31st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
28 June - 2 July 2004

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 28G (2004)

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Session O1 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O1.01A.Ekedahl Demonstration of ITER relevant LHCD operation Large distance coupling in JET and long pulse operation in Tore Supra
O1.02S.Günter Conditions for NBI current profile control on ASDEX Upgrade
O1.03B.A.Nelson Solenoid free plasma production in NSTX by coaxial helicity injection
O1.04A.E.Hubbard Dependence of the C-Mod L-H Threshold on Magnetic Configuration and Relation to Scrape-off-layer Flows
O1.05J.G.Cordey The Scaling of the Energy Confinement in JET ELMy H-Modes with the Dimensionless Physics Parameters
O1.06V.G.Kiptily Gamma-Ray Measurements of Fusion Alpha Particles in JET Trace Tritium Experiments
O1.07J.D.Martin Dust grain temperature in a tokamak plasma
O1.09L.Boufendi Electrical Characterization of Dust Forming Plasma in Different Chemistries
O1.10K.DeBleecker Modelling of formation and transport of nanoparticles in silane discharges
O1.12I.H.Hutchinson Spin Stability of Asymmetrically Charged Plasma Dust
O1.15L.S.Mkhitaryan Influence of Perturbations of Fuel Inner Surface of Cryogenic Target on its Burning
O1.17S.A.Dan'ko Recent ICF Experiments on S-300 Pulsed Power Machine
O1.20P.-H.Maire Hydrodynamic instabilities in cylindrical geometry. Self-similar models and numerical simulations
O1.27D.F.Gordon Detailed Modeling of Channel Guided Laser Wakefield Accelerators Based on Capillary Discharges
O1.29Z.-M.Sheng Acceleration of electrons in the relativistic regime through multi-wave interactions
O1.30K.Nakajima Recent Results of Laser-Plasma Electron Beam Acceleration Experiments at JAERI-APRC
O1.31K.V.Lotov Efficient regime of the plasma wakefield accelerator

Session O2 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O2.01J.A.Boedo ELM-Induced Plasma Transport in the DIII-D SOL
O2.02P.R.Thomas Suppression of large edge localized modes with a stochastic magnetic boundary in high confinement DIII–D plasmas
O2.03A.Dinklage Integrated Interpretative Transport Modelling
O2.04A.Fujisawa Experimental Identification of Zonal Flows in CHS
O2.05T.P.Goodman Inductive Current Perturbations to Steady-State eITBs
O2.07B.Ph.vanMilligen Probabilistic transport models for fusion
O2.08G.Y.Antar On the Origin of `Intermittency' in the Scrape-off Layer of Linear Magnetic Confinement Devices
O2.09J.R.Myra Plasma Convection by Blobs in the Scrape-off-Layer
O2.10M.M.Skoric Ultra- Intense EM Solitons in a Relativistic Laser-Plasma Interaction
O2.13M.Mikikian Instabilities in a Dense Cloud of Grown Dust Particles
O2.14E.Kovacevic Plasma polymerized nanoparticles as astro-analogues
O2.16M.Coppins The critical droplet size in a misty plasma
O2.18V.Land Transport of dust with magnetic field and UV-radiation
O2.20M.G.Haines Ion viscous heating in a wire-array Z-pinch
O2.23P.Renaudin Time and space resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy of aluminum irradiated by a subpicosecond high-power laser
O2.24J.M.Perlado Low Activation Materials and Tritium effects in Inertial Fusion Reactors assessment and strategy for adequate irradiation
O2.28M.Kaluza Influence of the Laser Prepulse on Proton Acceleration in Thin-Foil Experiments
O2.29M.Borghesi Detection of electrostatic fields driving proton acceleration from solid foils irradiated by high-intensity laser pulses
O2.31S.Kar Study of ultrashort, high intensity laser matter interaction via proton imaging
O2.33M.Dreher Experimental Demonstration of Superradiant Amplification of Ultrashort Laser Pulses in a Plasma

Session O4 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O4.01S.Sakakibara MHD Activities in high-b regime of LHD
O4.02G.Saibene Small ELM experiments in H-mode plasmas in JET
O4.03B.E.Chapman Demonstration of tearing mode braking and locking due to eddy currents in a toroidal magnetic fusion device
O4.04M.A.Pedrosa Direct experimental evidence of coupling between sheared flows development and increased turbulence levels in the TJ-II stellarator
O4.05M.Wanner Accuracy of the Magnet Configuration of Wendelstein 7-X
O4.07I.B.Denysenko Kinetics of low-pressure discharge plasmas containing dust grains
O4.08A.A.Samarian Vortex Structures in Complex Plasmas
O4.09J.Remy In situ Infrared Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy of a capacitively coupled RF Ar/SiH4 dusty plasma
O4.10V.I.Molotkov Large-Amplitude and Shock Waves in a dc Glow Discharge Dusty Plasma
O4.11V.E.Fortov Transport and Hydrodynamics Phenomena in Non-Ideal Dusty Plasmas
O4.12O.Arp Three-dimensional dust clouds in a capacitively coupled rf-discharge
O4.13R.Keppens Grid-adaptive simulations of magnetized jet flows
O4.15R.E.Lee Numerical simulations of local shock refomation and ion acceleration in supernova remnants
O4.16B.Hnat Scaling and a Fokker-Planck model of the fast and slow solar wind as seen by WIND spacecraft.
O4.17A.A.Schekochihin MHD Turbulence and Saturation of Small-Scale Dynamo
O4.18F.Brochard Characterization of instabilities and study of their transition to turbulence in a magnetized plasma column
O4.19R.J.Kingham Quasi-linear model of non-local magnetic field generation in laser-plasmas
O4.20R.G.Evans Rapid Heating of Solid Density Material by an Intense Short Pulse Laser
O4.21RichardR.Freeman The essentials of generation and transport of high energy electrons in over dense materials the prospect for conventional fast ignition concepts
O4.22M.Schnürer Explosion characteristics of small plasma spheres produced with high intensity femtosecond laser-pulses
O4.24V.P.Krainov Laser induced fusion in a boron-hydrogen mixture

Session O5 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O5.04V.T.Tikhonchuk Low-level stimulated Brillouin scattering saturation in high-intensity laser-plasma interaction
O5.07I.Kourakis Theory of nonlinear excitations in dusty plasma crystals
O5.08A.B.Kukushkin Evidences for Skeletal Structures in Tornado and Probable Role of Nanodusty Plasma in Severe Weather Phenomena

Session P1 (Poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P1.001V.V.Yaroshenko Vertical oscillations of magnetized particles in complex plasmas
P1.002W.L.Theisen Breathing-mode resonance of a complex plasma disk
P1.003A.Melzer Heating and Phonon Spectra of 2D and 3D Finite Dust Clusters
P1.005O.S.Vaulina Analysis of spatial correlation of macroparticles in dusty plasma
P1.007I.A.Shakhova Experimental Studying of Dynamical Processes of Phase Transition’s
P1.010T.Trottenberg Experimental Studies of Dust-Dynamics in Magnetized Complex Plasmas
P1.011I.Kourakis Discrete breather modes in complex plasma crystals in the presence of an electric and/or magnetic field
P1.014A.A.Samarian Coulomb Clusters in Dusty Plasmas Dynamics and Stability
P1.015A.A.Samarian Dust as a diagnostic tool to measure potential distribution in plasma
P1.016M.Wolter Laser Manipulation of Particles in Dusty Plasmas under Microgravity
P1.017M.Klindworth Comparison of 2D Plasma Profiles and Particle Distributions in Complex Plasmas under Microgravity
P1.018M.Klindworth Probe induced secondary Voids in Complex Plasmas under Microgravity
P1.020S.Novak Modelling of plasma-solid interaction at low and medium pressures
P1.021A.H.Sari Concave Cold Cathode Electron Gun Using Obstructed Discharge
P1.022A.Ustimenko Simulation of Coal Plasma Ignition and Combustion in a Furnace Chamber
P1.023V.Messerle Plasma Application for Coal Combustion Activation
P1.024T.Antonova Levitation of particles in O2 plasma
P1.025J.Shebalin Plasma production and heating in VASIMR - A Plasma Engine for Space Exploration
P1.027Z.Jankoski Mathematical Modelling of the Pulverised Coal Preparation for Combustion Using Plasma
P1.029M.Kraemer Electron Heating and Plasma Production in Helicon Plasma
P1.030J.Chutia Observation of Instabilities in a cylindrical Post magnetron plasma discharge
P1.031R.S.Rawat Synthesis of FeCo Nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Deposition
P1.032R.S.Rawat Deposition of Nano-phase FeCo Thin Films using Plasma Focus Device
P1.033F.Li Absorption of EM wave by the Mei-Debye scattering of a dust plasma
P1.034I.B.Denysenko Control of ion and cation fluxes in low-temperature deposition of ordered carbon nanostructures
P1.035L.LauroTaroni Investigation of transients in low-temperature plasmas by means of Partice-In-Cell modelling
P1.036J.E.Allen The Plasma Boundary in Electronegative Gases
P1.039O.S.Vaulina The numerical study of quasi 2d- dust structures
P1.040S.A.Maiorov Kinetics of flowing plasma around rodlike particles
P1.042O.K.Cheremnykh Charge Properties of Fine-Dispersed Dust Grains in Space Plasma
P1.048M.A.Khan Spectroscopic studies of oxidation of coke in glow discharges in He-O2, Ar-O2, and N2-O2 gas mistures
P1.049S.V.Petrov Behaviour of the arc at cathode in combustion products plasma
P1.051N.Arinaminpathy On the theory of dust in a plasma using matched asymptotic expansions
P1.053L.Stenflo Stimulated scattering instabilities of electromagnetic waves in the Earth's mesosphere
P1.055T.K.March Applications of information theory in the near-Earth plasma environment
P1.056L.Gargaté Large scale hybrid simulations of interacting plasmas in space
P1.057M.Watanabe Effects of an oscillating toroidal electric field in the RFP plasma
P1.059A.K.Ram Electrostatic Fields in Density Cavities and Nonlinear Energization of Ions
P1.060M.E.Dieckmann Connecting shock velocities to electron injection mechanisms
P1.061M.E.Dieckmann Streaming instabilities driven by mildly relativistic proton beams in plasmas
P1.062M.Lontano Propagation of a finite amplitude electrostatic disturbance in a inhomogeneous plasma
P1.063H.Baty Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in astrophysical jets
P1.064A.S.Moore Tailored Blast Wave Production Pertaining to Supernova Remnants
P1.065L.O.Silva On the role of the electromagnetic counter-streaming instability in GRBs
P1.066R.Sydora Ultrahigh-Energy Particle Acceleration due to Nonlinear Alfven Waves in Relativistically Flowing Plasmas
P1.069A.S.Kholodov Numerical modeling of behavior of high-energy plasmoid in upper ionosphere and geomagnetic field
P1.070M.O.Vasiliev Numerical researches of formation of jet stream of plasma in large-scale geophysical experiment
P1.072M.V.Goldman 2-D Vlasov Simulations and Theory of Sheared Electron Instabilities in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas
P1.073O.Ya.Kolesnychenko Regular and stochastic motion of ions in the presence of Alfvén waves
P1.098Z.Ahmad Effect of plasma beam parameters on the plasma-neutrals interaction and generation of hydrocarbons in Magnum-psi
P1.099V.Veremiyenko Velocity components in the highly magnetised expanding plasma jet of Pilot-psi
P1.100H. Maassberg Self-Consistent Neoclassical Transport Coefficients for Elongated Tokamaks
P1.101J.J.Martinell Plasma Spin-up Driven by a MARFE
P1.103S.I.Krasheninnikov Evolution of meso-scale plasma pressure perturbations in tokamak
P1.106R.O.Dendy Off-axis electron cyclotron heating and the sandpile paradigm for transport in tokamak plasmas
P1.107J.A.Merrifield Characterising the Scaling Properties of Incompressible Isotropic Three-Dimensional MHD Turbulence
P1.108D.E.McGregor Bernstein mode current drive in spherical tokamaks
P1.109A.V.Voronin Development of Intense Plasma Jet Fuelling Source
P1.111Z.Y.Chen Determination of the fast electron distribution on HT-7 tokamak
P1.112L.Q.Hu Suppression of MHD instabilities in the synergetic IBW plus LHCD HT-7 plasma
P1.113R.G.L.Vann Theory and observation of frequency splitting and sweeping in tokamaks
P1.114P.Helander The evolution of the plasma current during tokamak disruptions
P1.115D.Hildebrandt The Influence of Contamination Layers on Surface Temperature Measurements of Carbon Materials in Fusion Devices
P1.116G.Sergienko Measurement of hydrogen retention in plasma facing surface in TEXTOR by laser induced desorption during plasma discharges
P1.117M.DeBock Plasma rotation during operation of the dynamic ergodic divertor in TEXTOR
P1.118M.G.von Hellermann Overview of Recent Impurity Transport Experiments on TEXTOR
P1.119H.J.deBlank Transiently improved confinement after off-axis ECRH in TEXTOR
P1.121I.G.J.Classen Fluctuation measurements with the 2-D ECE Imaging system on TEXTOR
P1.122E.Farshi EFFECTS of ECRH on Magnetic Islands Created by the TEXTOR Dynamic Ergodic Divertore
P1.123O.Zimmermann The influence of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on the MHD spectrum in TEXTOR
P1.124H.R.Koslowski Investigation of the excitation of error field modes using the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor at TEXTOR
P1.125Y.Liang Radiation power profiles in the plasma with the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on TEXTOR
P1.126Y.Liang Observation of mode structure and mode locking using the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor on TEXTOR
P1.127S.K.Varshney Investigation of DED generated MHD islands in the TEXTOR plasma with 10 kHz Thomson scattering system
P1.128S.Ohdachi Observation of DED-induced Magnetic Islands by a Tangentially Viewing Soft X-ray Camera on the TEXTOR Tokamak
P1.129G.VanWassenhove First Results on the Radiative Improved Mode RI Mode with operation of the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor DED at TEXTOR
P1.131S.Michelsen Fast Ion Millimeter Wave CTS Diagnostics on TEXTOR and ASDEX Upgrade
P1.132M.Ponomarjov Enhanced acceleration of charged particles by crossing RF waves, Resonant Moments Method RMM
P1.133F.Louche Three-dimensional Modelling of the ITER ICRF External Matching System
P1.134W.Biel Design of VUV impurity monitors and VUV imaging spectrometers for ITER
P1.135S.Pestchanyi Radiation losses from ITER SOL due to divertor material plasma
P1.136J.D.Strachan EDGE2D Simulations of JET 13C Migration Experiments
P1.138M.Lehnen Helium exhaust studies at JET in reversed B
P1.139J.Bucalossi Fuel retention over a full day of experiments in JET
P1.140Y.Corre Inner and outer power and energy asymmetries during L-mode power staircase pulses with forward and reversed magnetic field
P1.141V.L.V.Bobkov Studies of ELM toroidal asymmetry using ICRF antennas at JET and ASDEX Upgrade
P1.142J.-S.Lönnroth Modelling of ELM Heat Pulse Propagation with the Integrated Core-Edge Transport Code COCONUT
P1.143L.Popova Dependence of ELM frequency on pedestal plasma density and temperature
P1.144C.Giroud Z-dependence of Impurity transport in steady-state ITB amd Hybrid scenario at JET
P1.145D.Borba Confinement Transitions in JET inner wall limiter plasmas
P1.146H. Weisen Shear, temperature gradient and collisionality dependences of particle pinches in JET
P1.147L.Garzotti Transport and fluid turbulence simulations of JET pellet fuelled ITB plasmas
P1.148J.Mailloux Tritium Fuelling of JET Plasmas with Internal Transport Barriers
P1.149M.Mironov Tritium Transport Studies with JET ISEP NPA During the Trace Tritium Experimental Campaign
P1.150M.Mattioli Core plasma charge states of Mo ions in high electron temperature JET and FTU plasmas
P1.151M.Valisa Relationship between core impurity, fuel and thermal diffusivities in L and H mode JET plasmas.
P1.152N.Kirneva Role of the q profile in electron ITB evolution in JET discharges
P1.153P.Mantica Predictive modelling of electron temperature modulation experiments in JET L- and H-mode plasmas
P1.154P.Mantica Power modulation experiments in JET ITB plasmas
P1.155G.Kamelander Interpretative Simulation of Pellet Fuelled JET-Plasmas
P1.156G.Gorini Neutron emission from beam-injected fast tritons in JET plasmas with reversed or monotonic magnetic shear
P1.157V.Yavorskij Confinement of Fast Tritium Beam Ions in Current Hole Plasmas in JET
P1.158I.Voitsekhovitch Transport analysis of trace Tritium experiments on JET using TRANSP code and comparison with theory-based transport models
P1.159A.D.Whiteford Quantitative forward modelling of neutron emission to derive transport coefficients of tritium in JET, including error propagation through to transport parameters
P1.160J.Weiland Effects of temperature ratio on JET transport in hot ion and hot electron regimes
P1.161M.De Benedetti Observation of an intermediate rotation regime on JET
P1.162M.F.F.Nave Small sawtooth regimes in JET plasmas
P1.163T.C.Hender Trace-Tritium Measurement of Magnetic Island Effect on Particle Confinement
P1.164F.Spineanu Exact periodic solutions of the Liouville equation and the 'snake' of density in JET
P1.165P.Buratti Observation of slow sawtooth reconnection in JET low-shear plasmas
P1.166T.C.Hender Modeling of Resistive Wall Mode Experiments in JET
P1.167M.K.Zedda Neural approaches to Disruption prediction at JET
P1.168N.P.Young MHD spectroscopy determination of q-profile evolution in JET plasma
P1.169P.Belo Role of impurity and deuterium fuelling in evolution of trace tritium in JET ELMy H-mode transport analysis and perdictive modellind
P1.170P.Belo Observation and implication of MHD modes for the hybrid scenario in JET
P1.171E.R.Solano Separatrix instabilities and ELMs
P1.173E.Z.Gusakov Application of the Upper Hybrid Resonance Backscattering Enhanced Doppler Effect for Plasma Rotation Diagnostic at FT-2 Tokamak
P1.174E.Z.Gusakov Influence of Lower Hybrid heating on poloidal plasma rotation and small-scale turbulence in FT-2 tokamak
P1.175A.B.Kukushkin Contribution of Suprathermal Electrons to Cyclotron Radiation Transport in Hot Toroidal Plasmas
P1.177R.R.Khayrutdinov New RF heating model of the tokamak plasma in the frame of DINA code
P1.179A.Dnestrovskij Current Sustainment in Spherical Tokamaks
P1.180V.N.Dokuka Simulation of vertical plasma position control system of GLOBUS-M tokamak in the frame of Simulink-DINA concept
P1.181E.Gusakov Theory of Poloidal Correlation Reflectometry
P1.182E.Z.Gusakov Small-Angle Multi-Scattering Contribution to the Doppler Reflectometry Signal
P1.184K.Yu.Vukolov The deposition of contaminants on the in-vessel mirrors in T-10 tokamak
P1.185R.J.Buttery 3/2 NTM metastability scaling towards ITER
P1.186D.Shuvaev Plasma electron densities from singlet and triplet spectral series of the noble gas ions
P1.187D.A.Shuvaev LIF-based model experiments on Ar II temperature and density measurements and the time-dependent collisional-radiative model for ITER divertor
P1.189V.V.Bulanin Using of Two Frequency Doppler Reflectometer for Study of Internal Transport Barrier in TUMAN-3M Tokamak
P1.190V.B.Minaev NBI Heating Experiment on the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P1.191V.G.Kapralov Radiation losses studies in Globus-M tokamak
P1.192V.G.Kapralov Development of pellet technologies for plasma fuelling
P1.194A.E.Shevelev Reconstruction of Energy Distribution of Runaway Electrons from HXR Spectra Measured in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P1.195A.V.Tykhyy Adiabatic Invariants of Energetic Particle Motion in a Stellarator
P1.197V.Erckmann The 10 MW ECRH and CD System for W7-X Status and first tests
P1.198Yu.A.Turkin Predictive transport modeling for the W7-X
P1.199A.Sengupta Development of Function Parametrization on W7-X Stellarator
P1.200M.Schmidt Advanced'' delta-f Monte Carlo Simulation of NBI current drive in W7-X
P1.201V.V.Lutsenko Effect of the Radial Electric Field on the Confinement of NBI Ions in Wendelstein 7-X
P1.202C.Nuehrenberg Island compensation coils in W7-X
P1.203T.Andreeva Modelling of magnetic field perturbations and correction possibilities in WENDELSTEIN 7-X
P1.204N.B.Marushchenko Analysis of ECCD scenario for the W7-X Stellarator by the high field side ECE measurements
P1.205B.V.Kuteev Observation of Dust Production During Carbon Pellet Ablation in W7-AS Stellarator
P1.206M.Hirsch Dynamics of poloidal flows and turbulence at the H-mode transition in W7-AS
P1.207J.Geiger Equilibrium calculations for the W7-AS stellarator with large internal current densities due to ECCD
P1.208P.Merkel Resistive Wall Modes of 3D Equilibria with Multiply-connected Walls
P1.209H.P.Laqua Transmission Measurement with high Power ECRH at the Wendelstein7-AS Stellarator
P1.210M.Schubert Density, Electron Temperature and Electric Potential Fluctuations and Induced Radial Transport in the Boundary of the Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator from a Poloidal Array of Langmuir Probes
P1.211M.Otte Overview of Recent Results from WEGA Stellarator
P1.212K.Horvath Investigation of properties of the WEGA plasmas

Session P2 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P2.002S.Curatolo New Experimental Implications for ICF
P2.004S.A.Bel'kov Simulations of X-ray Fields Generated by Laser in LABIRINTH Target on ISKRA-5 Laser Facility
P2.005S.A.Bel'kov Influence of Controlled Asymmetry of X-Ray Field on Neutron Yield Generation in Indirect Drive Experiments on Iskra-5 Laser Facility
P2.011V.Petrzilka External Magnetostatic Field Effects on Plasma Flows Arising from Primary Electron Acceleration in Two Crossed Laser Beams
P2.016A.R.Babazadeh Effect Of Sparkgap Breakdown And Current Buildup Speed
P2.017V.Fortov Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Shock Compressed Plasmas at Megabars
P2.018V.S.Belyaev Pinch-effect in Laser Produced Plasma
P2.019L.B.Samolovskikh Calculations of spectral opacity for Be-Cu plasmas using STA and Average Atom models
P2.022X.G.Huang Hugoniot measurements in copper up to 1.7 TPa using directly laser-driven shocks
P2.024A.Krenz Plasma of extreme energy density by intense XUV beams
P2.025S.I.Tkachenko Studying of initial stage of wire explosion by x-ray radiography using X pinch as a source
P2.030E.H.Amara Modeling of carbon laser produced plasma expansion
P2.031J.Limpouch PALS Laser Interactions with Foam Targets
P2.032E.Y.Echkina Ion Acceleration during the Coulomb Explosion of the Multispecies Clusters
P2.033F.Peano A Self-Consistent Study for the Laser-Induced Coulomb Explosion of Large Deuterium Clusters
P2.035V.Skvortsov The radiative magnetohydrodynamics of miniature laser plasma system
P2.037S.A.Dan'ko Implosion Dynamics of Multi-material Wire-arrays on S-300 Pulsed Generator.
P2.038S.N.Srivastava Energy-transfer and expansion-dynamics of a collisional laser-plasma from planar, atomic and binary targets
P2.039A.P.Matafonov Results of experimental investigations on the atomic and nuclear processes going in picosecond laser plasma
P2.042F.Osman High Density Particle Beams Driven by Petawatt-Picosecond Clean Laser Pulses for Fusion
P2.043F.Osman Application of High Current Density Ions from PW-PS Laser Pulse Nonlinear Force Driven Plasma Blocks for X-ray Lasers
P2.046F.Osman Nonlinear Force Laser Driven Plasma Blocks for Fast Ignition
P2.047F.Osman An Investigation of the Nature Properties of Plasma
P2.049M.S.Rafique Theoretical and Experimental Comparison of Splashing in Different Materials
P2.050M.Grech Statistical model for the laser beam multiple scattering on self-induced density fluctuations
P2.054DavidS.Montgomery Observation of Fluid and Kinetic Nonlinearities for Langmuir Waves Driven by Stimulated Raman Scattering
P2.056T.Desai Study of preheating effects in laser driven shock wave EOS experiments
P2.057L.Shenye Laser-plasma interaction in hohlraum plasmas at SGII laser facility
P2.059B.Shokri Ion contribution in the instability of hig power microwave-produced plasmas
P2.061A.S.Kholodov Large-scale plasma experiments, their analysis and numerical modeling
P2.062G.J.J.Botha Dynamics of convection around axisymmetric magnetic flux tubes
P2.063D.Bennaceur-Doumaz Effects of Magnetic Fields and Nonlocal Electron Transport in Laser Produced Plasmas.
P2.066E.A.Evangelidis The Structure of Fields with Electric and Magnetic Components Parallel to Each Other
P2.067I.Kourakis Lagrangian formulation of electrostatic plasma waves - Application to dust-acoustic waves
P2.069F.Porcelli Driven magnetic reconnection about an X-point in the limit of no guide field
P2.070A.Wurm Separatrix Reconnection and Meanders in the Standard Nontwist Map
P2.072A.B.Kukushkin Self-Assembling of a Fractal from Nanodust in Electric Discharges from Laboratory to Space
P2.073E.V.vanderPlas Kinetic drift effects in magnetic reconnection
P2.075I.Morozov Collisions and Langmuir waves in Nonideal Plasmas
P2.076G.E.Norman Principles of theory of strongly coupled nonideal plasmas
P2.077I.Vorgul Analysis of a cyclotron maser instability with application to space and laboratory plasmas
P2.081O.Agullo Self-generate shear flows in helical turbulence
P2.082E.L.Stupitsky Investigation of Jet Plasma Stream Formation as a Result of Flutter Mode Growth in Large-Scale and Laboratory Plasma Experiments
P2.098V.S.Marchenko Collisional damping of the Alfven eigenmodes in stellarators
P2.099T.D.Akhmetov Experiments on Plasma Pressure Increase in the Solenoid of AMBAL-M
P2.101D.Terranova Pellet Injection from the High Field Side on FTU
P2.102M.De Benedetti Turbulence behaviour in ion Bernstein wave heated discharges on FTU
P2.104E.Barbato Benchmarking of LHCD numerical modelling on FTU discharges and application to ITER-FEAT scenarios
P2.105E.Barbato Experimental test of an ITER-like Passive Active Multijunction Lower Hybrid RF launcher on the FTU tokamak
P2.106J.R.Martin-Solis Runaway electron behaviour during auxiliary heating in the FTU tokamak
P2.107A.Cravotta Influence of the q 0 surface on transport in the reversed-field pinch
P2.108S.C.Guo Plasma velocity and mode dynamics in the Single Helicity RFP configuration
P2.109N.Vianello Fast electrons and intermittent events in the RFP device TPE-1RM20
P2.110N.Vianello Turbulence and plasma flow self-organisation in a Reversed Field Pinch configuration
P2.111L.Marrelli Transient transport studies and MHD activity in the RFP
P2.112I.Predebon Influence of helically shaped fields on particle transport in the RFP
P2.113R.Lorenzini Modification of plasma density profile during PPCD experiments in T2R
P2.114S.C.Guo Nonlinear interactions of multiple tearing modes with resistive wall and external helical magnetic perturbation
P2.115L.DePasqual Characteristics of the magnetic field profiles derived from polarimetric measurements in RFX
P2.116D.Borgogno Aspects of three-dimensional magnetic reconnection
P2.117F.Militello Analytic investigations on tearing mode
P2.118V.Lancellotti 3D/1D Prediction of ICRF Antennas Parameters during Operation
P2.119F.Bombarda Transport in High Density Igniting Plasmas
P2.120C.Marchetto Ion temperature gradient modes in the presence of a sheared ion flow
P2.122S.Shiina Plasma Self-induced Current in Reversed Field Pinch with Low Aspect Ratio
P2.123S.Kajita Application of Laser Photodetachment in Divertor Simulator MAP-II
P2.124Y.Yagi Effect of gas puffing on the mode locking phenomena in a reversed-field pinch device, TPE-RX
P2.125L.Frassinetti Conditions and underlying physics to achieve higher performance in PPCD operation in a reversed-field pinch device, TPE-RX
P2.126H.Koguchi Computed Tomography of Soft-Xray on a Reversed-Field Pinch Device, TPE-RX
P2.128H.Kasahara Preliminary EBW heating experiment on the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
P2.129H.Zushi Steady State Tokamak Operation with Real Time Measurements of Recycling, Heat Load, and Molybdenum Deposition in TRIAM-1M
P2.130J.Li Formation of large-scale structures in electron temperature gradient turbulence zonal flows or streamers
P2.131A.Fukuyama Analysis of Ballooning-Type Transport Model and Its Application to the Transport Barrier Formation
P2.132S.Benkadda Low Dimensional Model Study of Intermittent Thermal Transport in Toroidal Ion-Temperature-Gradient Turbulent Convection
P2.134M.Honda Transport Simulation of Transport Barriers and Current Hole in Tokamaks
P2.135K.Okano MHD and Current Drive Analysis of Demo-plant Core Plasma for Early Realization of Electric Power Generation
P2.136Bierwage Dynamical Study of q 1 Triple Kink-Tearing Modes
P2.137S.Kokubo Evaluation of Current Quench Decay Time in Tokamaks and Investigation of Its Behaviours
P2.138T.Akutsu Full Wave Analysis of Global Instabilities in Tokamaks
P2.139H.Tsutsui Plasma Breakdown Analysis in JFT-2M without the Use of Center Solenoid
P2.140Y. Nakamura Bootstrap Current Effects on Stable Non-Inductive Current Buildup in Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks
P2.141N.Takei TSC Simulation of ITB Crash and Following Disruption Dynamics on JT-60U High- Reversed Shear Plasmas
P2.142V.Piffl Carbon impurity transport studies in the TCV tokamak using spatially resolved ultrasoft X-ray spectroscopy
P2.143G.Zhuang MHD activity in EC-heated TCV plasmas with eITBs
P2.144J.B.Lister Drift-Free Equilibrium Reconstruction Using Magnetic Probes
P2.146W.A.Cooper Bootstrap Current and MHD Stability in a 4-Period Helias Reactor Configuration
P2.147S.Yu.Medvedev Edge Kink/Ballooning Mode Stability Scalings and ELM Triggering in Plasma with Separatrix
P2.148S.Yu.Medvedev Modelling of Equilibrium and Stability in Tokamak with Reversed Current Density
P2.149L.Porte 3rd Harmonic ECH on TCV using Vertically Launched 118GHz Radiation
P2.150S.J.Allfrey Generalised evolving background f0 for plasma delta-f Particle-in-cell simulations
P2.151V.E.Lukash Evolution of the DINA-CH tokamak full discharge simulator
P2.152AlexanderN.Karpushov Recovery of Ion Parameters from NPA Measurements on TCV
P2.153H.A.Scott Incorporating Radiation Effects into Edge Plasma Transport Models with Extended Atomic Data Tables
P2.154D.N.Ruzic Plasma Liquid-Metal Interaction Experiments and Modelling
P2.155G.Bateman Issues Concerning the Simulation of the H-mode Pedestal and ELMs in Tokamaks
P2.156P.B.Snyder Progress in the Peeling-Ballooning Model of ELMs Toroidal Rotation and 3D Nonlinear Dynamics
P2.157A.S.Ware Impact of field line label and ballooning parameter on infinite-n ballooning stability in compact stellarators
P2.158B.A.Nelson Demonstration of solenoid free plasma start-up by CHI
P2.159A.H.Boozer Resistive Wall Modes and Error Field Amplification
P2.160F.E.Cecil Preliminary calculations of expected signal levels of a thin Faraday foil lost alpha particle diagnostic for ITER
P2.161N.P.Basse Turbulence in Alcator C-Mod and Wendelstein 7-AS plasmas during controlled confinement transitions
P2.162M.H.Redi Nonlinear Turbulence Simulations for NSTX H-modes
P2.163M.H.Redi Benchmarking Nonlinear Turbulence Simulations for Alcator C-Mod
P2.165J.A.Snipes Fast Particle Driven Alfvén Eigenmodes in Alcator C-Mod
P2.166A.K.Ram Current Drive by Electron Bernstein Waves in Spherical Tokamaks
P2.167G.Schilling Assessment of ICRF Antenna Performance in Alcator C-Mod
P2.168A.Parisot Initial results from phased ICRF operations on Alcator C-Mod
P2.172H.Ali Magnetic footprints in the DIII-D USN with C-Coils like configuration using method of maps
P2.173R.J.Groebner Empirical Study of eta_e in H-mode Pedestal in DIII-D
P2.174W.A.Peebles Investigation of Broad Spectrum Turbulence on DIII-D Via Integrated Microwave and Far-Infrared Collective Scattering
P2.175R.I.Pinsker Fast Wave Antenna Loading in Advanced Tokamak Plasmas in DIII-D
P2.176A.D.Turnbull Equilibrium and Stability for the ARIES Compact Stellerator Reactor
P2.177D.M.Thomas Edge Currents and Stability in DIII-D
P2.178R.Jayakumar Study of Current Profile Evolution in Presence of Tearing Modes in DIII-D Hybrid Discharges
P2.179R.J.Jayakumar Observation and Measurement of MHD Activity Using Motional Stark Effect MSE Diagnostic
P2.180A.M.Garofalo RWM Feedback Stabilization in DIII-D Experiment-Theory Comparisons and Implications for ITER
P2.181R.J.LaHaye Stabilization of Neoclassical Tearing Mode by Active Control of Electron Cyclotron Current Drive Alignment in DIII-D
P2.182E.M.Hollmann Observation of Main-Chamber Heat Loads During Disruptions in DIII-D
P2.183R.Prater Application of Electron Cyclotron Current Drive on ITER
P2.184H.Reimerdes Active MHD Spectroscopy on the Resistive Wall Mode in DIII-D and JET
P2.185G.M.Staebler Transport From Overlapping Electron and Ion Driftwave Instabilities
P2.186C.E.Kessel Simulation of DIII-D Flat q Discharges
P2.187J.F.Lyon Confinement Physics, Equilibrium Robustness, and Flexibility Studies of the Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator QPS
P2.188J.F.Lyon Overview of the QPS Project
P2.189R.Maingi The H-mode Pedestal and Edge Localized Modes in NSTX
P2.190V.A.Soukhanovskii Supersonic gas jet for fueling experiments on NSTX
P2.191R.Sydora Kinetic Theory and SImulation of Nonlinear Inertial Scale Magnetic Structures
P2.193A.C.Sontag MHD Stability of High Beta NSTX Plasmas
P2.194M.G.Bell Physics Results from the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P2.196N.N.Gorelenkov Modeling of low frequency MHD induced beam ion transport in NSTX
P2.197H.L.Berk Alfvén Eigenmode stability with beams in ITER-like plasma
P2.198T.M.Biewer Observations of Anisotropic Ion Temperature in the NSTX Edge during RF Heating
P2.199D.Mueller Real-time equilibrium reconstruction and isoflux control of plasma shape and position in the National Spherical Torus Experiment NSTX
P2.200S.S.Medley Measurement of MHD-induced energetic ion loss during H-mode discharges in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P2.202K.J.McCollam Oscillating Field Current Drive Studies for the Reversed Field Pinch
P2.204J.K.Anderson RF Heating and Current Drive Experiments in the Madison Symmetric Torus Reversed Field Pinch
P2.205M.Koepke Compact Langmuir-probe/baffled probe array for applications to edge-plasma and turbulence characterization in a stellarator
P2.206K.W.Gentle Turbulence Observed in the Cylindrical Slab
P2.207A.Cole Error-field Penetration Thresholds in a Two-fluid Model
P2.208F.Porcelli A model for collisionless reconnection with arbitrary magnetic guide fields
P2.209S.Krasheninnikov Modelling of helium plasma in linear divertor simulator NAGDIS-II with UEDGE
P2.210S.I.Krasheninnikov Dynamics of dust particle motion in tokamak edge plasmas
P2.211R.P.Doerner Erosion Suppression of Carbon by Beryllium Plasma Impurities

Session P4 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P4.001O.Klimo K-alpha Emission from Multilayer Targets Irradiated by Ultrashort Laser Pulses
P4.002R.G.Evans Simulations of the Differential Acceleration of Protons and Deuterons in CPA Laser Irradiated Solid Targets
P4.005V.A.Lykov On possibility to improve the positron acceleration at the rear surface of target irradiated by intensive short laser pulse.
P4.009F.Osman Quark-Gluon Plasma and Transition to Hadrons at Nucleation in Astrophysics Plasmas at Boltzmann Equilibrium
P4.010M.Lontano Charge separation effects at the solid-vacuum interface and ion acceleration with two electron populations
P4.011H.Habara Thermal Neutron Generation in PW Laser Experiments at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
P4.016D.Dorranian Generation of short pulse radiation from magnetized wake in gas jet plasma-laser interaction
P4.018A.P.L.Robinson Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Simulations of Fast Electron Transport for studying Proton Accleration in Laser-Solid Interactions
P4.019I.Kostyukov Relativistic Electron Dynamics in Strongly-Nonlinear Regime of Laser-Plasma Interaction
P4.021Z.-M.Sheng Interactive dyanmics of two copropagating laser beams in underdense plasmas
P4.022Z.-M.Sheng Density modulation produced by laser pulses and induced phase reflection in underdense plasmas
P4.023X.He Phase dependence of relativistic electron dynamics and emission spectra in the superposition of a ultraintense laser field and a strong uniform magnetic field
P4.026S.N.Srivastava Segregation of neutrals and ions in laser ablated plasmas from binary targets
P4.027L.Láska Laser production of ions at different pre-formed plasma condition
P4.028M.G.Haines Beneficial effects of magnetic field generation
P4.029V.A.Skvortsov Miniature black holes generation by laser-induced electromagnetic collapse in plasma
P4.031I.V.Timofeev Electron viscosity in strong laser field
P4.033M.Marti Collisionless shocks driven by ultra-intense lasers
P4.034J.Wo?owski Ion emission from plasmas produced by a 438-nm laser radiation focused on targets of different Z-numbers
P4.036E.Chacon-Golcher Progress in the Computer Simulation of LANSCE's Production H- Ion Source
P4.037K.Lancaster Deuteron acceleration from buried layers in Petawatt laser-matter interactions
P4.040V.P.Krainov Relativistic electron drift in overdense plasma produced by a super-intense femtosecond laser pulse
P4.041V.P.Krainov Generation of even harmonics in plasma skin layer induced by a relativistic femtosecond laser pulse
P4.042Y.Wada Ion Production Enhancement by Prepulse in Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Interaction with Foil Targets
P4.043T.Okada Fast ion generation by a ultra-intense laser pulse on a plasma foil target
P4.045Y.Oishi Estimation of proton profile on rear surface of the target where ultraintense laser focused
P4.046C.Teske Generation of a gas discharge plasma for ion beam plasma interaction experiments
P4.048S.A.Maiorov Collisional electron heating by an ultraintense laser pulse
P4.049K.Eidmann Harmonic emission from the rear side of thin overdense foils irradiated with intense ultrashort laser pulses
P4.052J.J.Honrubia Simulations of fast electron transport experiments at MPQ
P4.057M.Aflori Characterization of argon-oxygen discharge using Langmuir probe and optical emission spectroscopy measurements
P4.058M.Aflori Comparison between the IEDs of positive ions Ar , Ar and Ar2 in an asymmetric capacitive argon discharge and argon-oxygen discharge
P4.061F.N.Tchebankov Process of hydrocarbons partial oxidation stimulated by plasma of atmospheric pressure microwave discharge.
P4.062V.A.Rantsev-Kartinov Waterspout as a Special Type of Atmospheric Aerosol Dusty Plasma
P4.063Z.Jankoski Improvement of Coal Combustion Efficiency and Decrease of Harmful Emission Under the Influence of Plasma - Modelling
P4.066S.Cho Influence of thermal electron motion on surface wave discharge characteristics
P4.068M.Kraemer Characterisation of short-scale fluctuations in helicon plasma
P4.071I.H.Hutchinson Potential and Frictional Drag on a Floating Sphere in a Flowing Plasma
P4.074M.Shafiq Wake potential of a moving test charge in a dusty plasma with dynamical grain charging
P4.075,S.A.Maiorov Modelling of kinetic energy of grain in dusty plasmas
P4.076Eu.V.Martysh Complex plasma as a left-handed medium
P4.078I.B.Denysenko Properties of low-pressure electronegative plasmas contaminated with dust particles
P4.079B.Eliasson The excitation and trapping of electron plasma waves by electron and ion holes
P4.081I.Kourakis Modulational instability and envelope excitations of dust--acoustic waves in a non--thermal background
P4.089A.B.Kukushkin A Hybrid of Aerogel and Plasma Models of Ball Lightning an Inductive Storage Wildly Formed by a Nanotube-Assembled Skeleton
P4.093M.Amroun Impurity charge effect on the ponderomotive force based contamination control in plasmas
P4.095R.Annou Effect of dust adiabaticity on dust acoustic solitons
P4.097E.FAUDOT Screening conditions in a magnetized plasma with electron beam, with application to ripple trapped electron losses
P4.098J.Hogan Modeling retention mechanisms in Tore Supra CIEL long discharges
P4.099C.Fenzi-Bonizec Effect of Toroidal Rotation Generated by ICRF Waves on Core Energy Confinement
P4.100F.G.Rimini EC Heating and Current Drive studies during current ramp-up in Tore-Supra
P4.101X.L.Zou A New Treatment of the Heat Transport Equation with a Transport Barrier and Applications to ECRH Experiments in Tore Supra
P4.102X.L.Zou Coupling between Particle and Heat Transport during Power Modulation Experiments in Tore Supra
P4.103G.Fuhr Low Dimensional Models for Transport Barrier Oscillations in Tokamak Edge Plasmas
P4.104D.F.Escande Constructive and rigorous approach to the nonlinear tearing mode
P4.105W.Zwingmann Nonlinear simulation of magnetic reconnection with a drift kinetic electron model
P4.106V.S.Udintsev Experimental Observation of MHD Precursor to Sawteeth in Tore Supra
P4.107L.Colas Plasma Dielectric Properties and ICRF Antenna Impedance Matrices
P4.109J.H.Belo Coupling properties of Tore Supra’s ITER-like LH PAM launcher
P4.110M.Goniche Exploration of fast particle generation and density fluctuations in front of the lower hybrid grills on Tore Supra
P4.111B.Schunke Evidence of the influence of reflections on the Zeff profile measurements and their mitigation
P4.112R.Sabot Density fluctuations measurements in Tore-Supra core with X-mode reflectometry
P4.113F.B.Rosmej Radiative Properties of High-n Neutral Helium Line Emission for Edge Plasma Conditions
P4.114F.B.Rosmej Fusion Tracer Elements Atomic Structure and Spectroscopic Properties of Molybdenum
P4.115J.Bucalossi Supersonic Molecular Beam Fuelling at ASDEX Upgrade
P4.116T.Puetterich Operation with the new tungsten divertor - ASDEX Upgrade en route to an all tungsten device
P4.117W.Schneider Surface Layer Deposition in ASDEX Upgrade with a Tungsten Wall as Measured by SIMS, AES and PIXE
P4.118M.Reich Edge ion temperature measurements at ASDEX Upgrade
P4.119C.F.Maggi Impurity Control in Improved H-mode Scenarios in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.120A.Manini Experimental Evidence for Electron Heat Transport Threshold in ASDEX Upgrade H-modes
P4.121D.Nishijima Experimental studies on toroidal plasma rotation in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.122C.Konz Neoclassical Transport in the Plasma Edge at ASDEX Upgrade with B2
P4.123G.Tardini ITB Collapse and ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.124G.D.Conway Direct measurement of Zonal flows and Geodesic Acoustic Mode GAM oscillations in ASDEX Upgrade using Doppler reflectometry
P4.125Y.S.Na Transport in Improved H-mode at ASDEX Upgrade and Comparison to JET
P4.126E.D.Quigley Formation and sustainment of internal transport barriers in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.127J.Schirmer Radial Electric Field Shear and Correlation Length Measurements in ASDEX Upgrade using Correlation Doppler Reflectometry
P4.128M.Maraschek Scaling of the marginal beta_p of the 2/1 neoclassical tearing mode and NTM onset conditions with extreme profiles in ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D and JET
P4.129V.Igochine Error field amplification in the presence of a resistive wall
P4.130E.Barbato On the use of Lower Hybrid Current Drive in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.131L.Giannone Regime identification in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.132G.Pautasso Details of power deposition in the thermal quench of ASDEX Upgrade disruptions
P4.133Y.R.Martin Magnetic ELM triggering on ASDEX Upgrade
P4.134S.V.Lebedev L-H transition at Low Densities in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.135P.T.Lang ELM pace making and amelioration at ASDEX Upgrade
P4.136T.Pütterich Atomic Data for Tungsten in Fusion Devices
P4.137I.Nunes Study of the Density Pedestal Width in ASDEX Upgrade using Reflectometry
P4.138T.Kubach Development of a laser-induced fluorescence system to detect densities and velocity distributions in the divertor plasma of ASDEX Upgrade
P4.139R.Stirn Spectroscopic determination of plasma parameters in front of heat shield materials for reusable spacecrafts under re-entry conditions
P4.141H.Bindslev Impurity Transport in 3D Plasma Edge Turbulence
P4.143F.Imbeaux Transport modelling of Hybrid discharges from the ITPA Profile Database
P4.144A.M.Popov 3D Simulations of Neoclassical Tearing Modes in ITER
P4.145Ph.Lotte Progress on the MSE diagnostic for ITER
P4.146L.N.Khimchenko Investigation of tokamak T-10 globular films microstructure.
P4.148E.Min Turbulence Modelling of T-10 ECRH Switch-off Experiments
P4.150G.V.Sergienko Radiation losses of strongly ionized dense plasma
P4.151V.Ya.Nikulin Material testing with the use of plasma focus device
P4.152V.B.Lazarev Peculiarities of Radiative Loss Profiles and Radiation-Condensation Instability in the Ň-11Ě Tokamak Discharges with a Lithium Limiter
P4.153L.G.Askinazi Peripheral radial electric field evolution during the ohmic H-mode transition in the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P4.154S.I.Lashkul Changes of the Particle Fluctuation Induced Fluxes near of the LCFS at Lower Hybrid Heating and Improved Confinement Transition at the FT - 2 Tokamak
P4.156A.V.Burdakov Fast Heating of Ions in GOL-3 Multiple Mirror Trap
P4.158V.K.Gusev High Performance OH regimes in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P4.162V.Rozhansky Modeling of High-Pressure Argon Jet Penetration into a Tokamak
P4.163E.A.Azizov Development of 2D Discharge Initiation Model in Tokamaks
P4.164A.A.Skovoroda MHD Stability of Toroidal Configurations in the Limit of Vanishing Rotational Transform
P4.165Yu.I.Pozdnyakov Bifurcational Solutions to the Grad-Shafranov Equation
P4.166M.I.Mikhailov Comparison of the Properties of Quasi-isodynamic Configurations for Different Number of Periods
P4.167V.D.Shafranov Results of Integrated Optimization of N 9 Quasi-isodynamic Stellarator
P4.168C.Hidalgo On the momentum re-distribution via fluctuations in fusion plasmas
P4.169B.Zurro Probing the influence of the power deposition profile on impurity transport by injecting silicon into the TJ-II stellarator
P4.170E.Calderón On the link between intermittent turbulent transport and non-exponential profiles in the plasma boundary of the TJ-II stellarator
P4.171J.García Electron Cyclotron Radiation Transfer in Fusion Plasmas Use of the ASTRA Transport Code Coupled with the CYTRAN Routine
P4.172J.Dies Benchmarking of electron heat diffusion models in TJ-II plasmas
P4.173D.Rapisarda Toroidal rotation of protons and impurities in the TJ-II stellarator ECRH heating versus unbalanced NBI
P4.174J.A.Mier Critical dynamics of drift-wave turbulence in cylindrical geometry
P4.175F.Castejón EBW launching optimization in TJ-II
P4.176F.Castejón Estimation of positive radial electric field created by ECRH-pump out in magnetic confinement devices.
P4.177F.Castejón On the influence of the magnetic topology on transport and radial electric fields in the TJ-II stellarator
P4.178D.Lopez-Bruna Propagating turbulence bursts and preferred location for transport barriers
P4.179D.Lopez-Bruna Evolution of rotational transform in ECRH discharges with induced current in TJ-II
P4.180A.Salas Study of TJ-II configurations with net toroidal current using the PIES code
P4.181L.Krupnik Radial electric fields and confinement in the TJ-II stellarator
P4.182F.Medina Electron distribution function and radial electric fields in the TJ-II stellarator.
P4.183M.Liniers First experiments in NBI Heated Plasmas in the TJ-II stellarator
P4.184J.Preinhaelter The sensitivity of ECE simulations in MAST to different magnetic equilibria models
P4.185G.F.Counsell Distribution of thermal energy during disruptions on MAST
P4.186A.Kirk The temporal and spatial structure of ELMs in MAST
P4.187A.R.Field Transport in the presence of ITBs in the MAST Spherical Tokamak
P4.188R.J.Akers Counter versus Co Tangential Neutral Beam Injection Performance on the Mega Ampere Spherical Tokamak
P4.189N.Joiner High beta electron micro-stability in Spherical Tokamaks
P4.190C.M.Roach Gyrokinetic Microstability Calculations for MAST
P4.191H.Meyer H-modes in single null diverted configuration on MAST
P4.192G.Turri Magnetic Reconnections in MAST
P4.193M.R.Tournianski Study of fast ion distribution in NBI heated MAST plasmas
P4.194H.L.Berk Determination of Internal Fields from Frequency Sweeping Observation
P4.195L.C.Appel Observation of CAEs on MAST
P4.196H.R.Wilson The Physics Basis of a Spherical Tokamak Components Test Facility
P4.197K.B.Axon Inboard versus outboard pellet refuelling of MAST plasmas
P4.198E.Kaveeva Simulation of Neoclassical Effects with B2SOLPS5.0 for MAST
P4.199G.J.J.Botha Alpha particles in inhomogeneous electrostatic fluctuations
P4.203J.Shebalin Magnetic Prandtl Number Effects in MHD Turbulence
P4.204M.Taguchi Theoretical studies of particle diffusion due to fluctuations
P4.205M.Cercek Sheath in front of a negatively biased collector that emits electrons and is immersed in a two electron temperature plasma
P4.207K.Bendib-Kalache Nonlocal electron transport in degenerate plasmas
P4.208N.F.Loureiro Fast and Slow Nonlinear Tearing Mode Reconnection
P4.210R.Rodríguez Analytical Potential for Core and Single Excited Configurations Including Plasma Effects to Obtain Atomic Properties for Ions in Dense and Hot Plasmas
P4.211M.A.Erukhimova Parametric “Nonresonant” Instability of Cyclotron Radiation Enhanced by Self-consistent Drawing of Wave Frequency to the Cyclotron Resonance
P4.213R.S.Rawat A High Flux Pulsed Neutron Source Using a Plasma Focus Device
P4.214R.S.Rawat A High Efficiency Soft X-ray Source for Scientific and Industrial Applications
P4.217A.V.Anikeev Formation and confinement of compact fast ion plasmoid in the gas dynamic trap.
P4.220P.J.Catto Drift Ordered Short Mean Free Path Fluid Equations
P4.221O.Maj Invariant Wave Dispersion Relation and Semiclassical Conservation Laws
P4.222C.Ionita Similarities between the L-H transition in fusion plasma and the appearance of a self-organized structure in low-temperature plasma
P4.225A.Mohri Experiment on Electron Confinement in a Strong Magnetic Quadrupole Superposed with an Electric Octupole
P4.227E.Martines Synchronization of drift waves in a DC magnetron sputtering device
P4.228M.Cercek Structure of a discharge plasma with negative ions model and simulation
P4.230V.Nagels-Silvert X-ray emission of a xenon gas jet plasma diagnosed with Thomson scattering

Session P5 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P5.001V.A.Skvortsov Physics of a point-like x-ray sources based on micro-plasma focus systems
P5.004K.B.Fournier X-ray emissivities from well characterized underdense, laser-heated gas targets
P5.005H.Kuroda Evolution of plasma produced by intense femtosecond lasers and observation of backscattered three-halved harmonic generation
P5.006H.R.Yousefi Insulator length effects in Mather-Type Plasma Focus Device
P5.007M.Watanabe Experimental study of capillary Z-pinch discharge plasma for EUV lithography
P5.008E.Rácz Polarization and Propagation Properties of High Harmonics for 10 17 W/cm 2 Intensities
P5.009A.R.Praeg Ablation of poly methyl methacrylate induced by focused 21.2-nm laser radiation
P5.015B.Ersfeld Electromagnetic Waves in Periodically Magnetized Plasma
P5.016F.Spineanu Exact periodic solutions of the Liouville equation and the “snake” of density in JET
P5.018E.Brunetti Quantum path interference in high harmonic generation
P5.021C.D.Murphy Observation of mono-energetic structures in the spectrum of laser wakefield accelerated electrons
P5.022L.Labate Improving the quality of enegetic electron beams produced by Laser Wake Field Acceleration
P5.024M.Adachi Electron Acceleration in a plasma produced from a dense gas jet irradiated by an intense laser pulse
P5.026K.V.Lotov Experimental plasma wakefield acceleration project at the VEPP-5 injection complex
P5.027J.F.Vieira Blowout regime for laser wakefiled in plasma channels
P5.028A.Yu.Kryachko Undulator Induced Transparency in Magnetoactive Plasma
P5.033SamuelF.Martins Tunneling ionization in OSIRIS
P5.034J.P.Santos Wigner description of laser driven instabilities at arbitrary intensities
P5.038E.A.Azizov Maintenance of stationary stage of VNS JUST-T for transmutation of minor actinides
P5.040G.V.Ivanenkov The dynamics of non equilibrium plasmas of the neck of X-pinch
P5.041M.Masek Evolution of electron distribution function in a laser plasma at SRS
P5.045S.Shahid Effect of CO2 laser irradiation on the track registration properties of CR-39
P5.046D.-K.Kim Ionization Balance and Electrical Conductivity of Nonideal Metal Plasmas
P5.047R.Belaouar Quasilinear electron acceleration in a driven plasma wave
P5.048M.S.Rafique Forward Peaking of Laser Induced Plasma Plume
P5.050R.T.Khaydarov Particularities of formation of multiply charged ions at the interaction of laser radiation with two-element PbMg targets
P5.051B.Dubroca Magnetic Field Generation in Pasmas due to Anisotropic Laser
P5.058I.Kourakis Envelope localized modes in electrostatic plasma waves
P5.060F.Doveil Hamiltonian dynamics investigated in a traveling wave tube
P5.061K.G.McClements Electron inertial effects on Alfvén modes at magnetic X-points
P5.062N.J.Sircombe Local electron acceleration by breaking Langmuir waves
P5.063B.J.Kellett A laboratory experiment to investigate auroral kilometric radiation emission mechanisms
P5.064R.Ellis Stable Supersonic Rotation in the Maryland Centrifugal Experiment.
P5.066T.Pisarczyk Studies of crater formation process using double target technique
P5.067A.Kasperczuk Investigation of crater creation efficiency by means of single and double targets in the PALS experiment
P5.070T.W.Johnston A New Plasma Physics Periodic Kinetic Electrostatic Electron Nonlinear KEEN Excitation and its Relation to SEAS Stimulated Elecron Acoustic Scattering
P5.075Y.Fukuzawa Formation of Deep Potential Well and its Structural Transition in Small Tokamak Device
P5.077MarkA.McGrath Initial TORPEX results of plasma production, confinement and fluctuation studies
P5.078M.Aflori Analysis of a complex space charge configuration formed in weakly magnetized diffusion plasma
P5.079T.SunnPedersen Confinement of non-neutral plasmas in the CNT stellarator
P5.082S.Tanriverdi,M.Psimopoulos Role of trapped particles in linear wave-plasma interactions
P5.083S.Tanriverdi,M.Psimopoulos Wavelet representation of plasma particle dynamics in stationary electrostatic waves
P5.084G.Y.Antar Kolmogorov-Kraichnan Scaling in the Inverse Energy Cascade of Two-dimensional Plasma Turbulence
P5.085P.K.Shukla Ion beam driven electromagnetic fluctuations at Earth's magnetopause
P5.097S.Kobayashi 3-Dimensional Neutral Particle Transport Analysis in Heliotron J
P5.099J.H.Harris Study on energy confinement time of net-current free toroidal plasmas based on extended international stellarator database
P5.101H.Miyoshi Intermittent Fluctuation Property of Edge Plasmas in JT-60U and LHD
P5.102H.Nozato A study of impurity transport in hydrogen and helium plasmas on LHD
P5.103S.Morita Characteristics of H-mode-like discharges in LHD under the presence of 1/1 rational surface at ergodic layer
P5.104M.Kaneko Experimental study of high energy particle confinement in Heliotron J
P5.105K.Ichiguchi Magnetic Island Generation in Nonlinear Evolution of Interchange Mode
P5.106M.Aizawa Effects of Aspect Ratio on Confinement Properties of L 1 Helical Systems
P5.107T.Yamaguchi Magnetic Measurements for MHD Equilibrium Reconstruction in LHD
P5.108R.Kumazawa Density Increase during Steady-state Plasma Discharge on the LargeƒnHelical Device
P5.109T.Ozaki Fast Neutral Particle Spectra in Different Pitch Angles in Large Helical Device
P5.110K.Nagaoka Hybrid Probe Measurement of Peripheral Plasma on CHS
P5.112P.R.Goncharov Local and Multi-Chord Neutral Particle Diagnostics of Complex 3D Shaped LHD Plasma
P5.113Y.Narushima Magnetic Diagnostics of Non-Rotating Magnetic Island in LHD
P5.114T.Tokuzawa Microwave Reflectometer for Density Profile and Fluctuation Measurements on LHD
P5.115T.Kobuchi Shafranov Shift Measurement Using Soft X-ray CCD Camera on Large Helical Device
P5.116V.Yu.Sergeev Analysis of first PCX measurements in LHD
P5.117A.V.Krasilnikov Study of fast tangentially beam-injected ion behavior in LHD using natural diamond detectors
P5.118B.Seiwald Optimization of neoclassical transport in URAGAN-2M
P5.119R.Schrittwieser Measurements of the Fluctuation-Induced Flux and the Reynolds Stress in the edge region of ISTTOK
P5.120R.Schrittwieser Direct plasma potential measurements by a novel probe
P5.122S.Kuhn Towards linking fluid and kinetic parameters near the plasma boundary
P5.123S.Kuhn Theory of a plane probe in a collisional plasma with fast electrons producing secondary electrons at the probe surface
P5.124K.Schoepf Effects of a Current Hole on the Fast Ion Distribution in Tokamaks
P5.125V.A.Yavorskij Effect of Magnetic Field Ripples on Fast Ion Non-Adiabaticity
P5.126R.Kamendje On electron cyclotron curent drive near low order rational magnetic surfaces in tokamaks
P5.127C.Ionita A Laser-Heated Emissive Probe for Fusion Applications
P5.128S.Kuhn Theory of the Time-dependent Child-Langmuir Sheath
P5.129W.Li Preliminary investigation of impurity and radiation behaviors in the HL-2A tokamak
P5.130L.W.Yan Numerical Simulation and Experimental Identification of Divertor Configuration in the HL-2A Tokamak
P5.131B.Wu Plasma vertical position control simulation of EAST tokamak
P5.137Y.J.Zheng HL-2A Plasma Imaging
P5.138V.Piffl Intensity radial profiles of VUV lines near the carbon target in the CASTOR tokamak
P5.139V.Weinzettl First tests of plasma sprayed tungsten specimens in CASTOR tokamak discharges
P5.141V.Petrzilka Modelling of the Effects of Random Fields in Front of LH Grills on Local Fast Particle Production
P5.142V.Fuchs Quasineutral simulations of plasma response to the lower hybrid antenna electric field
P5.143H.Bindslev Transport and Zonal Flow Energetics in Plasma Edge Turbulence
P5.144H.Bindslev Diagnosing fast ions in ITER by collective Thomson scattering
P5.145K.Thomsen Analysis of the bias in H-mode confinement scaling expressions related to measurement errors in variables
P5.146D.Pilipenko RF Induced Impurity Transport in the Mode Conversion Regime in a H-D plasma at JET
P5.147S.J.Janhunen Validation of gyrokinetic particle code ELMFIRE for tokamak edge transport analysis
P5.148E.A.Evangelidis Landau resonance between charged particles and plasma waves
P5.149K.Gál Modeling of cryogenic hydrogen isotope pellet ablation and cloud expansion
P5.150G.Kocsis Investigation of cryogenic pellet cloud dynamics
P5.151D.Dunai Combined density-temperature fluctuation measurement with beam emission spectroscopy
P5.154P.Khorshid Edge Fluctuations, Disruption and Limiter Biasing in the CT-6B Tokamak
P5.155A.Hojabri Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic instabilities in Iran Tokamak 1 IR-T1
P5.156C.Bruma Fourier Analysis and Interpretation of Computational Results on Combined Toroidicity, Ellipticity and Triangularity Effects on the Alfven Modes Excited in Pre-Heated, Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks
P5.158S.Cuperman The Combined Toroidicity, Ellipticity and Triangularity Effects on the Alfven Modes Excited in Pre-Heated, Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks, A Systematic Parametric Study
P5.159C.Giroud Z-dependence of impurity transport in the Hybrid scenario at JET
P5.160C.Boswell Comparison between TAE and EAE properties using MHD spectroscopy
P5.161J.A.Heikkinen Gyrokinetic simulation of neoclassical and turbulent transport
P5.162J.A.Heikkinen Experiments on ICRF coupling with different phasings
P5.163M.I.K.Santala pT fusion by RF-heated protons in JET trace tritium discharges
P5.164R.Bilato JET ICRF antennas coupling on extreme plasma shapes
P5.165P.U.Lamalle Investigation of low concentration tritium ICRF heating on JET
P5.166D.Borba Experiment on tritium beam evolution in JET plasmas with fishbones and TAE-modes
P5.167A.Salmi JET Experiments to Assess Finite Larmor Radius Effects on Resonant Ion Energy Distribution during ICRF Heating
P5.168D.Mazon Simultaneous real-time control of the current and pressure profiles in JET experiments and modelling
P5.169F.Sartori Controlling extremely shaped plasmas in the JET tokamak
P5.170P.Dumortier Dual feedback controlled high performance Ar seeded ELMy H-Mode discharges in JET including trace tritium experiments
P5.171L.Giacomelli Neutron emission spectroscopy of fuel ion rotation and fusion power components demonstrated in the trace tritium experiments at JET
P5.172K.Guenther Complete far-infrared polarimetry measurements at JET
P5.173S.Popovichev Performance of Neutron Measurements during Trace Tritium Experiments on JET
P5.174A.V.Krasilnikov Neutron Measurements during Trace Tritium Experiments at JET Using a Stilbene Detector
P5.175M.G.O'Mullane Detectability of diatomic tritides on the JET tokamak
P5.176H.Sjöstrand Measurement of the fusion power with the MPR neutron spectrometer in the TTE and DTE1 experiments at JET
P5.177B.Coppi Magnetic Reconnection and Intrinsically Associated Thermal Energy Transport
P5.178B.Coppi Onset of the thermonuclear instability and oscillatory states near ignition
P5.179H.Jhang A theoretical analysis of the effects of radio frequency waves on resistive wall modes
P5.180H.K.Na Design of re-entrant cassette and visible diagnostics for KSTAR
P5.182C.Nuehrenberg Density of states and growth-rate eigenvalue separation statistics of the ideal interchange mode spectrum
P5.183T.Ribeiro Tokamak turbulence computations on closed and open magnetic field lines
P5.184M.Vlad Impurity transport in turbulent plasmas
P5.185D.G.Sporea Set-up for the monitoring of optical fibers under gamma-ray irradiation
P5.187P.I.Strand Comparisons of anomalous and neoclassical contributions to core particle transport in tokamak discharges
P5.188V.P.Pavlenko Stability of Karman vortex streets in flute mode turbulence
P5.189C.Zucca Predator-Prey Phenomena in Interchange Mode Turbulence
P5.190P.R.Brunsell First results from intelligent shell experiments with partial coil coverage in the EXTRAP T2R reversed field pinch
P5.191C.Wahlberg Second stability regime of the ideal internal kink mode in a tokamak
P5.192D.Yadikin Feedback controller for saddle coils for suppression of resistive wall modes in EXTRAP T2R
P5.193J.-E.Dahlin Feedback Current Profile Control in the Advanced RFP
P5.194H.Smith Runaway electron generation in a cooling plasma
P5.197B.J.Ding Atomic process effect on poloidal CXRS measurement in the JT-60U tokamak
P5.199S.L.Newton Neoclassical momentum transport and radial electric field in tokamak transport barriers

Session D2 (Post Deadline Tuesday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D2.01B.McNamara The Coming Energy Winter the Role of Fusion

Session D5 (Post Deadline Friday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D5.02A.Kelly Astrophysical Applications of Magnetoacoustic Auto-oscillations in Astrophysical Applications of Magnetoacoustic Autowaves in Thermally Unstable Plasmas