27th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion
and Plasma Physics ,12-16 June 2000

Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 24B (2000)

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Troubleshooting and technical information

Some hints on PDF readers and web browsers

PDF files cannot be directly printed on printers, they need a viewer program. The ``official'' PDF file reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader which is downloadable free of charge from the internet. The latest version at the time of production of this CD-ROM is 4.0. However, we found that on several Unix systems (Linux, SGI, IBM) Acrobat Reader crashes on many files. This applies not only to the files on this CD-ROM proceedings but to other PDF files as well. The same files read correctly on a Windows system. Therefore on Unix systems we propose browsing the CD using a web browser (starting at start.htm) and viewing the files with a Ghostscript-based viewer, e.g. ghostview or gv. It is important that your Ghostscript interpreter should be up-to date, preferable of version 6.x as versions 5.x fail on many files. To test which version your system has type gs -v. An up-to-date Ghostscript can be downloaded from www.ghostscript.com.

Some typical problems and solutions

I browse the html contents with a web browser. Clicking on a paper a download window appears but the file is not shown.
The application for handling PDF files is not set in your web browser. In Netscape set it under Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Applications.

No links appear in the contents or on the papers.
You are viewing the pages with a PDF reader which has no link capability, e.g. Ghostview. Use Acroread instead or browse the CD with a web browser starting at start.htm.

Acroread starts and crashes with a system error (e.g. Segmentation violation).
On some unix systems Acroread 4 does not work reliably. View the files with Ghostview or gv and browse the contents in html format with a web browser.

After viewing several pages Acroread slows down on a Windows system.
Acroread might be set to open a new window for all documents. When you follow the links a large number of files accumulate behind the actual window. Set Acroread not to open a new window in Files->Preferences->General.

Ghostview or gv indicates a problem with a PDF file, or the files doesn't look correctly rendered.
Check that your Ghostscript version is up to date. This can be done by typing gs -v. The latest version at the production of the CD-ROM is 6.5. Ghostscript can be downloaded from www.ghostscript.com.