35thEPS Conference on Plasma Physics, 9 - 13 June 2008
Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 32D (2008)

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Session O2 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O2.001L.Bertalot A Strategy for Calibrating the Neutron Systems on ITER
O2.002E.Wolfrum Determination of the Radial Electric Field from Passive He II Emission.
O2.003A.C.C.Sips Current rise studies at ASDEX Upgrade and JET in preparation for ITER
O2.004S.H.Kim Full tokamak simulation of ITER Scenario 2 using the combined DINA-CH and CRONOS simulator
O2.005P.Gohil H-mode Power Threshold for EC and NBI Heated Discharges in DIII-D and their Dependence on the Input Torque
O2.006V.Pericoli-Ridolfini High beta_N experiments at JET in ITER-like plasmas in support of the ITER steady state scenario
O2.007A.M.Lipaev Complex Plasma Laboratory PK-3 Plus on the International Space Station and First Experiments
O2.009V.N.Tsytovich Attraction of dust clusters and formation of super-crystals
O2.010G.Huser Wall and Laser Spot Motion in Cylindrical Hohlraums
O2.013C.Labaune Smoothing of laser beam intensity fluctuations in low density foam plasmas with the LIL laser
O2.014I.B.Foeldes Multiple-Beam Fast Ignition with KrF Laser
O2.016B.W.James Discharge diagnostics during particle growth in a complex plasma
O2.017J.M.Donoso Integral Propagator Solvers for Plasma Kinetic Equations
O2.018A.B.Ustimenko Plasma Gasification of Coal and Petrocoke

Session O3 (Oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O3.021S.Kneip Petawatt Laser Synchrotron Source
O3.022A.E.Sorokin Selective ion capture instability for ion-particle interactions in weakly ionized gas
O3.023A.Samarian Dust Cloud Dynamics In Complex Plasma Afterglow
O3.024B.J.Lee Manufacturing Photovoltaic Cell With The Low Cost and High Efficient Using Hyperthermal Neutral Beam
O3.025F.Delahaye The ODALISC project Accurate atomic data for complex radiation-hydrodynamics simulations.
O3.026A.G.Frank Experimental observations of the out-of-plane quadrupole magnetic fields resulting from generation of the Hall currents in current sheets
O3.027L.P.Babich Simulation of ascending atmospheric discharge and its emissions in optical and gamma - ranges

Session O4 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O4.028M.Muraglia Nonlinear Dynamics of Magnetic Islands Imbedded in Plasma Microturbulence
O4.029P.Piovesan Magnetic order improvement through high current and MHD feedback control in RFX-mod
O4.030Ph.Lauber Fast Particle Driven Modes at ASDEX Upgrade
O4.031S.Zoletnik Observations of ELM pre-cursor structures using Beam Emission Spectroscopy in MAST
O4.032S.daGraca Studies of edge MHD modes in H-mode discharges in ASDEX Upgrade using reflectometry
O4.033A.Huber Plasma radiation during transient events in JET
O4.034G.P.Maddison Dimensionless Pedestal Identity Plasmas on Alcator C-Mod and JET
O4.035M.Becoulet Non-linear MHD Rotating Plasma Response to Resonant and Non-Resonant Magnetic Perturbations.
O4.036T.Kurki-Suonio Fast Particle Losses in ITER
O4.041I.Tsohantjis Pair creation from vacuum in the presence of ultra-intense laser beams
O4.042L.Lancia Experimental investigation of short light pulse amplification using
O4.043J.Badziak Studies on proton beam generation for fast ignition-related applications
O4.044I.Kaganovich The Collective Energy Loss of The Relativistic Electron Beam Propagating Through Background Plasma
O4.046A.D.Gurchenko Evolution of turbulence exponential wave number spectra during transition to improved confinement triggered by current ramp up at FT-2 tokamak
O4.048M.A.Pedrosa Long-distance correlations of fluctuations and sheared flows during transitions to improved confinement regimes in the TJ-II stellarator
O4.049N.Vianello Turbulence, transport and their relation with the magnetic boundary in the RFX-Mod device
O4.050R.Guirlet Anomalous Transport of Light and Heavy Impurities in Tore Supra Sawtooth-free Ohmic Plasmas
O4.051Y.Kominis Quasilinear Theory for Momentum and Spatial Diffusion due to Radio Frequency Waves in Non-Axisymmetric Toroidal Plasmas
O4.052Y.Xu Impact of the Resonant Magnetic Perturbations RMP on Edge Turbulence and Turbulent Transport on TEXTOR
O4.054L.Garzotti Observation and analysis of pellet material grad B drift on MAST
O4.055B.Rubinstein Highly Resolved Spectroscopic Observations of Magnetic Field Penetration into an almost Collisionless Plasma
O4.056M.Psimopoulos Cross field thermal transport in highly magnetized plasmas
O4.057S.Perri Small-Scale Anisotropy in the Solar Wind
O4.059A.K.Ram Chaotic Magnetic Fields due to Asymmetric Current Configurations - Modeling Cross-Field Particle Diffusion in Cosmic Rays

Session O5 (oral)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
O5.060L.Hallo Hydrodynamic and Symmetry Safety Factors of Hiper's targets
O5.061P.Koester Experimental investigation of fast electron transport through Kalpha imaging and spectroscopy in relativistic laser-solid interactions
O5.063H.Totsuji Critical Phenomena in Strongly Coupled Fine Particle Plamas
O5.066A.Y.Pankin Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Accretion Disk Corona
O5.067M.E.Dieckmann The formation of a relativistic planar plasma shock

Session P1 (Poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P1.001A.Y.Pankin Kinetic H-mode Pedestal Evolution with the Effects of Anomalous Transport
P1.005J.W.Hughes H-mode optimization using magnetic topology variation in Alcator C-Mod
P1.006M.Kocan Measurements of ion temperature in the scrape-off layer of Tore Supra
P1.007N.BenAyed Experimental observation of inter-ELM filaments in MAST
P1.008O.Buzhinskij Renewable Coating in Plasma Shot of Tokamak T-11M
P1.009R.Kaita Improvement in Plasma Performance with Lithium Coatings in NSTX
P1.010V.E.Messerle Long Life Arc Plasmatron
P1.011A.Gupta A model for energy losses by type I ELMs
P1.012A.Punjabi Construction of the equilibrium generating function and an area-preserving map for the DIII-D shot 115467 at 3000 ms
P1.013A.S.Kukushkin Physics Analysis of Divertor Modifications in ITER
P1.014A.Vesel Oxidation of Graphite with Neutral Oxygen Atoms at Elevated Temperature
P1.015B.Bazylev Simulation Of Hot-Spot Formation At Iter Vessel Surface During Multiple Transient Events
P1.016A.B.Kukushkin Similarity of Spatial Distributions of Net Electron Cyclotron Power Losses in Fusion Plasmas
P1.017A.Casati Towards an improved first principle based transport model
P1.018A.Kendl Gyrofluid simulation of the ideal ballooning mode ELM scenario
P1.019B.F.McMillan Avalanche-like bursts in global gyrokinetic simulations
P1.020C.Morize Eulerian and Lagrangian statistical analysis of SOL turbulent transport
P1.021H.Figueiredo Structure of the ISTTOK edge plasma fluctuations
P1.022E.Trier Direct measurement of the radial electric field in a tokamak with magnetic field ripple
P1.023A.P.Newton Interplay between magnetic field shear ans flow shear
P1.024I.L.Caldas Transport Control Through Modified Electric Field
P1.025F.Castejon Island healing and CERC formation in the TJ-II stellarator
P1.027G.Fuhr Self-organization of electromagnetic plasma edge turbulence
P1.029H.Isliker Anomalous Particle and Heat Transport Modeled by the Combined Random Walk in Position and Momentum Space
P1.030H.M.Smith Hot tail runaway electron generation in tokamak disruptions
P1.031I.Calvo Fractional generalization of Fick's law. Derivation through Continuous-Time Random Walks
P1.032I.Pusztai On the quasilinear transport fluxes driven by microinstabilities in tokamaks
P1.034F.Meo First scattering results of the Collective Thomson Scattering CTS Diagnostic on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.035J.L.Velasco Non-diffusive effects in ion collisional transport in TJ-II
P1.036K.Hallatschek Diamagnetic GAM Drive Mechanism
P1.037K.Rypdal Low-dimensional Chaotic Convection Dynamics in the Helimak Configuration
P1.038M.J.Pueschel GENE Simulations on the Beta Dependence of Tokamak Core Turbulence
P1.040P.Morel water bag modelling of a multi species plasma
P1.041R.Klein Gyrokinetic-Water-Bag modelling of low frequency instabilities in a laboratory magnetized plasma column
P1.042R.Sanchez Understanding non-diffusive transport in gyrokinetic simulations of electrostatic turbulence in tokamaks
P1.043S.Marsen Overview of Turbulence Studies in the WEGA Stellarator
P1.044T.Gerbaud Dependence of turbulence on collisionality on Tore Supra
P1.047A.D.Beklemishev Correlation of Parallel and Transverse Transport in Langmuir Turbulence
P1.048A.Eriksson Resonance effects on turbulent particle pinches
P1.050A.I.Smolyakov Generation of meso-scale structures by drift-wave interactions
P1.051A.Biancalani Continuous spectrum of shear Alfvén waves in the presence of a magnetic island
P1.052F.M.Poli Study of the spectral characteristics and the nonlinear evolution of ELMs on JET using a wavelet analysis
P1.053A.I.Smolyakov Coupling of Waves with Positive and Negative Energy as a Universal Mechanism for MHD Instabilities of Flowing Media
P1.054K.Toi Nonlinear Interaction between Alfvén Eigenmode and Geodesic Acoustic Mode Excited by Energetic Ions in the Large Helical Device
P1.055M.Garcia-Munoz Observation and modelling of fast-ion losses due to high frequency MHD instabilities in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
P1.056M.Isobe Energetic-particle modes driven by supra-thermal electrons in second harmonic ECRH plasmas of the Compact Helical System
P1.057M.K.Lilley Modelling of beam-driven high frequency Alfvén eigenmodes in MAST
P1.058M.Lennholm Destabilisation of fast ion stabilised sawteeth using Electron Cyclotron Current Drive on Tore Supra
P1.060V.D.Pustovitov Tokamak plasma response to asymmetric magnetic perturbations
P1.061V.I.Tereshin First Results of the Renewed Uragan-2M Torsatron
P1.062V.Igochine Sawtooth Crash as a Result of Quasiperiodic Transition to Chaos in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.063A.M.Popov Excitation of Neoclassical Tearing Modes During Pellet Injection in the Presence of Error Field in ITER
P1.064W.Zwingmann Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Calculation for a Localised Current Distribution in Unbounded Space
P1.065H.Thomsen Application of Neural Networks for Fast Tomographic Inversion on Wendelstein 7-X
P1.066O.Agullo GAMs like dynamics due to nonlinear interaction of multiple NTMs in tokamaks
P1.068N.V.Ivanov Analysis of T-10 Data on Magnetic Island Dynamics Using the TEAR Code
P1.069P.Buratti Radial analysis of beta-limiting modes in JET
P1.071M.Cecconello Resistive tearing modes dynamics with plasma control in a reversed field pinch
P1.072S.Yu.Medvedev Beta limits and Edge Stability for Negative Triangularity Plasma in TCV Tokamak
P1.073D.Keeling Tailoring the q-profile on MAST for scenario optimisation
P1.074J.A.Snipes Plasma Current and Toroidal Field Dependence of the H-mode Threshold Low Density Limit on Alcator C-Mod
P1.076J.Miyazawa Fusion Triple Product and the Density Limit of High-Density Internal diffusion barrier plasmas in LHD
P1.077M.Sempf Robust control of resistive wall modes in ITER comparing different feedback coil systems
P1.078Q.Yu Neoclassical tearing modes - its locking by error fields and stabilization by RF current
P1.079S.A.Bozhenkov Runaway Electrons after Massive Gas Injections in TEXTOR Importance of the Gas Mixing and of the Resonant Magnetic Perturbations.
P1.080S.V.Lebedev Low Density LH Transition Triggered by Counter-NBI in the TUMAN-3M Tokamak
P1.081E.Westerhof The TEXTOR line-of-sight ECE system for feedback controlled ECRH power deposition
P1.082E.Z.Gusakov Turbulence wave number spectra reconstruction using radial correlation reflectometry
P1.084K.W.Hill Ion-Temperature and Rotation-Velocity Profile Measurements from a Spatially Resolving X-Ray Crystal Spectrometer on the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak
P1.085M.Yoshikawa Fluctuation measurements during the formation of potential confinement in GAMMA 10
P1.087V.Yavorskij Results of Predictive Fokker-Planck Modeling of Fusion Alpha Particles in ITER
P1.088Y.Podoba HIBP on WEGA Calibration and Measurements
P1.089T.Kudyakov Measurements of runaway electrons in the TEXTOR tokamak
P1.091F.S.Zaitsev Existence of substantially different solutions in an inverse problem of plasma equilibrium reconstruction
P1.092A.A.Lukianitsa Processing of magnetic diagnostics data using Hidden Markov Models
P1.093F.S.Zaitsev Simulations to elucidate suprathermal deuterium ion tail observed in He3 minority ICRF heated JET plasmas
P1.096A.Popov Reconstruction of the turbulence density fluctuation profile from reflectometry phase fluctuation measurements revisited.
P1.097A.K.Ram Relativistic Effects in Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating and Current Drive
P1.099J.Decker Electron Bernstein Wave Heating and Current Drive in Axisymmetric Toroidal Plasmas
P1.101K.Lackner Pellet investigations related to ITER ELM pacing and particle fuelling
P1.102V.Vdovin Electron Cyclotron Heating Second Harmonic Modelling With Full Wave Code In Middle Tokamaks And ITER
P1.103W.Kraus Development of RF driven H-/D- sources for ITER
P1.104P.Dumortier ICRF antenna coupling in different heating scenarios and impact of phasing during experiments on TEXTOR
P1.105S.Morita Systematic study of impurity pellet injection with Z 6-74 for improvement of plasma performance in LHD
P1.106V.Fuchs On SOL Variations as a Function of LH Power
P1.107J.M.GarcíaRegaña Linear Estimation of Electron Bernstein Current Drive in inhomogeneous plasmas
P1.108P.M.Ryan Improved HHFW Heating And Current Drive At Long Wavelengths On NSTX
P1.109A.R.Polevoi Assessment of Pumping Requirements in ITER for Pellet Fuelling and ELM Pace Making
P1.110V.B.Minaev Progress in the Neutral Beam Heating Experiment on the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P1.113B.Coppi Novel Developments for Fusion research and teh Ignitor Approach
P1.114S.V.Ryzhkov Modeling and Engineering Applications for Weakly Turbulent Plasma
P1.117A.Kasperczuk Direct and indirect methods of the plasma jet generation
P1.118T.Pisarczyk Characteristics of the plasma jet generated from a joint of materials with different atomic number
P1.119G.Mourou Hole boring through overdense plasmas using multiple ultrahigh intensity laser pulses
P1.120V.S.Belyaev Relativistic Magneto-Active Laser Plasmas
P1.123I.Ploumistakis New approaches on Laser Vacuum Breakdown for Pair Creation
P1.125V.I.Zaytsev Study of the x-ray spectrum of the heavy-ion z-pinch.
P1.126L.Juha Search for low-energy nuclear transitions in laser-produced plasmas
P1.127J.Wolowski The laser-produced plasma as a modern repetitive ion source for technological applications.
P1.132M.Fajardo Line Broadening and Pulse Durations in the Context of the Tabletop Ultra-Intense X-Ray Source TUIXS Project
P1.133Hui-ChunWu Phase-sensitive Terahertz Plasma Emission from Gas Targets Irradiated by Few-cycle Intense Laser Pulses
P1.135S.Bastiani-Ceccotti Temporal and spectral behavior of sub-picosecond laser-created X-ray sources
P1.140E.Brambrink Short pulse laser driven hard x-ray sources for radiography of shocked matter
P1.141E.Oliva Hydrodynamic and ray-tracing simulation of seeded soft x-ray laser amplifying stages
P1.144S.Cipiccia X-ray production using laser-plasma accelerators
P1.145S.G.Rykovanov Properties of the harmonic emission from the interaction of intense laser pulses with overdense plasma
P1.146J.Meyer-ter-Vehn Thomson Backscattering from Dense Relativistic Electron Layers Surfing on Few-Cycle Multi-TW Laser Pulses
P1.147M.P.Anania Beam Transport of Ultra-Short Electron Bunches
P1.148M.Tanimoto The trapped particle sideband instability observed in laser-plasma accelerator experiments
P1.150X.Yang Broad-band linear Raman chirped pulse amplification in plasma
P1.151G.V.Karpov Experiments on prolong plasma confinement with the fusion chamber MAGO
P1.152M.V.Petrenko Effective EUV Radiation Source Based on Laser-produced Plasma in Supersonic Xenon Jet and Ways of its Optimization
P1.156S.V.Vladimirov Dust motion in flowing magnetized plasma
P1.159E.M.Apfelbaum The reconstruction of the effective interaction potential in dusty plasma
P1.160L.G.D'yachkov Rotation inversion of dust plasma structures in magnetic fields in a dc discharge
P1.162F.Fendrych UHV Hollow Cathode Plasma Jet System for Nanostructured Magnetic Films Deposition
P1.163S.V.Vladimirov Nonlinear waves in collisional dusty plasma
P1.166A.Andrei Plasma processing for improvments of structural materials properties
P1.167G.Dinescu Removal of Carbon Residuals from Narrow Spaces by RF Discharges
P1.168C.Georgescu MgF2-Co magneto-resistance granular thin films prepared by thermo-ionic vacuum arc technique
P1.169C.P.Lungu Plasma processing of nanostructured Ni/Al/Co Films
P1.170P.Gaudio Gas jet characterization of a laser plasma system emitting in EUV
P1.171C.P.Lungu Deposition of magnetic materials on dust particles levitated in vacuum arc plasmas
P1.172V.Zaroschi Thermionic vacuum arc carbon-metal co-deposition for antifriction coatings
P1.173C.P.Lungu Comparison of the low friction graphite-metal coatings prepared by thermionic vacuum arc and plasma spray methods
P1.174N.Gambino Microwave absorption in dense and overdense plasmas generated in a Plasma Reactor for Environmental Applications
P1.175A.Malizia STARDUST facility Influence of obstacles in dust mobilization in case of Loss Of Vacuum Accident LOVA in Vacuum Vessel VV
P1.176F.Pegoraro Fast magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas with velocity shear
P1.177B.Coppi Vertical Transport and Characteristic Modes of Astrophysical Plasma Disks
P1.180A.Biancalani Cherenkov emission of electron cyclotron waves by a magnetized satellite orbiting the ionosphere
P1.183N.Sternberg Influence of Ramsauer Effect on Bounded Plasmas in Magnetic Fields
P1.184A.Fasoli Fluctuations, turbulence and related transport in the TORPEX simple magnetized toroidal plasma
P1.185A.S.Shumikhin Equation of state and conductivity of aluminum dense vapor plasma
P1.186F.Doveil Study of hydrogen ion species in a multicusp ion source
P1.187O.F.Petrov Investigation of electron beam charging of dust particles
P1.188B.Teaca Test Particle Transport in Turbulent Electromagnetic Fields
P1.190M.E.Koepke Space-plasma campaign on stationary inertial Alfven waves
P1.191A.Fredriksen Double Layer Beam Formation in the Njord Device and its Dependence on Magnetic Field Configuration.

Session P2 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P2.001B.Kurzan Large scale inter-ELM fluctuations in the pedestal and the density limit in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.002V.Zaroschi Plasma-wall erosion rate evaluation by marker tiles
P2.003E.M.Hollmann Measurements of Injected Impurity Assimilation During Fast Shutdown Initiated by Multiple Gas Valves in DIII-D
P2.004E.M.Hollmann Measurement and modelling of hydrogen molecule ro-vibrational accommodation on graphite
P2.005D.D.Tskhakayasr. Comprehensive analytic study of a magnetised plasma-wall transition
P2.007G.Pautasso Modelling of massive gas injection with SOLPS
P2.008H.Ali Robustness of second order magnetic barriers at noble irrationals in the ASDEX UG tokamak
P2.009H.G.Frerichs 3D numerical analysis of magnetic topology and edge transport for RMP limiter scenarios at TEXTOR and DIII-D
P2.010H.W.Müller From carbon to tungsten divertor plasmas in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.011J.Butikova Laser-induced Plasma Spectroscopy of Plasma Facing Materials
P2.012J.C.Fuchs Radiation Distribution in the Full Tungsten ASDEX Upgrade
P2.013J.Canik Application of EMC3-EIRENE to NCSX
P2.014J.Cheng Turbulence Intermittency in the scrape-off layer of HL-2A tokamak
P2.015J.P.Gunn Quasineutral kinetic simulation of the scrape-off layer Asymmetric ELM energy deposition on divertor plates
P2.016A.Kraemer-Flecken Effect of resonant magnetic perturbations on zonal flows and ambient turbulence
P2.017A.Kuritsyn Momentum Transport during Spontaneous Reconnection Events in the MST Reversed Field Pinch
P2.018A.R.Field Momentum transport in MAST spherical tokamak plasmas
P2.019B.Nold Comparison of Dimensionally Similar Turbulence in TJ-K and ASDEX Upgrade
P2.020B.P.Duval Effect of Sawteeth on the Spontaneous TCV Plasma Rotation
P2.021B.Ph.vanMilligen Bicoherence and Confinement Transitions at TJ-II
P2.023B.Coppi Non-fluid Micro-Reconnecting Modes and Experimental Observations
P2.024C.F.Maggi The Role of the H-mode Pedestal on Global Confinement in Hybrid Scenarios in DIII-D and ASDEX Upgrade
P2.025C.Ionita Turbulence measurements with cold and emissive probes in ISTTOK
P2.026C.Mazzotta Particle density behaviour in FTU electron heated plasmas
P2.027C.Riccardi Plasma Blob Motion in the Simple Magnetized Toroidal Plasma of the Thorello Device
P2.028D.Carralero Fast Imaging Experiments of Edge Transport in the TJ-II Stellarator
P2.029D.E.Newman Impact of sheared flows on the fractional transport dynamics in a simple fluid drift-wave turbulence model
P2.030D.Lopez-Bruna Effect of magnetic resonances in the effective electron heat transport of TJ-II ECH plasmas
P2.031D.Reiser Zonal flow dynamics and GAM oscillations in tokamaks with resonant magnetic field perturbations
P2.033M.Passas First experimental results of statistical properties of turbulence plasma fluctuations in the SPLM upgrade
P2.034E.Belonohy Edge Instabilities in the High Density H-mode Operation of W7-AS
P2.037R.Schrittwieser Radial transport in the L- and H-mode SOL of ASDEX Upgrade
P2.038G.Sonnino A Kinetic Model for the Diffusion Coefficients of Magnetically Confined Plasmas in the Low-collisional Regime
P2.039G.SanchezBurillo Study of radial transport of tracers in CUTIE
P2.040G.VanOost Overview of results from the IAEA-CRP 3rd International Joint Experiment on the tokamak ISTTOK
P2.041H.Isliker An MHD Compatible Model for Self-Organized Criticality in Toroidally Confined Plasma
P2.042P.Strand Anomalous Impurity Transport in Tokamaks in the Presence of RF Fields
P2.043I.Calvo Pseudochaotic poloidal transport in toroidal geometry. Pressure-gradient-driven turbulence and plasma flow topology
P2.045I.Sandberg Intermittency in Resistive Ballooning Electromagnetic Turbulence
P2.046I.Yu.Senichenkov Simulation of L and H regimes for spherical tokamak Globus-M with ASTRA transport code
P2.048J.M.Dewhurst Statistical properties of edge plasma turbulence in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak and the Large Helical Device
P2.049J.M.Reynolds Simulating drift kinetic electron-ion equation with collisions in complex geometry
P2.051A.Sengupta Fast recovery of vacuum configuration of WEGA stellarator with error field effects
P2.052P.Maget Evaluation of Two-Fluid effects on Double-Tearing Mode stability
P2.053K.Ichiguchi Numerical Analysis of Non-Resonant Pressure Driven Mode in Heliotron Plasma
P2.054F.Bonomo QSH in high current RFX-mod plasmas thermal and topological features
P2.055H.M.Smith Two-dimensional compressional Alfvén eigenmode structure
P2.056L.Frassinetti Active feedback control of QSH in EXTRAP-T2R
P2.057D.Apostolaki A contribution to the equilibrium and stability of axisymmetric plasmas with field aligned flow
P2.058R.Sanchez SIESTA A Scalable Iterative Equilibrium Solver for Toroidal Applications
P2.059D.P.Brennan Flow Shear Effects on Resistive MHD Instabilities in Tokamaks
P2.060R.Takahashi Kinetic Effects of Energetic Particles on Resistive MHD Stability
P2.061F.Watanabe Ballooning Structure of Edge MHD Mode Observed in the Large Helical Device Plasmas with Externally Applied Magnetic Perturbations
P2.062J.Geiger Investigation of Wendelstein 7-X Configurations with Increased Toroidal Mirror
P2.063S.Yu.Medvedev Tokamaks with Reversed Current Density. Stability of Equilibria with Axisymmetric Islands
P2.064M.Hoelzl Heat Diffusion Across Magnetic Islands and Ergodized Plasma Regions in Realistic Tokamak Geometry
P2.065G.T.A.Huysmans Non-linear MHD simulations of ELMs
P2.066V.Igochine Externally Induced Rotation of the Resistive Wall Modes in RFX-mod
P2.067F.Villone RWM modelling in RFX-mod including 3D conducting structures
P2.068L.Urso Fitting of the Modified Rutherford Equation a comparison between ASDEX Upgrade and JT-60
P2.069V.D.Pustovitov Threshold Effects for Pellet-Plasma Interaction in Tokamak - MHD Modeling
P2.070G.Kocsis Investigation of pellet-driven plasma perturbations for ELM triggering studies
P2.071C.Konz Cross-Machine and Cross-Code Comparisons in Linear MHD Stability Analysis for Tokamaks
P2.072T.Voslion Nonlinear double tearing evolution with Kelvin Helmholtz instability
P2.073T.C.Luce Simulation of ITER Operational and Startup Scenarios in the DIII-D Tokamak
P2.074V.E.Lukash Study of early phase of current ramp-up in ITER with DINA code
P2.075Y.Nakamura A Simulation Modelling of Inductive/Non-inductive Current Ramp-up at Slow Rate for Low li, High Vertical Stability
P2.076B.Wu Discharge Simulation of EAST First Plasma
P2.077V.M.Leonov Possibility of Scenarios with the Ignition for ITER
P2.078T.Fueloep Magnetic field threshold for runaway generation in tokamak disruptions
P2.079T.A.Casper ITER Scenario Performance Simulations Assessing Control and Vertical Stability
P2.080F.Villone RWM control in ITER including a realistic 3D geometry
P2.082N.Yamaguchi Space-Resolving Flat-Field EUV Spectrograph for Large Helical Device
P2.083T.Puetterich Fast CXRS-Measurements in the Edge Barrier of ASDEX Upgrade
P2.085Y.Feng EMC3/EIRENE Transport Modelling of the Island Divertor in W7-X
P2.086F.Leipold Fast Ion CTS Diagnostic for ITER - State of Design
P2.087S.I.Lashkul Visualization of the Plasma Processes at Additional Lower Hybrid Heating on the FT-2 Tokamak
P2.088M.Wisse Measurements of Plasma Rotation in the MAST Tokamak using High Resolution Charge-Exchange Spectroscopy
P2.089A.Popov Nonlinear regime of Bragg backscattering leading to probing wave trapping and time delay jumps in fast frequency sweep reflectometry
P2.090B.Zurro An Investigation of ohe Mechanisms for Differential Poloidal Rotation of Proton and Impurities in the TJ-II Stellarator
P2.092M.Sato Radiation temperature of ECE in bi-Maxwellian tokamak plasma
P2.093V.V.Bulanin The Two-frequency Doppler Reflectometer Application for Plasma Sheared Rotation Study in the TUMAN 3M Tokamak
P2.095Y.Shibata Evaluation of Electron Temperature Dependence of Current Decay Time in Large Helical Device
P2.097F.V.Chernyshev Fast Particle Confinement Studies in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P2.098V.Fuchs Heating and current drive modeling for the IPP Prague COMPASS tokamak
P2.099E.J.Valeo Full-wave simulations of lower hybrid wave propagation in toroidal plasma with nonthermal electron distributions
P2.100R.J.Dumont Self-consistent modelling of FWCD in tokamak plasmas
P2.101A.Frattolillo Development of the High Speed Pellet Injector for Ignitor
P2.102D.Wuenderlich Modeling of Negative Ion RF Sources for ITER NBI Current Status and Recent Achievements
P2.103V.A.Kornev Analysis of density dependence of neutron rate in NBI experiments on TUMAN-3M
P2.104A.V.Voronin Two stage plasma gun as the fuelling tool of the Globus-M tokamak
P2.105B.VanCompernolle Implementation of sheath effects into TOPICA
P2.106R.Cesario Lower hybrid current drive at high densities of ITER
P2.108S.Yu.Tolstyakov Kinetic measurements of plasma electron component dynamics in the Globus-M tokamak during plasma gun injection experiment
P2.109R.Kaita H-mode fueling optimization with supersonic deuterium jet in the National Spherical Torus Experiment NSTX
P2.111D.Wagner Quasi two-dimensional simulation of pellet ablation and plasmoid expansion
P2.112F.Imbeaux Data Structure for the European Integrated Tokamak Modelling Task Force
P2.113A.Kus Status of the International Stellarator/Heliotron Profile Database
P2.114V.E.Moiseenko Stellarator-Mirror Based Driven Fusion-Fission Reactor
P2.115R.Farengo Current Drive and Heating in a D-3He FRC Fusion Reactor
P2.116D.Grasso Effect of a runaway electron current on tearing modes
P2.120A.Velyhan Influence of emission time on determination of energy distribution of D-D neutrons produced by plasma focus device
P2.124V.Drean Numerical simulations and stability study of double ablation front structures, using radiation transport effects in direct-drive ICF
P2.126J.Sanz Analytical Theory of Radiative Ablation Fronts for Direct Drive ICF Targets
P2.132J.Meyer-ter-Vehn Physical Collision Frequency for Metals and Warm Dense Matter
P2.133C.García-Fernández Study of the influence of numerical techniques of radiation in laser-matter interaction problems
P2.134G.I.Dolgachev Plasma opening switches in the inertial confinement fusion programs
P2.138D.Benisti Nonlinear kinetic modelling of Stimulated Raman Scattering
P2.139I.D.Kaganovich Transport Of Intense Beam Pulses Through Background Plasma
P2.140V.T.Tikhonchuk A new figure of merit for the control of laser beam propagation in inertial confinement fusion plasmas
P2.142R.Miracoli Langmuir Probe Diagnostic of Plasma Produced by Laser Ablation
P2.143J.Limpouch Line X-Ray Emission from Laser Irradiated Low-Density Foams
P2.144N.Gambino Optical Spectroscopy In Laser-generated Plasma at a Pulse Intensity of 10e10 W/cm2
P2.146V.V.Vatulin Investigation of Intense Ion Beams Interaction with Matter and Dynamic Processes in Irradiated Targets
P2.147J.G.Rubiano Opacity calculations of low Z plasmas for ICF
P2.148S.M.Hassan Spectroscopic Investigation of Radiation from a Low Current X-Pinch
P2.149N.Zhidkov Investigation of x-ray radiation interaction with matter on “Iskra-5” laser
P2.151C.Mezel Electron generation in femtosecond laser heated dielectrics
P2.153O.Morice Nanosecond Raman scattering computation in large plasmas
P2.154G.C.Androulakis MHD Simulation of X-pinch plasma dynamics
P2.155E.Havlickova Computational study of sheath structure in electronegative gases at various pressures
P2.157B.W.James Two-Stage Transition in Dust Particle Alignment in a Plasma Sheath
P2.158M.Bacharis Radio Frequency Effects on the Charging of Dust Grains
P2.160N.F.Cramer Nonlinear dust-lattice waves a modified Toda lattice
P2.163E.Benova Wave Propagation Characteristics of Coaxial Discharge Sustained by Travelling Electromagnetic Wave
P2.164H.Kersten Diagnostics of ECR-MW Broad Beam Ion Sources
P2.165H.Kersten Micro-Particles as Electrostatic Probes for Plasma Sheath Diagnostics
P2.167G.Dinescu Operations domains of a small size atmospheric pressure cold plasma source and its application to polymer surface modification
P2.169F.Massines Comparison of Townsend Dielectric Barrier Discharge in N2, N2-O2 and N2-N2O Behaviour and Density of Radicals
P2.170V.I.Tereshin EUV Radiation of Xenon Plasma Streams Generated by Magnetoplasma Compressor
P2.174A.Stockem Suppression of the Filamentation Instability by a Flow-Aligned Magnetic Field
P2.176F.Pegoraro Active Magnetic Experiment a magnetic bubble in the ionospheric stream
P2.177C.Ionita Plasma Fireballs
P2.178C.Montagna Role of temperature and density in stationary solutions of the Vlasov-Maxwell system
P2.179D.Grasso Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas
P2.180G.N.Throumoulopoulos A sufficient condition for the linear stability of magnetohydrodynamic equilibria with field aligned incompressible flows
P2.182I.Furno Investigation of the existence of an improved confinement regime in simple magnetized toroidal plasmas
P2.183J.G.Rubiano Determination of level populations and radiative properties of optically thin and thick carbon plasmas
P2.185Y.Kominis Nonlinear Theory of Cyclotron Resonant Wave-Particle Interactions Analytical results beyond the Quasilinear Approximation
P2.188N.P.Kyrie Plasma heating and generation of plasma jets in current sheets formed in 3D magnetic configurations
P2.189G.Bonhomme Investigation of high-frequency plasma oscillations in Hall thrusters

Session P4 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P4.001J.R.Myra Linear Analysis Tools for Edge and SOL Plasmas
P4.002M.Gemisic-Adamov ELM synchronized Thomson scattering measurements on ASDEX Upgrade
P4.004S.V.Mirnov Lithiation of the FTU tokamak with a critical level of lithium injection
P4.006M.Shoucri Numerical Simulation For The Formation Of A Charge Separation And An Electric Field At A Plasma Edge
P4.007P.Devoy Amplitude bifurcation in the peeling-relaxation ELM model
P4.009R.C.Wieggers B2-Eirene study of the effects of heating in a linear plasma device
P4.010R.Fischer Integrated density profile analysis in ASDEX Upgrade H-modes
P4.011R.Pugno Evolution of carbon content in ASDEX Upgrade during the transition to a full W machine
P4.013S.Jachmich Experimental study of toroidal and poloidal rotation induced by edge ergodization and electrode biasing in TEXTOR
P4.014S.Pestchanyi Simplified model for carbon plasma production by ELMs in ITER
P4.015T.Onjun The Development of Pedestal Temperature Model with Self-Consistent Calculation of Safety Factor and Magnetic Shear
P4.016J.W.Coenen Spectroscopic Measurements of the radial electric field under conditions of improved particle confinement IPC with the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor DED in the Tokamak TEXTOR
P4.017W.Kernbichler delta f Monte Carlo computations of neoclassical transport in stellarators with reduced variance
P4.018K.Crombe Radial Electric Field Profiles in JET Advanced Tokamak Scenarios with Toroidal Field Ripple
P4.019D.Terranova Particle transport in different magnetic field topological configurations in the RFX-mod experiment
P4.020L.Garcia Nondiffusive transport in plasma turbulence
P4.022M.D.Hua Scaling of rotation and momentum confinement in JET plasmas
P4.023M.Aizawa Improved Magnetic Field Properties in Low Aspect Ratio L 1 Helical Systems
P4.024M.AnsarMahmood Study of collisionless TE and ITG modes in an ITER-like equilibrium
P4.025M.C.Varischetti Energy and momentum transport induced by unstable ITG modes
P4.026M.Lontano Global stability analysis of ITG modes with parallel shear flow
P4.027B.Coppi Confinement Regimes Transition, Angular Momentum Ejection by Toroidal Edge Modes, and Relation to Current Experiments
P4.028M.Ramisch Poloidal Asymmetry of Turbulent Fluctuations in the Torsatron TJ-K
P4.030T.Onjun The Study of Transport in ISTTOK and HL-2A Using Integrated Predictive Modeling Code
P4.031O.A.Shyshkin Monte Carlo Collision Operator for the Test Particle Tracing in Fusion non Maxwellian Plasma
P4.032O.Tudisco Studies of Electron Temperature Characteristic length in FTU
P4.033P.Angelino Effects of plasma current on drift wave turbulence
P4.034P.J.Catto Gyrokinetics Limitations and Improvements
P4.035V.Rozhansky Comparison of measured and simulated parallel flows at the edge plasma of MAST
P4.037R.J.McKay Test-particle simulations of collisional impurity transport in rotating spherical tokamak plasmas
P4.038R.Klein Instabilities in toroidal geometry a Water Bag approach
P4.039R.Neu Influence of the 4He Concentration on H-Mode Confinement and Transport in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.040T.Onjun Dependence of ITER Performance on Pedestal Temperature, Average Electron Density, Auxiliary Heating Power, and Impurity Content
P4.041S.C.Assas Toroidal rotation in ICRF only heated ASDEX Upgrade plasmas
P4.043S.I.Lashkul Analysis of the plasma periphery fluctuation parameters measured by multipin Langmuir probes near LCFS on the FT-2 Tokamak
P4.044S.Inagaki Two-Dimensional Spatial Structure of Plasma Turbulence in LMD-U
P4.047S.Leerink A full f analysis of turbulent transport in the FT-2 Tokomak configuration
P4.048S.Moradi Modeling of confinement improvement and impurity transport in high power JET discharges with neon seeding
P4.049S.Oldenbuerger Investigation of Cross-field Transport in a Linear Magnetized Plasma
P4.050T.Estrada Velocity shear layer formation and turbulence correlation characteristics measured by reflectometry in TJ-II
P4.051H.R.Wilson The Interaction Between Tearing Modes and Transport in Plasmas
P4.052A.D.Beklemishev Shear-Flow Modification of Interchange
P4.053J.P.Freidberg The Vanishing of MHD Compressibility Stabilization in Closed Line Systems
P4.054S.L.Newton On Kinetic Theory and Hall MHD Description of the q equal to 1 Inertial Layer in Fishbone Modes
P4.056M.J.Lanctot Internal Mode Structure of Resonant Field Amplification in DIII-D
P4.059E.Castro Triangularity and Ellipticity effects on low-vorticity non-linear collisional diffusion in tokamaks
P4.061W.A.Cooper Free Boundary Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Equilibria
P4.062A.Macor Fast particle triggered modes experimental investigation of Electron Fishbones on Tore Supra
P4.063P.Rodrigues Noniterative Equilibria Reconstruction without Up-Down Symmetry
P4.064R.G.L.Vann Modelling observations of mode polarisation from MAST
P4.066M.J.Windridge MAST Plasma Response Investigations using DINA-CH
P4.067R.Ikezoe Effects of lowering aspect ratio on magnetic fluctuations in RFP
P4.068A.Sanpei Neoclassical Equilibrium in a Low-Aspect Ratio RFP Machine RELAX
P4.069C.V.Atanasiu The investigation of resistive wall modes in a diverted tokamak configuration
P4.070M.K.Zedda Dynamic behaviour of type I Edge Localized Modes in the JET tokamak
P4.071F.M.Poli Magnetic turbulence associated with confinement changes in JET
P4.072O.P.Fesenyuk Generation of kinetic Alfven waves by Non-conventional Global Alfven Eigenmodes
P4.073F.Villone Plasma Position Control Strategies for Ignitor
P4.074M.E.Puiatti High density limit in Reversed Field Pinches
P4.075W.Suttrop Design of in-vessel saddle coils for MHD control in ASDEX Upgrade
P4.076D.Mueller Coaxial Helicity Injection plasma start-up coupled to inductively driven sustainment on the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P4.077T.Feher Simulation of Runaway Electron Generation During Plasma Shutdown by Doped Pellet Injection
P4.078M.Mattei ITER Plasma Scenarios scaled from ASDEX Upgrade and JET experimental data and their impact on ITER operational space
P4.079G.W.Pacher Iter Operating Windows With Varying Divertor Constraints
P4.080J.Havlicek Modelling of COMPASS Tokamak PF Coils Magnetic Fields
P4.081Tsv.K.Popov On the Evaluation of the Plasma Potential and Electron Energy Distribution Function in Tokamak Edge Plasma
P4.082N.K.Hicks Measurement of NTMs, Modulated ECRH Deposition, and Current Ramp-Up MHD Activity Using the Upgraded 1 MHz ECE Radiometer on ASDEX Upgrade
P4.084G.Bonheure A Novel Method for Tritium Transport Studies and its Validation at JET
P4.085M.A.Makowski Semi-Empirical Calibration Technique for the MSE Diagnostic on the JET and DIII-D Tokamaks
P4.086V.A.Pisarev Investigation of turbulence in magnetized toroidal plasma by correlative enhanced scattering diagnostics
P4.087U.W.Nam Data Acquisition System of a Four Segmented Position Sensitive Detector for an Advanced X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer
P4.089M.K.Moon Multi-segmented position-sensitive detector for X-ray imaging crystal spectrometer
P4.090K.-S.Chung Effect of Recombination and Ionization on the Deduction of Mach Numbers in Flowing Magnetized Plasmas
P4.093C.Costin Probe investigations of the Pilot-PSI plasma
P4.094T.M.Biewer Expanded Capability of the Edge Charge-Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy System on JET
P4.095D.E.Kravtsov Electron Temperature Measurements by Duplex Multiwire Proportional X-ray Detector on T-10 Tokamak
P4.096J.G.Bak Performance test of vessel current monitors for KSTAR
P4.097R.I.Pinsker Experiments on Minimizing ELM-induced Fast Wave Antenna Breakdown in DIII-D
P4.098L.R.Baylor ELMs Triggered from Deuterium Pellets Injected into DIII-D and Extrapolation to ITER
P4.099F.Köchl Pellet Drift Modelling Validation and ITER Predictions
P4.101T.Seki ICRF mode-conversion heating and its application to long pulse discharge in LHD
P4.102B.J.Ding Coupling LHW Power to Plasma by Gas Puffing in HT-7
P4.103V.V.Postupaev First Experiments on Neutral Injection in Multimirror Trap GOL-3
P4.104G.Kamelander Modelling of the Pellet Rocket Acceleration Effect
P4.105K.A.Avramides Mode Selection for a 170 GHz, 1 MW Gyrotron
P4.106V.Yu.Sergeev Study of Pellet Clouds in LHD via 2-D Spectroscopy Imaging
P4.107F.Louche Recent Progress in 3D Electromagnetic Modeling of the ITER ICRH Antenna
P4.109E.Yatsuka Excitation and Propagation of Electron Bernstein Waves in the Internal Coil Device Mini-RT
P4.110A.Koehn Microwave heating of Overdense Plasmas in the Torsatron TJ-K
P4.111R.R.Parker Current Profile Control Using LHCD in Alcator C-Mod
P4.113V.Bailescu Inconel tiles coated with beryllium by thermal evaporation
P4.114J.C.Wright The Importance of the Effects of Diffraction and Focusing on Current Deposition of Lower Hybrid Waves
P4.115L.-G.Eriksson Simulation of Fast Ion Contribution to Toroidal Rotation in ICRF Heated JET Plasmas
P4.116I.Loupasakis MHD computations for plasma trapping in open magnetic field devices for high neutron flux production
P4.117A.Sid Weibel Instability in a bi-Maxwellian Laser Fusion Plasma
P4.118X.Ribeyre Bipolar shock ignition an option for the HiPER project
P4.126A.Schiavi Interpretation of laser-produced ion beam diagnostics using the PTRACE code
P4.133J.Krasa Generation of MeV carbon and fluorine ions by subnanosecond laser pulses
P4.138O.Klimo Ultrathin foil irradiated by circularly polarized laser pulse as an efficient source of quasi-monoenergetic ions
P4.149J.Psikal Ion acceleration by relativistically intense laser pulses incident on target at large angles
P4.151M.R.Islam Electron trapping in moving void of laser-plasma interaction
P4.154S.Cavallaro Charge and Energy Discrimination of Ions in CR39 Track Detectors by Diameter-Depth Correlations
P4.157N.Mizuno Study of discharge oscillations in Hall thrusters
P4.158O.S.Vaulina Transport processes in dusty plasma of RF-discharge
P4.161V.P.Pasko Study of the Efficient Photoionization Model 3-Group SP3 for the Modeling of Streamer Propagation
P4.162I.Kourakis Discrete breathers, multibreathers and vortices in two-dimensional Debye crystals
P4.165I.Kourakis Nonlinear excitations in Debye crystals a survey of theoretical results
P4.166S.A.Kamneva Surface morphology, X-ray crystal and element analysis of fractal films
P4.167J.Puerta Extended Treatment for the Drift Instability Grow rates in Non-ideal Inhomogeneous Dusty Plasmas
P4.168H.Kersten Spatially Resolved Measurement of the Energy Influx in an RF-Plasma
P4.169O.S.Stoican Study of the plasma rf absorption using a noise generator
P4.170R.Miracoli Laser and Electron Beams physical analyses applied to the comparison between two Silver Tetradrachm Greek Coins
P4.172A.Pavlov Plasma torch optical and spectral diagnostic of arc plasma generators of alternating current
P4.173R.Foest Miniaturized Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet APPJ for deposition of SiOx films with different silicon-organic compounds a comparative study
P4.178J.Vranjes Coupling of Drift and Ion Cyclotron Waves in Solar Atmosphere
P4.179K.Ronald 3D PiC Code Simulations of a scaled laboratory experiment investigating AKR
P4.181E.I.Bochkov Source of runaway electrons in thundercloud field stipulated by cosmic ray showers
P4.182M.E.Dieckmann The plasma filamentation instability in one dimension
P4.183M.Taguchi Basic Equations for RF-Current Drive Theory in Turbulent Plasma
P4.184O.Agren Jeans Theorem and the Number of Independent Constants of Motion
P4.185I.Vorgul Properties of Cyclotron Maser Emission in Inhomogeneous Plasma
P4.187T.SunnPedersen Pure electron plasmas in the CNT stellarator
P4.188E..Z.Gusakov Anomalous reflection control by the pump frequency modulation
P4.189V.A.Pisarev A collective scattering device for observation of a Hall thruster plasma
P4.191R.Marchand Kinetic Modelling of Particle Distribution Measurements in DEMETER

Session P5 (poster)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
P5.001T.Koskela Alpha particle orbits in a locally perturbed ITER 3D magnetic field
P5.002T.Lunt Laser induced fluorescence measurements in an argon plasma in front of a tungsten target under oblique incidence
P5.003T.Morisaki Two-Dimensional Measurements of Edge Density Fluctuations in LHD Heliotron and CPD Spherical Tokamak
P5.004V.B.Lazarev Investigation of Lithium Distribution in the SOL of T-11M Tokamak with Lithium Limiter
P5.005V.Bobkov Calculations of Near-Fields of ICRF Antenna for ASDEX Upgrade
P5.008F.Schwander Symmetry and evolution of radiative patterns in simulations
P5.009S.V.Kasilov Quasi-linear modeling of the interaction of resonant magnetic field perturbations with a tokamak plasma
P5.012T.K.Soboleva Time dependent solutions of collisional electron kinetic equation
P5.013T.Estrada Radial propagation of poloidal plasma velocity changes in the stellarator TJ-II measured by reflectometry
P5.014T.Hellsten Neoclassical Electric Field in Presence of Large Gradients and Particle Losses
P5.015T.P.Kiviniemi Gyrokinetic Full-f Particle Simulation of Edge Heat Transport
P5.017T.Tokuzawa Particle Transport Characteristics around Expanding Static Magnetic Island in the Large Helical Device
P5.018V.I.Vargas ECH power dependence of electron heat diffusion in ECH plasmas of the TJ-II stellarator
P5.019V.P.Budaev The log-Poisson model of edge plasma turbulence in fusion devices
P5.020V.Rozhansky Interpretation of the Observed Radial Electric Field Inversion in TUMAN-3M Tokamak during MHD-activity
P5.021W.Kernbichler Poloidal drift of trapped particle orbits in real-space coordinates
P5.023W.X.Wang Relationship between Toroidal Momentum and Heat Transport in Tokamaks
P5.026Z.Y.Cui Observation of Impurity Accumulation during Density Peaking in HL-2A
P5.027D.Kalupin Construction of the European Transport Solver under the European Integrated Tokamak Modelling Task Force
P5.029A.Salmi Numerical study of neoclassical particle losses with static 2D electric fields
P5.030B.Scott Fully Nonlinear Electromagnetic Gyrokinetic Computations
P5.031B.Scott Rotation in the Presence of Turbulence in Large Tokamaks
P5.032G.V.Pereverzev Properties of numeric schemes for stiff transport models
P5.033G.Breyiannis Lattice Kinetic Schemes in Fusion Plasmas
P5.034G.M.D.Hogeweij Simulation of the current ramp-up phase of ITER discharges
P5.035M.Gobbin Numerical studies of transport mechanisms in RFX-mod low chaos regimes
P5.036M.Nora Derivation of gyrokinetic equations for full-f particle simulation with polarization drift
P5.037A.V.Melnikov Computation of radial electric field in the turbulent edge plasma of the T-10 tokamak
P5.038S.V.Neudatchin New Interpretation of Slow Heat Pulse Propagation during ITB formation in Tokamaks
P5.039T.T.Ribeiro Drift wave vs. interchange turbulence geometrical effects on the ballooning threshold
P5.040J.Vranjes Drift and Acoustic Modes in Radially and Axially Inhomogeneous Plasma
P5.042PMartin Triangularity and Ellipticity Effects on Ware Pinch
P5.043F.Schwander Rotation driven by fast ions in tokamaks
P5.044J.Manickam Predictive Stability Analysis
P5.045F.Piccolo Synchronous ELM Pacing at JET using the Vertical Stabilisation Controller
P5.046S.Nowak NTM avoidance through control of island rotation by external torque exploring the role of the polarisation current
P5.047A.Soppelsa Comparison Between an Experimentally Estimated and a Finite Element Model of RFX-mod MHD Active Control System
P5.048Y.K.M.Peng Multi-Fluid MHD Equilibria for ST Plasmas with Near-Sonic Flow and Shift from Trapped to Co-Circulating Ions
P5.049R.Farengo Flux core spheromak formation from an unstable screw pinch
P5.050M.C.Zarnstorff Edge Stability of NCSX
P5.051D.Yu.Eremin Unstable drift-kinetic Alfven modes in the lowest part of the Alfvenic spectrum
P5.052NBenAyed Alfven eigenmodes in magnetic X-point configurations with strong longitudinal fields
P5.053S.Wiesen Progress on integrated modelling of ELMy H-mode at JET with COCONUT
P5.054A.Perona Generation of suprathermal electrons during magnetic reconnection
P5.055C.DiTroia Investigation of fast ion behavior in burning plasmas via Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating
P5.056F.Zonca Self-consistent energetic particle nonlinear dynamics due to shear Alfvén wave excitations
P5.057I.S.Landman Calculation of Poloidal Magnetic Field in Tokamak Code TOKES
P5.058N.Pomphrey Analysis Methods for Trim Coil Design in NCSX
P5.059S.Nishimura Rotation of magnetic islands regulated by self-generated zonal flow
P5.060E.D.Fredrickson Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode Avalanches in NSTX
P5.062J.P.Graves Sawtooth control mechanism using counter current propagating ICRH in JET
P5.064J.Scheffel Pressure driven resistive modes in the advanced RFP
P5.065L.Marrelli Advances in MHD mode control in RFX-mod
P5.067D.Kh.Morozov Improvement of start-up in tokamaks by modulation of ECR source
P5.068J.F.Artaud Simulation of present-day Tokamak Discharges Mimicking a Fully non-Inductive Burning Plasma
P5.069O.Asunta Fusion Alpha Performance in Advanced Scenario Plasmas
P5.070M.Salewski Comparison of CTS Signals due to NBI heating and Alphas in ITER
P5.072P.Acedo Systematic Study of the Sources of Error in the High Spatial Resolution Two-Color Laser Interferometer for the TJ-II Stellarator
P5.073G.Serianni The diagnostic system for the characterisation of ITER Neutral Beam Injectors
P5.074G.Grossetti Bayesian approach to data validation of the oblique ECE diagnostic at JET
P5.075V.V.Plyusnin Detection of runaway electrons using Cherenkov-type detectors in the ISTTOK Tokamak
P5.076S.Zoletnik First measurements with the re-installed accelerated Lithium beam diagnostics on TEXTOR
P5.077S.K.Nielsen CTS diagnostic for anisotropic fast ion distributions on TEXTOR
P5.079G.Kocsis Radiation Damage In Video Diagnostic Device For Wendelstein 7-X
P5.081W.Schneider Neutral Particle Diagnostics at MAST with a Compact Energy Analyser and Comparison with Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy
P5.083A.Klein Toroidal mode number analysis of degenerate Alfvén Eigenmodes in the active MHD spectroscopy on JET
P5.084M.Turnyanskiy Off axis NBCD experiments on MAST
P5.085M.Porkolab Recent ICRF Results in Alcator C-Mod
P5.088A.Mendes Interaction of ITER-like ICRF antenna with Tore Supra plasmas insight from modelling.
P5.089C.Tsironis FDTD algorithm for the propagation of EC waves in hot anisotropic plasma
P5.090F.Doveil New Model of a Travelling-Wave Tube
P5.093I.Chatziantonaki Propagation and absorption of EC waves in the presence of magnetic islands
P5.094R.Bilato FELHS code for lower-hybrid launcher coupling and near fields
P5.095R.Bilato ECCD Feasibility Study for RFX
P5.096M.Kraemer Mode conversion of non-axisymmetric modes in strongly non-uniform helicon-sustained plasma
P5.097P.Innocente Insights on ohmic input power evaluation in the RFX-mod Reversed Filed Pinch
P5.098V.V.Postupaev Dynamics of Electron Distribution Function in Multiple Mirror Trap GOL-3
P5.100M.Porkolab Reversed Shear Alfvén Eigenmodes in Alcator C-Mod During ICRF Minority Heating and Relationship to Sawtooth Crash Phenomena
P5.101X.Q.Ji Tearing mode suppression by ECRH in the HL-2A tokamak
P5.106S.Atzeni Stopping and scattering of relativistic electrons in high density plasmas for fast ignition studies
P5.109J.J.Santos Fast electron propagation in high density plasmas created by shock wave compression
P5.115B.W.James Influence of the Nature of Charge Fluctuations on Dust Cluster Oscillation Spectrum
P5.121H.Sakagami Generation Control for Fast Electron Beam in Fast Ignition
P5.124Y.T.Li Fast Electron Transport in High-Intensity Laser-Plasma Interactions
P5.125J.J.Honrubia Fast ignition of fusion targets induced by ion beams
P5.128M.Shoucri Numerical Simulation For An Intense Laser Wave Incident On An Overdense Plasma
P5.129M.Masek Numerical simulation of wave-particle interaction in laser plasmas
P5.131V.N.Tsytovich Nonlinear equilibrium states of self-organized dust structures
P5.132S.V.Vladimirov Wake formation behind elongated insulating dust grains in drifting plasmas numerical simulations
P5.133Y.Saitou Two-Dimensional PIC Simulations on Face-to-face Double Probe
P5.134A.B.Kukushkin Self-Assembling of Filaments and Closing the Electric Circuit in a Random Ensemble of a Strongly Magnetized Dust
P5.135F.Castejón Kinetic Simulations of Ion Heating and Collisional Transport in a 3D Tokamak
P5.137X.G.Adamovich Phase transitions in dusty plasma systems of RF-disharge
P5.138F.Brochard Carbon dusts formation and transport in a radiofrequency discharge
P5.142P.Pokorny Study of processes in a pulsed magnetron Ar/O2 plasma by mass spectroscopy
P5.144S.S.Ciobanu Spectroscopic studies of laser induced aluminium and copper plasmas in air
P5.147W.Oohara Surface production of hydrogen negative ions using catalyst
P5.148A.B.Ustimenko Plasma Enhancement of Coal Dust Combustion
P5.149I.Kaganovich Electron Kinetic Effects And Beam-Related Instabilities In Hall Discharges Relaxation Oscillations of the Sheath
P5.150L.Hallo Experimental observations and modeling of nanoparticles formation in laser-produced expanding plasma
P5.152M.Bacharis Dust in Tokamaks a Comparison of Different Ion Drag Models
P5.153L.P.Babich The fundanental characteristics of relativistic runaway electron avalanche in air
P5.154B.Coppi Spiral Modes in Astrophysical Plasma Disks and Twin Peak Quasi-Periodic Oscillations
P5.156J.Kleimann High-res simulations of interstellar MHD turbulence - Spatial structure and statistics
P5.158Y.Nagashima Coexistence of the drift wave spectrum and low-frequency zonal flow potential in cylindrical laboratory plasmas
P5.160M.Djebli Dust-ion-acoustic soliton in magnetized dusty plasma with nonthermal electrons
P5.165J.M.Donoso Propagation modes of the ionization instability in a dusty plasma under electron beam injection
P5.169C.Rebont Ion velocity in a coherent instability of a linear magnetized plasma.
P5.170S.Perri Superdiffusive Transport of Energetic Particles through the Heliosphere
P5.171O.F.Petrov Investigation of photoemissive dusty plasma

Session D1 (Post Deadline Monday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D1.002S.DalBello Density control in RFX-mod Reversed Field Pinch device
D1.003L.Lauro-Taroni Assessment of the superstage description of heavy impurities for JET and ITER

Session D2 (Post Deadline Tuesday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D2.008P.Delmont An exact numerical solution strategy for regular hydrodynamical shock refraction at an inclined density discontinuity

Session D4 (Post Deadline Thursday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D4.003Q.Vanhaelen On determining the smoothing length in the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics SPH description of fluids
D4.004X.L.Zou Investigation of the Heat Pinch by Low Frequency ECRH Modulation Experiments in Tore Supra

Session D5 (Post Deadline Friday)
PaperID AuthorPosterTitle
D5.001P.Amendt Inertial Fusion Energy with Fast Ignition Progress in Integrated Hohlraum Designs
D5.002A.R.Bell The inhibition of charged particle transport by a new streaming instability
D5.003X.L.Zou Observation of a Natural Particle Transport Barrier in HL-2A Tokamak
D5.005A.G.Oreshko Possibility of ball lighting application for nuclear fusion
D5.006J.Robiche Hydrodynamics of metal foil isochorically heated by protons in the warm dense regime
D5.007A.P.L.Newton Enhanced turbulent mixing in an oscillatory zonal flow
D5.008J.Douglas Transport barriers in two dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
D5.010V.V.Saenko Probabilistic-Statistical Approach to Description of the Fluctuational Particle Fluxes in the Plasma Edge
D5.011A.D.Gurchenko Correlative Enhanced Scattering Diagnostics in Dense Magnetized Plasmas
D5.014S.Chen Coherent Radiation from Electron beams in Plasma Ion Channels