27th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion
and Plasma Physics ,12-16 June 2000

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 24B (2000)

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Yagi, M. P4.075
Yagi, Y. P2.018
Yagi, Y. P2.019
Yagnov, V. P2.013
Yaguchi, K. P3.114
Yakovenko, Yu. V. P1.071
Yakovlev, B. O. P1.114
Yakovlev, B. O. P4.114
Yamada, P4.016
Yamada, H. P1.104
Yamada, H. P1.105
Yamada, H. P1.106
Yamada, H. P4.014
Yamada, H. P4.015
Yamada, H. P4.017
Yamada, H. P4.019
Yamada, H. P4.036
Yamada, I. P1.104
Yamada, I. P1.106
Yamada, I. P2.100
Yamada, I. P4.014
Yamada, I. P4.017
Yamada, I. P4.019
Yamada, T. P4.036
Yamagishi, K. P4.036
Yamaguchi, S. P1.104
Yamaguchi, S. P1.106
Yamaguchi, S. P4.019
Yamamoto, S. P4.017
Yamanato, S. P1.106
Yamazaki, K. P1.104
Yamazaki, K. P1.106
Yamazaki, K. P2.100
Yamazaki, K. P4.016
Yanping, Zhao P1.104
Yarim, C. P4.074
Yaroshevich, S. P. P2.014
Yatsu, K. P2.020
Yavorskij, V. A. P1.045
Yavorskij, V. A. P1.068
Yavorskij, V. A. P2.069
Yavorskij, V. A. P2.070
Yavorskij, V. A. P4.057
Yermolaev, V. B. P2.012
Yokota, E. P2.072
Yokota, M. P1.104
Yokoyama, M. P1.104
Yokoyama, M. P1.106
Yokoyama, M. P4.018
Yoshida, K. P2.090
Yoshimura, Y. P1.104
Yoshimura, Y. P1.106
Yoshimura, Y. P2.100
Yoshimura, Y. P4.019
Yoshino, R. P1.028
You, K-I. P1.082
Young, Ken M. P4.049
Yu, Q. OR.008
Yu, Q. OR.008
Yu, Q. OR.008
Yu, Q. P3.030
Yu, Q. P3.030
Yu, Q. P3.032
Yuyama, T. P1.018