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4 or greater). The HTML version features multiple indices (sessions, topics and authors) with HTML links to each paper in PDF format. This version contains a full cross-reference table of authors/papers. Navigation in this view is very similar to browsing a website.

In the PDF version, in addition to the usual navigation across papers and indices, papers are also searchable by means of a search engine included in the CD-ROM. To make navigation easier, buttons were added to the top of each page. These buttons link to the main navigation window (main), to the indices (sessions, topics and authors) and to the following and previous paper. These buttons are visible on the PDF browser but will not be printed. The main navigation window contains links to the table of contents, indices, the search engine and to the help pages. The format of the PDF version is similar to that of the booklet, and therefore we suggest using this version for printing.

Follow the links to the table of contents or to the index if you wish to find a contribution by paper or by author. For browsing papers, we suggest using the sessions index. If necessary, the papers can also be accessed directly in the directory pdfs of the CD; the file names correspond to the session numbers.

Technical information
At present, the CD-ROM production is not part of ELISE and incompatibility between PDF file writers and readers caused many problems, which had to be handled one-by-one. The problem was aggravated with the appearance of Acrobat 5: some papers processed by ELISE could be displayed with Acrobat 4.0, but failed in Acrobat 5.0. Most of the incompatibilities with the PDFs generated by ELISE were solved but some problems may persist, in particular for fonts using non-standard encodings (mostly in formulas).

Please note also that the quality of the papers on the CD depends on how they were originally prepared by the authors. Some files contain figures with poor definition, which also don't print reasonably. The search engine available in the PDF version of the CD offers the possibility to search in any frame capable and Java-enabled web browser, like any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape released in the last 3 or 4 years. This raises some issues that can't unfortunately be solved without interfering with user's preferences for the browser. The changes are however quite simple: please refer to the help pages for more information.

C. Silva, J. Pires and R. Nóbrega  Lisboa, December 2001

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